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HR Tech Confex in the MENA

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HR Tech Confex in the MENA

March 9, 2019


Reworking the future of HR

The Middle East and North Africa Region (MENA) are among one of the fastest-growing regions in the world. The region has been exploring new technological frontiers and rapidly integrating new futuristic technologies in a bet to catch-up and lead the world in innovative technologies. The region is also host to one of the fastest-growing innovative infrastructure in the world, ranging from record-breaking infrastructure development projects to a determined effort towards new technological frontiers.

A New World – Driven by Technology

We are living in an interesting time, a time where technology is fast eroding the traditional norms and legacy systems. The rise of technology has simply revolutionized every aspect of our work and dramatically transformed the workplace culture that we have been used to. With a proactive mindset and a strongly focused strategy, technology is enabling businesses to meet the needs of tomorrow by integrating best practices and leveraging on connectivity.

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Just like all aspects of business, the rise of technology has also put immense strains on traditional HR legacy systems and processes. Today, HR is found at the crossroads of change, where its core service-oriented function is no longer enough to meet growing business challenges, instead, it has to be strategically equipped to facilitate other business aspects as well. In the MENA region, more and more businesses are making the transition towards digitization of HR functions, where the technological solution is enabling business owners to optimize HR functions for better and strategic business decisions.

The Only HR-TECH Confex in the world

While HR conferences and seminars do take place at various places internationally, the HR Tech Confex in the MENA is the one and only of its kind Confex that connects the HR with technology. The Confex is an initiative to encourage business leaders from the MENA region to share, view and learn from the best practices adopted by other businesses as a means to leverage the latest technology for HR functions.  The Confex will host some of the IT and HR leaders from MENA, GCC and around the world that will share their experiences and impacts of technology on HR.