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Digital Gravity- Dubai’s #1 eCommerce Solution Provider.

Digital gravity is proud to be one of the prominent eCommerce store solution providers, catering largely to the Middle East. Our bespoke services emphasize on giving our clients an exceptional ecommerce experience, by meticulously developing their sites to achieve higher ROI from their websites in addition to an enhanced user experience

    If you’re looking to take your digital marketing game to a whole new level, we are here to serve you. We offer intricately designed websites that have an aesthetic appeal to it, guaranteed to have all your customers engaged and swooning. Fortunately, our decades of experience combined with our dynamic range of development services has successfully allowed us to cater to an extensive clientele base. We are a credible ecommerce development company that is guaranteed to bring you an impactful shopping experience and a chance for your company to take a hike. Our approach involves developing an in-depth understanding for every business, before implementing years of experience and research to create tailormade website solutions as per your target market.

      Out of the many outstanding eCommerce solutions we provide, Digital Gravity is a proud Shopify Plus partner and service provider in the UAE, committed to bringing you well-developed and optimized Shopify Plus stores.

        Our expert developers strive to create versatile, modern and feature-rich websites all through a cost-effective and scalable enterprise platform like the one Shopify Plus has to offer. Get in touch with us to develop a market-competitive and first-class website and allow your numbers and results to do the talking.

          Shopify Plus- the future of eCommerce

          Our Shopify Plus eCommerce stores are impactful, secure and are based off of responsive and aesthetic interfaces. Efficiency has never been made more evident than with the introduction of Shopify Plus in the web development market, so allow us to reap the benefits for you.

            If you require a credible and versatile website, our full-service agency is here to serve you with customized themes, sleek designing and precise development to ensure your websites are not only captivating but are also highly-productive, performance driven and more.

              Digital Gravity is a renowned Shopify Plus development company that features stelar websites and apps, giving you an opportunity to raise ROI and operations while managing them effectively. We are well equipped with the best in-house Shopify Plus experts and developers who can develop, design and seamlessly integrate high-end features into your websites. From development to digital marketing, we have got you covered.

                Make the most out of the extensive features of Shopify Plus with us

                Convenient set up

                Shopify Plus offers advanced and easy set up. Fortunately, with the added features of Shopify Plus, we are able to set up your store in a mere span of 90-120 days without the need of deployment or installation.

                  Performance driven

                  Performance is key for every website, and we believe commendable web development execution is essential for our clients. With our Shopify Plus services, you can be rest assured of receiving a high-end eCommerce website that is designed to enhance a customer’s experience for a smooth shopping experience.

                    Fast checkout

                    Catering to a large audience? Don’t worry, Shopify Plus allows you to manage flash sales more conveniently than ever, even if that involves handling over 10,000 checkouts every minute!

                      Custom checkout

                      Shopify Plus differs greatly from Shopify, unlike the latter Shopify Plus caters to a range of extensive features which includes custom checkout that allows you to adjust the checkout layout as per your desire. Choose from the many checkout options available, before setting one as your layout. Talk about a tailor made customer experience!

                        Multiple stores

                        In a world where diversity is emphasized, Shopify Plus does not fall behind either. If you are looking to sell a dynamic range of products in multiple international markets, Shopify Plus offers the multiple-store function enabling site owners to possess 10 stores simultaneously. Allow your site to cater to several regions, language, currencies, locations and more.

                          Easy management

                          Managing your websites has never been made easier. Digital Gravity not only advises and walks you through the meticulous website development process, but we also ensure our clients receive the most out of our services. With our already feature-filled Shopify Plus powered website, the simplified management allows you to update, add products and manage sales without the need of coding.

                            Shopify scripts

                            Creating a personal and personified experience for your VIP customers is now possible with the access to Shopify scripts feature! You can easily apply special discounts and create offers by modifying the prices of multiple products placed in your customer’s cart. Experiment with newer pricing models by targeting valued customers, attracting newer prospects, product bundling , ensuring an immediate sale, tiered pricing and more.


                              We understand security plays a major role for any eCommerce store, keeping that into context we ensure all the websites we design are highly secure, similar to the built-in PCI and SSL compliance that Shopify Plus has to offer. Additionally it is hosted with SaaS a scalable and cloud-hosted software, allowing convenience and flexibility for flash sales and variable checkouts.


                                With our Shopify Plus development services, we allow you to emphasize on business-growing prospects, while we manage your website. Fortunately, with the Shopify Plus you can access unlimited bandwidth while processing up to 8000 orders per store, per minute. Additionally,

                                  Our Shopify Plus development services

                                  Store setup and configuration

                                  We ensure seamless shopping experiences for all our clients by setting up unique eCommerce stores powered by Shopify Plus. Digital Gravity provides all the quintessential services from store setup, configuration, customization, design and development. Depending on the kind of expectations and requirements of our clients, we assist in allowing your business to expand and explore its potential in the global market.

                                    Theme design and customization

                                    Customization is an integral part for every website, which is why we make sure your business not only rises to the top but also ranks the highest with our meticulous design strategy that is driven with the mindset to create a seamless and conversion-orientated design.

                                      Shopify plus integration

                                      Enhance the user experience for your customers on your eCommerce store, by availing an effective and easy Shopify Plus integration with third-party solutions like ERP, CRM and more.

                                        Shopify plus migration

                                        If you are unhappy with your existing eCommerce store and to wish to take things up a notch, we offer Shopify Plus migration from any platform, empowering the features within a website and enhancing customer experience.

                                          Consulting and online trainings

                                          With our decades of experience handling reputable companies and catering to a wide range of clients to all their digital prospects, we have got the precise answers to your valuable concerns and questions. Get in touch with us as our Shopify Plus expert consultants illustrate a range of solutions which include effective consultation driven through design, development, and a meticulous digital strategy.

                                            Additionally, we provide Shopify training and eCommerce blueprints, as an enterprise-grade Shopify plus development agency we provide necessary consultation and mentorship with first-class agency insights in all that is to know and understand to get your eCommerce biz up and running, successfully.

                                              Shopify plus development

                                              Our professional developers have an expertise and specialization in developing exclusive, feature-filled eCommerce sites, that are not only aesthetic and user-optimized but are also highly productive and functional.

                                                Maintenance and support

                                                Our expert team of Shopify Plus developers and designers are determined to amp up your eCommerce store by ensuring it remains secure, bug and glitch-free. Allow the store to run effortlessly with dependable support offered by professionals, so you focus on the main aspects of growing your business.


                                                  Our optimization services dwell on providing our customers with pure excellence by ensuring no form of compromise in delivering digital finesse with commendable user experiences.

                                                    Trusted Shopify Plus partner

                                                    Are you in search of a committed agency that can assist you leverage the extensive features that Shopify Plus has to offer? Are you ready to unleash the potential this impactful platform can possess, then you need Digital Gravity, a trusted and credible Shopify Plus partner! We bring you state-of-the-art Shopify Plus development services combining innovation in our design to bring you the most amazing eCommerce stores with unique shopping experiences. Our decades of experience and considerable client portfolio ensures every client is facilitated with a high-end and unique website design solution.

                                                      Rely on us to help you take things up a notch and empower your store to be the best and receive a noteworthy ROI and a staggering performance. Whether you wish to opt for Shopify integration, migration or development we have got you covered!

                                                        Why choose us?

                                                        We at Digital Gravity possess a team of highly proficient and expert Shopify developers who will assist you to leverage the extensive features this enterprise platform has to offer. Keeping your vision and requirements into contest, we build secure and functional eCommerce stores strengthened by integrated apps and features to enhance the website design.

                                                          If you are looking to take your business to the next level in the international markets, Digital Gravity is here to serve you. Trust us, as we combine decades of experience and magnificent portfolios into play, providing our clients with outstanding, feature-filled websites and apps.

                                                            Our approach involves assessing the possibilities for your unique business idea and creating performance-driven strategies based on informed decisions and precise analytics. Our commitments towards delivering excellence is what makes us a reliable and credible Shopify Plus development company in the UAE.

                                                              Choose from our range of eCommerce Development Services

                                                              We at Digital Gravity are a first-class eCommerce solution provider, giving brands and top eCommerce stores a stable ground to grow their online trade prospects while achieving a higher ROI and a sustainable profit stream. Our expertise delves into providing innovative, and engaging eCommerce solutions.

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