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Mobile App Development Dubai.

End-to-End Mobile App Development Solutions!

Digital Gravity is a leading mobile app development company in Dubai, with a strong focus on developing lively, and user-friendly mobile applications for Android and iOS platforms. Our expertise mobile app developers come with strong industry experience to create the most user-friendly interfaced that guarantees the success of the app. With over a decade of experience in mobile app development cross-platforms, we offer our clients end-to-end app development solutions from conceptualization to launching and beyond. As a premium mobile app development company Dubai, you can trust us for faster, affordable, and reliable app development services.

    At Digital Gravity, we work in close collaboration with our clients to ensure the successful delivery of mobile apps that truly represent your business in the online environment. We maintain a legacy of exquisite and successful app development in Dubai, offering end-to-end solutions to individuals and businesses alike to meet their online business representation needs. Our expert developers and designer collaborate with your in-house team to understand the real DNA of your business, identify strengths and weaknesses, and discover opportunities you can leverage to make your mobile all a success story.

      Apart from ensuring a client-oriented app development process, we also offer expert tracking and maintenance services for mobile apps, whereby, we assess the app performance against the key metrics to identify any low performing areas which may need refinement for better results. As a trusted app design agency Dubai, we maintain a strong and apt team of mobile app designers to create a seamless and interactive UI/UX; giving you the highest customer retention rates for your app and ensuring that you meet your business bottom lines.

        Our Services

        Our range of services for mobile app development Dubai includes:

          Android App Development

          Digital Gravity is undoubtedly one of the leaders when it comes to Android app development. We develop Android mobile apps with powerful features, interactive interface, and a seamless user-experience to give your business the boost it needs to keep up with its competitive advantage on digital platforms. We offer affordable and reliable android app development services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and across the UAE.

            iOS App Development

            As one of the leading mobile operating system, you can’t just ignore the importance of iOS app development process. At Digital Gravity, we create highly aesthetic, feature-packed, and interactive iOS mobile applications that are scalable and affordable for businesses and help them to achieve their bottom lines on digital channels.

              Hybrid App Development

              As a leading mobile app development company Dubai, our Hybrid app development services are meant to equip businesses with the flexibility and compatibility they need to succeed across all major platforms. Our expert mobile app developers are fully experienced and well-resourced to deliver intuitive, relevant, and customer-oriented hybrid apps that instantly connect with the customers and ensures success for businesses.

                Why you need Mobile app development for your business?

                Higher User Engagement

                Today, more people access the internet using mobile devices than desktops or laptops combined. Also, today customers are increasingly looking for a more personalized and bespoke experience of interacting with business, where they can get access to all the features and functionalities while sitting at the comforts of their homes. With a professional developed mobile app, you get an exponential increase in business reach and revenue.

                  Understand your target customers

                  In today’s digital business environment, the success of any business lies in its ability to understand its customers better. It’s a data-driven world, where businesses leverage the personal data of customers to understand them better and offer them with the most relevant products/services, subsequently increasing their chances of getting more revenues. With an interactive and intuitive mobile app, you get access to key customer data, which can be used to monitor customers’ behavior and preferences better and thus increase your chances of selling more to customers.

                    Support Your Customers 24/7

                    For any business to succeed, branding should be the ultimate target. According to stats, customers today like to interact with brands that offer them real-time support. According to other statistics, offering constant and real-time support to customers leads to more customer loyalty. Again, a well-developed mobile app comes with an in-built customer support system including call, chat, and other features; thus giving your customers instant access to customer support; increasing your brand loyalty, and boosting your business revenue.

                      Reduce Business Cost

                      With a robust mobile application, businesses get more chances to leverage the business automation for various operations including order booking, display, quality assurance, and others. While not only help them to improve their efficiency and accommodate more customers but also enable them to reduce their operational costs by relying on automation processes.

                        Direct Marketing Tool

                        Digital marketing is an essential business function that requires significant time and resources to manage. You need to invest in human resources, as well as, tools to reach your potential customers present at different platforms. However, with a business mobile application, it becomes easier than ever to market your products and services directly to targeted customers by sending them notifications and alerts about all the latest happenings/discounts/promotions offered.

                          Stay ahead of the competitive Curve

                          Once you are able to make it to your customers’ home screen, you can rest assured to get more time and attention for your services against the competitors. However, only making it to the home screen isn’t sufficient, rather you need to keep offering an exceptional user-experience to customers while ensuring that they get customized services at all times, which can only be ensured through a robust and professional developed mobile application.

                            Why Take Mobile App Development Services from Digital Gravity?

                            What differentiates Digital Gravity from other mobile app development companies is our end-to-end services and capacity to deliver projects of all sizes and models with complete success. We are based in Dubai, UAE, and maintains one of the most experienced and highly skilled teams of mobile app developers and designers working with the latest tools and technologies to deliver a seamless app development experience for businesses and individuals alike. We work with close collaboration with clients to understand the true DNA of the business and come up with the best mobile app that truly reflects their business model and connects them with the customers.

                              Cutting-Edge Technologies

                              Our mobile app development Dubai comes with cutting-edge technology and tools that ensure a high-quality and successful app delivery, which doesn’t just sit at the Playstore but get the traction, downloads, and retention for businesses to achieve the bottom lines.


                                The key to success for any business mobile application is to offer customers exceptional user experience. At Digital Gravity, our expert designers and developers understand the importance of offering an interactive and intuitive interface and work closely with clients to come up with a niche-specific and strictly customer-centric application that offers the best user experience possible.

                                  Quality Assurance

                                  As a leading mobile app development company in Dubai, we ensure to keep up with the quality of our services for all projects. All the mobile apps developed at Digital Gravity go through a rigorous quality assurance process where it’s checked for any errors or bugs and all fixes are made instantly, ensuring supreme user experience for customers.

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                                    Yes, Once we get the scope of the project after the initial client meeting, we offer clients a fixed-price quotation detailing all the specifications and scope of the project along with the expected deadline.

                                    Well, all great apps start with an idea. However, to be able to transform your idea into reality you need expert recommendations to refine the idea as per the market trends and requisites. So, if you got an idea, we recommend you share it with our experts and we may work together to make it a success story.

                                    Yes, Android and iOS are both major mobile operating system with millions of users on each platform. Thereby, businesses need to keep their presence over both platforms. At Digital Gravity, we have dedicated teams of developers for each of these platforms to give our clients a seamless and best mobile app development experience cross-platforms to guarantee success.

                                    You will own the source code, At the end of the project, you will be given the license rights for the source code of your mobile app that has been written for your project. We maintain complete transparency in terms of the intellectual copyrights, which means that you will have the complete access and ownership of the code at the end of the project, while you will also have complete access to review the code during the project.