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The Top Web Design and development Company in Dubai

Digital Gravity is a leading website design company committed to deliver exquisite web designs and excite you with our personalized services. There is nothing that excites us more than seeing our clients succeed online, and we have got the experience and resources to make it happen. Since 2010, we have had helped hundreds of businesses with aesthetically pleasing and professional designed websites.

We make you appear professional online

At Digital Gravity, we put in all our efforts to help businesses succeed online. We remain zealous to put in our expertise, knowledge and industry experience to deliver you the ultimate responsive web design. We are one of the few best web design and development companies in Dubai and Abu Dhabi with a systematic and robust procedure for our services. We help our clients to look out at the bigger picture by leveraging the power of the internet. Somewhere around our minds, we know that our services matter not just on the professional level but also at the personal level.

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The trusted Website design agency in Dubai!

What makes a great web design? That’s one question that we keep on asking ourselves as a mean to continue challenging our expertise and grow. We understand that to be able to come out on top, our clients need a website that’s not just aesthetically pleasing but actually adheres to the marketing trends as well as delivers optimal solutions to unique business needs. We continually optimize and improve our web design and development process to keep up with the evolving trends and offer the best solutions to our clients. Our unique web design approach includes understanding the unique business needs, target audience as well as bottom lines you are looking to achieve, thereby offering a second to none experience that pushes businesses towards their organizational goals…

Professional Web Development from Ground Up!

Aesthetics alone don’t guarantee the success of web design. Businesses need a thorough understanding of the marketing trends including branding needs and target audience to be able to design a successful website. At Digital Gravity, we build websites from the ground up integrating all elements needed to make it a success story. Our e-commerce websites come with fully-functional platforms and customized web design that encourages visitors to convert. Our expert web designers advice you and guide you with the right web development approach to expand your vision and help you achieve all organization bottom lines.


Digital Gravity hosts a selection of premium web design
solutions and digital marketing services to help your
corporate and small business in the competitive online
world. We focus on strategic thinking and deliver actionable
results, ensuring we provide you an end to end digital
marketing solution.

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    Desktop & Mobile websites done right by
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    High performance mobile
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    Great user experience,
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    we cover the entire spectrum of
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About Us

A web design Company with a difference!

Wisdom of Experience

We have been designing websites for nearly a decade, and in an industry that’s as expansive as website design and development, there’s nothing that counts more than experience. From functionalities to aesthetics and from hosting to support we have the experience and expertise for each facet of the industry.

A Commitment to Satisfaction

For us, client satisfaction remains the top priority. Our web design services would just make you fall in love with your website. We like to partner with our clients to capture their vision, guide them from our industry experience and then share it with the world.

Personalized Services

At Digital Gravity, our clients mean everything to us, literally! We are known as fanatical web designers, something we are quite proud of… When you partner with us, we leave no stone unturned to give you the ultimate web design experience with personalized services.

Dedicated Support

No, our services don’t stop once the website is completed. You can trust our services for the entire life of your website, which means we will be with you and guide you and support you in your quest to expand and reach for new horizons.

Leading Technology

We are one of the leading web design companies in Dubai, ready to help you with a systematic and latest methodology that’s tried and tested.


We like to make the process of website design as comfortable as possible. We like you to take controls of your website and update on your own. We use WordPress as our preferred platform to ensure you stay ahead with security, flexibility, and scalability.

Web Design FAQs

Q. How to choose a web development and design company?

Choosing the right web design company can be crucial because your choice here will have the ultimate influence on the success or failure of your business online. We highly recommend you to choose a web design company that’s experienced and reputable with an extensive portfolio. Check out the past projects of the company and look out for online reviews to get a better understanding of an agency’s expertise and standard of service.

Q. how much time is required to develop a business website?

The time required for a web development agency could vary greatly; from a few weeks to even multiple years. It all depends upon the complexity of the web design as well as the expertise and customer service of the agency. Having said that, generally a business website for small to medium businesses shouldn’t take more than three to four months to be developed completely (not including the time for feedback and revisions).

Q. How to create a affordable web design and development for my company?

Designing a website for your business is a critical step towards the success of your business; this is especially true for e-commerce ventures that needed a solid online platform to make sales. Now, there are multiple ways to create your business website including using DIY web design platforms, hiring freelance web designers or hiring a professional web design company. The best option depends on your needs and bottom lines.

Q. What’s the difference between a web design template and a custom web design?

Web design templates are pre-designed websites that can simply be purchased and customized (very little) to meet the needs of your business website. Alternatively, custom web design refers to specific web designs that are built from scratch and can be completely customized as per the needs of businesses.

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