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Corporate Identity.

Bespoke Corporate Identity management – Your Brand Architectures!

A smart and relevant corporate identity for your gateway to ridiculous success. In today’s insanely competitive market, corporates need to maintain a highly-niche and relevant identity that differentiates it from mediocrity. Today’s highly discerning consumers leave no mercy for businesses, which fails to build a strong brand experience; matching their expectations and standards.

    Well, at Digital Gravity we craft that corporate identity development that gives you a unique and smart Corporate Identity.

      As your trusted corporate identity agency, we work closely with businesses to create the core branding values, before we move on to shape the corporate identity design and collaterals. In the case of clients’ requirements, our corporate identity management experts also collaborate with in-house experts to draft the Corporate Standards Manual. Our well-defined and structured corporate identity development process ensures a consistent and reliable branding experience for businesses unique to their working models and target market.

        Digital Gravity – A Transformational Corporate design Company!

        At Digital Gravity, we excel to create corporate identity with the purpose to assist businesses into putting commitments into practices. Our proven and unique multi-faceted approach to understand the core business values, identify existing issues and identify opportunities to break into market ensure that we are able to craft the most vivid, relevant and aesthetically pleasing corporate identity for businesses. We put into work the diagnostic information to devise branding solutions that carry business values and drive growth.

          How we design your brand identity?

          Identity & Logo Design

          Your business logo is your business face, and you surely need it to be remembered. This is why our corporate logo design experts put into practice their full expertise and skills to create the most enchanting, exquisite, and relevant business logos that are consistent with brand design and values.

            Corporate Identity Design & Collaterals

            Your corporate identity design is the extension of your brand, which is why our experts work in close collaboration with clients to unveil the real DNA of the business, understanding the operational model before moving on to draft the corporate identity and brand values. This ensures that we are able to craft branding values that are consistent and relevant to the business model.

              If needed, our experts also work with clients to create relevant brand collaterals like business cards, banners, flyers, letterheads, and other collaterals to ensure consistency and relevance across all business functions.

                Corporate Standards Manuals

                Corporate Standards Manuals are necessary to ensure keeping a consistent and coherent visual identity for businesses. Our experts collaborate with business leaders and top management to craft enchanting and exquisite standards manuals that keep up with brand values and corporate identity of the business.

                  Brand UX Design

                  In today’s digital age, User Interaction (UI) and User Experience (UX) sums up the consumers’ experience with the brand and often influences the success or failure of a brand.

                    Corporate Standards Manuals

                    This is why at Digital Gravity, our expert UI/UX designers put into practice their extensive experience and expertise to create the most aesthetically pleasing and seamlessly integrated brand UX design.

                      Our Corporate Identity Development Process

                      Corporate Audit

                      At Digital Gravity we understand that each business is different from its unique needs for Corporate Identity Our job as your trusted corporate identity agency is to identify and research everything your business stands for. The results? A detailed and tangible plan that can help you to move away from mediocrity and penetrate deeper with a strong Corporate Identity.

                        Corporate Strategy

                        Once we discovered your business models and drafted a definite vision forward, we create a robust and bespoke strategy that hits the home run for your brand’s identity, within your budget.

                          Corporate Identity

                          Once we have the corporate strategy, we collaborate with clients to refine and create the best identity for you. By incorporating your feedback for the identity themes, we will collaborate with you to bring to life the most aesthetic and enriched identity across all business functions including; logo design, corporate naming, corporate tagline, signatures, guidelines, and corporate collaterals.


                            Once we are done with developing your corporate identity, we work with you to put in practice the best application of your new identity, as well as, assist you to bring into life your business identity with our thorough and comprehensive branding process.

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                              Branding FAQs

                              A corporate audit is a process in which your corporate identity agency will understand your business DNA, identity core business values, and conducts a diagnosis of the existing state of the brand. The corporate audit is the prerequisite step before devising a corporate identity strategy, which enables our branding experts to draft your entire business model and its values.

                              Unlike what most people believe, corporate branding is much more than a business logo done nicely. In fact, corporate branding is a comprehensive strategy adapted to create a bespoke and relevant business identity meant to differentiate the business from the competitors and enhance its market penetration by aligning its visual aspects to the market needs.

                              Just like the DNA makeup in two persons are never the same, similarly, no two businesses are alike in all aspects. The ability of the business to develop their unique corporate identity is what differentiates them from the competition while also saving them from standing in the line of mediocrity.

                              The branding lifecycle represents the “health” of Corporate Identity This is determined through a successful brand strategy. By estimating the brand lifecycle, businesses are able to either progress as a brand or restructure its corporate identity with the market trends using innovative approaches.

                              To be able to estimate if you need rebranding, you can simply ask yourself some questions including:
                            • Are your services/products still relevant and appealing to customers?
                            • Are you maintaining a strong market presence?
                            • Is your corporate identity holding ground with current market trends; especially comparing with competitors?
                            • Corporate identity holds a similar value for your brand as a strong foundation for your home. Any branding campaign is built around a strong corporate identity that is able to relate to your core business values and let you connect with the target market. Thereby, your corporate identity is the ground-zero to launch the branding campaign and keep up with your distinctive image.

                              In gone days, businesses ultimately depended on advertising agencies to create a marketing/advertising campaign for them. However, such untargeted advertising campaigns fall short to achieve any sales objectives, due to lack of coherent and cohesive corporate identity; reflecting values for which the business stands for. With a strategic corporate identity in the plan, it’s possible to come up with an effective and unique advertising campaign that connects with the audience with a coherent and definitive identity representing core business values.

                              Corporate identity guidelines comprise of documents and standards meant to administer the corporate identity across all business marketing and advertising functions. Some of the characteristics defined in corporate identity guidelines include the color palate, dimensions, fonts, and other aesthetic aspects of branding to ensure consistency, sway brand loyalty, and avoid any inconsistencies in branding campaigns.

                              Creating a brand architecture is a complicated process, which is often required when a business wants to keep a consistent corporate identity across its growing number of brands or new acquisitions. Strong and coherent brand architecture is required to keep up with the existing corporate identity and avoid diminishing of brand equity.

                              A brand image based upon the brand personality traits and is often the external manifestation of the brand. In the ideal scenario, both of these are interconnected to define all the values that the brand stands for and to ensure that audience is able to comprehend the brand’s philosophy.

                              In today’s business world, consumers are increasingly looking for a consistent and relevant corporate identity from brands with which they can connect and relate. Also, consumers tend to stay loyal to brands that represent their value and remain consistent in their identity across all business functions. In view of this, the corporate identity communicates with the consumers; communicating the true values of the brand and elevate their sensitiveness towards the brand. Once, the consumer got sold on corporate identity, businesses get to cultivate higher brand loyalty.