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Recruit & Retain the Best Talent with Us

Digital Gravity is Dubai’s leading Resource Outsourcing Company to offer the best talent for multiple industries and brands on the digital front. We help you recruit and retain highly reliable, competitive, loyal and investment-worthy candidates while reducing the risk of improper and uncompetitive hire.

Our Resource Outsourcing Cycle

Talent Engagement

We engage talent through targeted, multi-channel campaigns in adherence with the latest methods to strengthen trust and reliability.

Discovery & Implementation

Our strength is in transitioning in-house teams and to ensure seamless transition within the given timeframe.

Strategic Sourcing

Our carefully crafted talent acquisition strategy source high-profile and expert candidates to optimise the time and resources in a professional way

Compliance, Risk & Candidate Management

We ensure strict compliance to the industry standards and your corporate norms to achieve the business objectives.

Our candidate management phase make sure your best talent feels positive and supportive from application to post-probation.

Employer Branding & Workforce Planning

Let your employees stand out from the competitors while communicating your unique employer brand ethos. We provide extensive support in recruitment forecasting, define the pathway and smoothly convey the entire activity for convenience.

Pre-Employment Screening & Vendor Partnering

We also perform pre-employment screening to ensure you get only the perfect, high-profile and competitive talent for seamless performance and retained in the long run. Our resource outsourcing in Dubai also engages vendors to manage and incentivise subcontracting of top-quality candidates.

Early Career Recruitment

Strengthen and future-proof your talent list with our early career recruitment programme to offer fresh graduates, apprenticeships, internships and school leavers.

Our Resource Specialty

  • Project Manager 
  • SharePoint developer 
  • Dynamics 365 developer 
  • .NET Developer
  • QA Resource 
  • React JS developer
  • React Native Developer
  • IOS Mobile App Developer
  • Android Mobile App Developer
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Helping our partners move forward through

At Digital Gravity, our Dubai web design and development standards are defined by continuous optimisation and improvement. We provide bespoke, trendy digital solutions that reflects perfectly to your corporate image.

Can you save money on unemployment?

We help reduce and eliminate fraudulent unemployment rights so that the premiums are managed just appropriately. Remember that managing work during unemployment is just as important as workers’ compensation so we strictly take care.
By hiring the right applicants, providing them with the right tools, make them feel appreciated and value their dedication is the way to retain loyal employees in the long run. To make sure the above criteria is met, communication is critical. Employees usually leave feeling rejected or being disrespected rather than the typical monetary factor.
Our HR team is highly professional, experienced and cooperative having significant industrial expertise to partner with your team and achieve the best results.
Miscommunication, oversight, skill level drawbacks, inconsistent delivery, security concerns and lack of innovation are some of the major and common drawbacks. Such issues can be easily resolved through clear communication and introducing policies that fosters an optimistic environment.
You should come with a clear understanding of your spending to provide a service that can align perfectly with the outsourcing cost. Two factors are mostly ignored here namely; the technical and cultural implications that can be removed by adding relevant stakeholders in the HR and IT right at the start of planning process.
If you have a well-developed HR department with expert professionals, there is no need to outsource a company. But if you want your team to work on other aspects of your company, then outsourcing HR would be worth it. Our company also offers React JS development, Backbone JS development, meteor JS development, and angular JS development.