A Creative UI/UX Design Agency in Dubai with Business Centric Approach


Useful and Simple UI/UX For Better Interaction.

Digital Gravity has a treasure of UI/UX designers with acquired mastery in creating highly realistic and impactful products. We strategize our approach by digging deep into your business and the targeted audience. We believe in creating meaningful masterpiece UI UX Design for UAE businesses.

    We create UX/ UI design Dubai that tops the industry expectations via offering crazy good and enhanced customer interaction experience. Every detail that we include is with the purpose to maximize your business credibility. We develop ideal products for your ideal customers.

      UI/UX Solutions To Supercharge Your Brand

      Our solutions are specifically tailored for UI UX Design Dubai market demand. Our designers indulge in the scientific explanation and investigation behind the humanistic approach of designing to curate a perfect outcome.

        We understand and have acquired expertise across the diverse spectrums of the industry. Whether it’s about conveying the serenity of a spa business or the complexity of a construction business, we work on an approach best suited and liked by your potential audience. Digital Gravity understands its customers profoundly to create a seamless User Experience.

          Our Creative Approach

          As a trusted UI UX design company in Dubai, we believe in transparency with our clients. Our UI/UX process is organized and very simple:

          • Initially, we gather basic requirements such as business personas, client's objectives, case study analysis, user pain points, business goals & industry best practices.
          • Our UI/UX experts conduct equity and competitor analysis, identifying areas of opportunity. We also audit your website for the weak points that need to be eliminated.
          • We develop information architecture, map UX, create low-fidelity wireframes and prototypes as per the business portfolio.
          • Our professionals set a visual direction, create mood boards & concepts of the key screens based on a humanistic approach.
          • We perform a motion graphic check of the interface behavior on different devices, carrying iconography and illustrations.
          • Our final UI/UX product is developed through a library of high-end UI elements, forward recommendations for the development team, and illustrative guidelines.
          • At every step, we ensure that the business objectives of the clients are being met while keeping in mind the psyche of the clients.

          Bringing Business & Brand Together

          We put the dreamt and desired designs into the heart of a product that has the power to provoke emotions. Digital Gravity gains core user insights to build the right product. We create UI/ UX designs that compliment your branding, bring credibility, and gain the trust of the google bots, resulting in overall better visibility and leads.

            Every aspect of our designs is aligned with your business and industry standards. Our services exist to make you stand apart by being the best among the competitors. But that's not enough! We also track the efficiency of the product’s success, provide post-development support to quickly execute market changes. Our user interface and user experience (UI/UX) solutions ensure smooth engagement and communication with the target audience. Unlock the true potential of your business conduct with Digital Gravity’s UI and UX Dubai services.

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              A UI designer designs the user interface of a site and a UX designer is responsible for the user experience. The UX designer’s job reflects how the website feels is perceived (i.e good or bad) by the user. While a UI designer’s job mainly is to design the layout for the website. The two duties are intertwined and interdepende

              Digital Gravity is a creative UI and UX design agency based in the UAE with a reputation of providing an outstanding experience for their clients. We gather all the required information and conduct an analysis to identify areas of opportunity. We then go to the development stage, when we double-check all of the graphics.

              Although knowledge of coding is not required for UX design, it is extremely beneficial. Professional UX designers with significant coding skills are employed by every skilled web design agency in Dubai.

              When it comes to advertising your brand or business online, UI/UX design is critical. It enables your website to elicit emotional responses from visitors and to provide seamless interaction between your brand/business and your website's audience.

              Here, at Digital Gravity we work with a team of highly experienced professionals that know their way around their work. We utilize our team of experts to provide you with final products that are very realistic and impactful. Every UI / UX job accomplished at Digital Gravity is a masterpiece in itself.

              Yes, we keep our clients updated at every stage of the process. We design a Ux template as a mock-up and share it with you.