UX Design Workshops in Dubai to invest ideas and share problem-solving techniques


UX Workshops.

At Digital Gravity, our UX Workshop in Dubai engages the team in collaborative exercises and product development process where they brainstorm, generate brilliantly creative ideas for better decision making. Our UX professionals bridges users, corporate managers, developers, marketers and facilitators.

    The Discovery & Definition Phase

    Digital Gravity’s UX workshop process is research-oriented allowing stakeholders, key decision makers, digital maestros and product owners to make a conclusive outcome. For accuracy, UX workshop had to occur at the discovery and definition phase of a project since most of the information about the client and their demographic is extracted at this stage.

      Workshop will reveal all critical elements of the discovery and definition phase, crucial for user flow and website wireframes.

        How to plan a UX workshop

        • Determination of the task: A number of tasks are applicable against the projects to provide detailed insights through ‘Gap Analysis’ and ‘User Journey Maps’.
        • Preparing collateral: Once the task has been determined, the collaterals are prepared in order for the stakeholders to ensure everyone is sufficiently prepared to share vital information.
        • Practising: We have the opportunity to tweak wherever needed most.

        Product Design Workshops dig deeper into the project for sharing experience in which participants take on a problem solving approach.

        On identifying the core product, project and its essential elements, workshops are then conducted tp dig deeper and sort out the solutions.

        The main deliverable is a story map or user journey and uncover the bigger picture of the project with core audience.

        Core project/product development teams are participants to share knowledge, ideas and provide a wider perspective to the client.