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Digital Gravity is a full-service creative agency and a production house in Dubai to cover all aspects of video game trailer development, production and content creation.

    We are a team of industry veterans for all things creative and entertaining to draw inspiration from videogames, music, television, film and digital.

      Our video game trailer production technology includes 4K, VR, Instagram, Facebook and Social Media channels. Your journey to the next creative adventure gets merrier by the second with Digital Gravity’s game trailer services in Dubai.

        Our Game Development Trailer Process

        Our game trailer development process is scalable from planning, creative conception and logistics to casting, shooting and post-production.

          We deliver the complete picture for convenience, covering complete cycle from storyboarding to CGI, live action, game capture, design, mixing, recording, imagery, voice-overs and more to get the buzz start.

            Come work with our AAA blockbuster teams to experience something truly amazing in game development.


              A library of 3D graphics functions is commonly known as a 3D Engine that can used along with a software development system like Microsoft Visual C++. Higher flexibility mostly because of availability of the source code is a pro fact of programming a game with 3D engine. It can be adapted to the application as well.

              A real-like landscape has millions of polygons that couldn’t be rendered like other normal models. A special terrain renderer is thus required to divide the landscapes into smaller chunks and pixels, systemise the details according to the camera distance and load the compressed data into the computer memory.

              Light-mapping or shadow mapping is a system that pre-calculates realistic lights and shadows without penalising frame rate. A special shadow mapping compiler lets you place unlimited static light sources and calculate shadows as well as flow of light for each.

              Smaller and stamped images in real time on the wall, ground and model surfaces are known as decals used for creating special effects like bullet holes, footprints, scorch marks, shadow on the ground and more.

              A particle system is a special effects generator to produce a large number of smaller particles smoke, fire, explosion and other such effects that look more realistic than pre-rendered animation.

              A particle system is an effect generator that creates a huge number of small particles for special effects like smoke, fire, or explosions. Well-made particle effects look better than pre-rendered animation, and thus particle generators are used in all newer games and game consoles. Simple particle systems support pre-defined particles properties like lifespan, gravity or colour; more sophisticated engines allow arbitrary particle behaviour functions. Some particle systems also contain beam generators for creating light beams or tracer paths.