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Our QA Engineers & Specialists are a perfect fit for fast-paced digital industries to ensure proactive, flawless and interactive solutions

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Outsourcing QA Resource Service.

If you need quality services and on-time delivery of your final project, then for sure, QA resource service is the one that you need to look for. The basic duty of a QA is to make sure that while the whole team is working on the project keeping up with the timeline, they should not sacrifice the software's quality in the development process. Basically, quality assurance teams up with skilled analysts who are documenting the complete project process and with solution architectures who are responsible for providing the designs for applying the software that is underway.

They then receive access to all the designs and documentations from them to provide the team with script-by-script testing to ensure that the team is working just according to the client's demands. Once all the testing is documented, a final report is generated to provide an overview of the project's progress. Then at the end, these reports are submitted to the SME, who will then overview these reports and decide if the project is completed successfully. QA-based services have to monitor the whole progress of software completion and have to test and analyze if the team is really working up to the expectations.

Skills of our QA Analyst

In any organization, a QA Analyst has core duties that must ensure all the end-product that are being developed must be of top quality, because when it comes to IT services, then Quality Assurance is really necessary as that is what clients are expecting. If your IT firm is also going through such challenges, then we are here to provide ideal QA Resource services to ensure that you can provide the best services to your clients and that your business should progress just as you have expected. Now in this whole process, having some skills are essential that our Quality Assurance Analysts have already managed to achieve, such as:

Set the Rules for the Project

Even though it is the managers' duty to monitor the smooth processing of the project and set few rules that are required to be followed, as for the technical sense, all the rules are set by our QA. These rules are elementary, like during the development process, which platform is to be used, which tools are to be used for testing purposes, which methods apply for development and some other such rules related to software development.

Organize the Team Members

Obviously, when a team is built for a project, it is obvious that they are chosen based on their knowledge and technical skills. Like few of them are good at the development process, few are good at UI, few are good at graphics designing. A QA decides which one will take which duty, or in other words, he organizes the complete team for the project.

Decides the Quality of Project

Even before the project has been started, our QA Analysts analyze and decide how exactly metrics are going to be exact. Like what defects will occur, and how to tackle them, what worse could happen, and how to deal with those situations. These are just the basic objectives that are really necessary to be realized before developing the development.

Assign Tasks with Equal Workload

Even though a manager manages all the tasks on a project, our QA analysts also define how much workload is given to each team member. This is one of the most important quality assurance traits because every member can work effectively, only when they are given minimal workload. Workload division is essential and without this, quality assurance is never guaranteed.

Technical Expertise of our Quality Assurance Analyst

Obviously, when it comes to quality assurance in a software development process, you must be very competent enough to be ready for any technical solutions and to maintain the quality of the end-products. That is what our QA analysts have also developed to understand each and everything in the development process. Following are the technical skills that you will get from our QA Resource Service:

Proper Communication Assistance

During software development, QA analysts must create a proper verbal and written communication channel among the team members because, without a proper channel, it would be tough for everyone to sync their process progress.

Understand the Solution for any Error

In case any error occurs, our QA analysts are proficient enough to understand the errors and effective solutions for that as they possess the necessary technical knowledge and skills required.

Technical expertise is diverse and includes an analysis of complete project details, effective task management of every assignment, and, last but not least, time management. So, it is all about nurturing top-notch technical skills that would lead to the best quality end-products.

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What is the Duty of QA?

The sole duty of any QA is to help all the team members ensure that the software's quality is maintained, and also, once the project is completed. So the client receives high-quality end-product just as demanded.
There are different strategies involved during the software development process, and QA is essential for proper application of these strategies to the team members like, software testing after completion of each phase, how to solve errors that occurs during the test process, what different tests are to be done over the course of the whole process, etc.
Being a QA comes with so many responsibilities, and so that different skills are required to get the high-quality end-product. Those skills include finding creative solutions to the problem, creating effective communication channels, must have strong IT knowledge and skills, and develop different logic to create an effective project process.
Few people consider this job tough because it comes with different responsibilities and enforces everyone to create the best quality products. Whereas it is one of the easiest jobs, but only with adequate skills and experience.