Professional Logo Designing Service in Dubai, UAE. We design Award-Winning Custom Logos.


Logo Design.

Professional Logo Design Service in Dubai , UAE

Your business needs a logo that develops brand identity and symbolizes your story. Your brand logo is what sets you apart and brings you in the spotlight. An immaculately well-designed creative logo is the ultimate source of brand recall. Savvy business owners today recognize the impact of having an inspiring bespoke logo design on their business.

    We, at Digital Gravity, are known for our passion for creating bespoke logo designs that resonate with your audience and showcase your brand personality. With decades of experience under our belt, we have designed aesthetic identifiable logos for our wide global clientele that have stood the test of time and driven their businesses to the next level.

      As a leading design agency, with a dedicated team of in-house passionate graphic designers, we believe in creating marketing experiences through our designs. In our quest for reshaping brand trajectories through sleek logo designs, we have worked with a wide spectrum of businesses, ranging from budding entrepreneurs to blue-chip companies.

        Being a professional logo design agency in Dubai, our mantra is to deliver a logo design experience that goes well beyond our clients' expectations and is accompanied by a wow factor. Therefore, we proudly offer our expertise to startups who are starting out and want an inspiring brand identity that outshines the competition as well as to already established brands that want to revamp their brand persona to keep up with the changing times..

          Having a professional logo that is a quintessential representation of what your business does and what it believes in is the first step in the right direction. Therefore at Digital Gravity, we work with absolute dedication and professionalism with all our clients to make sure they love the final product and get the best value for their time and investment.

            Our candidate management phase make sure your best talent feels positive and supportive from application to post-probation.

              Logo Design Process

              A brand logo is a timeless piece of brand identity that stays with your brand for a very long time. It is therefore imperative that your logo should be created with the utmost dedication and meticulous design elements.

                Before we start working with any of our valued clients, we find it incredibly important to understand the business itself. Our designers conduct a thorough audit of the brand to understand their story, their goals as well as what message they are trying to convey, and to whom the message is aimed at. Then we discuss at length with our clients what their requirements are so we can craft a meaningful artistic logo that will exceed their expectations.

                  Once we have developed an in-depth understanding of client requirements and business goals, our designers then initiate brainstorming suitable ideas for the business that is in harmony with the client's requirements and business goals. For this step, our expert logo designers use a number of visual brainstorming techniques to create a logo that fulfills its purpose and adds value to the business. We craft all our logo concepts using premium design software such as Adobe Illustrator to create vector artwork, which is scalable so our clients get high-quality logo designs that can be reproduced at various sizes. This gives our clients the freedom to incorporate their unique logo designs on different platforms without having to worry about losing their quality.

                    All our clients get complete ownership of the finalized logos so they are free to utilize the logo for digital and print-based applications. We also provide our clients logo kits upon request and offer logo files in Pantone version, vector format as well as Ai, EPS, PDF, SVG, JPEG, PNG, CMYK, version, pure black version, pure white knockout, RGB version, and Favicon.

                      All our brand logo specialists follow a structured approach for driving innovation for your business so that your logo enhances the brand appeal and drives results.

                        Industrial Projects

                        As a leading award-winning digital agency in Dubai with decades of experience in offering digital marketing and logo design services, we have worked with a broad range of global clientele that hails from a wide array of industries.

                          Designing an industrial logo is a delicate process that combines a deep understanding of business processes and an aesthetic representation of these processes in the logo. Our passionate in-house designers leverage the impact of natural elements in the logo so as to create a distinct brand identity for your business. We ensure all our industrial logos are sleek, aesthetically pleasing, and convey the company mission such that you stand apart from your competition and build stronger connections with your audience.

                            When designing an industrial logo for our clients we keep two things into consideration, simplicity, and impactfulness. Since industrial logos are incorporated on various company assets such as delivery trucks, company stationery, social media accounts, etc. we design them in a way that they look sharp on all placements and remain memorable.

                              As a professional industrial logo design agency in Dubai, we use various premium software (Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw, Inkscape, Canva, Affinity Designer, Logo Design Studio Pro, and Design Hill) to create logos that tell your story, enhance brand recall and bring your brand in the limelight.

                                We at digital gravity have created impactful industrial logos for various industries. Some of those industries are,

                                • Real Estate
                                • Automobile
                                • SMEs
                                • Healthcare
                                • Fashion
                                • Wood Industry
                                • Manufacturing
                                • Hospitality
                                • Automotive
                                • Technology
                                • FMCG
                                • Food and Beverage
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                                All our efforts are focused on creating solutions that exceed our customers' expectations. We believe in providing all our clients absolute transparency and cost-effective solutions. We have expertise in crafting logos that are creative and in sync with customer's requirements and company goals and offer our quality services with quick turnaround time.

                                Yes, as soon as we have developed an understanding of your business and we have discussed your particular requirements, you will receive initial design concepts for your logo, after which we will take your feedback and adjust them accordingly.

                                Our logo design team is skilled in many sorts of logos including: typographic logos, lettermarks logos, monogram logos, emblem logos, abstract logo marks, logotypes or wordmarks, combination marks, mascots logos, pictorial marks, brand marks, logo symbols, slime logos, and more.

                                If you are unsure about the initial design concepts, we will get in touch with you as soon as possible, so we can discuss and understand what it is that is not to your liking and see how we can take things forward. However, it is necessary to mention that this is a situation that rarely happens. Our designers conduct detailed discussions with all our clients to discuss specific requirements, business goals, and target audience. Therefore, the initial design concepts that are presented incorporate all the goals and requirements.

                                Yes, all our clients are encouraged to share any ideas that they may already have regarding their logos, so we can start the design process from there and create a logo that fits perfectly with your needs.

                                Once the logos are made and approved and payment is settled, we will then transfer the ownership of the logos to you and you will own the copyrights to that particular logo. Having copyrights to your logo will entitle you to exclusive rights to display, print, and distribute the logo as per your wish. After having the copyrights to the logo, you will be free to use the logo as you please. However, we do request our clients to allow us the liberty to showcase the logo in our portfolio.

                                Our specialist graphic designers use different types of logo design software and tools while designing the logo including: Adobe Illustrator, CorelDRAW Graphics Suite, Adobe Photoshop, GIMP, Inkscape, Canva, Affinity Designer, Gravit Designer, Adobe Spark, Sketch, Adobe InDesign, Vector, Scribus, Autodesk SketchBook, Design Wizard, Xara Designer Pro.

                                After the successful completion of the project and payment settlement, you will receive an all-encompassing kit of files that will allow you to incorporate your logo on various mediums without compromising the quality of the logo. Therefore, you will receive a CMYK Version, Pure black version, Pure white knockout, RGB version, and Favicon. Along with the logo files, you will also receive copyright ownership of your logo.