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Pay Per Click.

Digital Gravity is a Google AdWords certified PPC Agency in Dubai. As voted by our clients we are a group of experts chosen to deliver the best return on your investment, based on careful analysis and market understanding. Our PPC services in Dubai cover all search and display platforms. We do:

    Google Ads & Programmatic Display

    As a PPC agency, we create high-quality and performing campaigns across Search, Display and Shopping, combining technology and creativity for increased visibility and sales boost. We use Google Marketing premium suite to amplify your audience reach seamlessly across a wide network of ad accounts.

      Display Advertising

      Our PPC for Dubai business targets just the perfect audience with Google Display Network (GDN) to achieve highly strategic online placements and business exposure.

        PPC Services to Review & Audit

        Real-time tracking and monitoring of your Pay per click marketing campaign performance with further growth opportunities.

          Google Shopping & Ads Script

          Our PPC Dubai team is fully capable to drive higher conversions and profitable CPAs even in challenging and competitive shopping sectors.

            Our Google Ads scripts provide custom solutions to business challenges, ensuring active and seamless performance of your account.


              Pay per click is a unique advertising model that helps you reach a greater audience with fewer expenses. For an advertiser, the usage of the pay per click model allows paying only for the clicks that your ad receives.

              Pay per click usually costs less than other advertising models when utilized in the right way. Each click on your ad, in Google Ad, can cost you around $1 to $2.

              Digital gravity is a certified Google Adwords company in Dubai that is known for it over the top pay per click services. Our services not only cover multiple search engines and different display platforms but also ensure the ideal return on investment.

              Not all PPC services in Dubai offer display advertising, but Digital Gravity does. We utilize the Google Display Network in order to strategize online placements and business exposure so we can target the perfect audience for your business.

              The features utilized by one pay per click (PPC) agency in Dubai vary from those used by another. But the most commonly used features include Google Ads, display advertising, PPC reviews and audits, and Google shopping.