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Progressive Web App (PWA).

A Leading PWA Development Agency in Dubai

At Digital Gravity, our Progressive Web App development in Dubai promise seamless, unified, superior, cost-effective and efficient user experience. We are a team of enthusiasts and professionals taking creativity to the breakthrough. With a passion of sports, music, health, entertainment, food and technology, our progressive web app solutions can make a difference and impact on the digital front.

    Connected World, Unlimited Possibilities

    Progressive Web App unlocks the true potential of all-things connected from devices, desktop, mobiles and tablets to watches, cars, TVs, fridges and everything. With PWA, experience more power, functionality and remarkable features beyond the typical web front.

      Automate, Streamline & Improve

      PWA takes your experience beyond the typical websites. Power-up the web apps such as Google Docs, Web Mail and so much more for feature-rich, user-friendly and emerging with our Progressive Web Apps. From a simple SMS reminder to a full-scale digital transformation and integrated payment gateways, each of our PWA solutions presents limitless possibilities.

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          PWAs, like native mobile applications, ask for accessibility on multiple features like geolocation, camera and others. That’s one similarity between both.

          PWAs performance is amazing on almost all devices be it Android, iOS or any other.

          PWAs work perfectly fine with slow or no internet connection.

          With PWA, users are relieved of all the additional installation steps which is one of the biggest benefits. Other awesome pro facts are:
        • Save device storage significantly
        • Easily available on the search engines without sifting through the app store
        • Quick and convenient download and installation
        • PWAs are built using super advanced and faster technologies that are compatible on all web browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer (now Microsoft Edge).

          PWAs work amazingly on almost all smart devices and we test their functionality and compatibility on all