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Whether you start a huge project or just taking on a smaller project, then you must understand that completing that project without errors and proper execution of plans is just impossible unless you get a project management service from a top outsourcing firm in Dubai, just like Digital Gravity. A PM (Project Manager) is the one who plays his duties as the leader from planning the blueprints and design till the completion of the project. Whether the project is a failure or a complete success, everything depends on the project manager, and he is responsible for everything going on-site.

    It's him who decides how to plan the whole project and how the plan should be exciting. Even he is responsible for assigning duties to each employee according to their expertise. Similarly, when the project has been started, he controls each operation and monitors everything that is going on regarding the project. Furthermore, once the project is completed, it's the duty of a project manager to inform higher authorities and provide complete details. During any error, he will be held accountable for that because he was the one to monitor each operation.

      What are the Key Responsibilities of the Project Manager?

      Being a Project Manager is undoubtedly a tough job. Still, we have a fully prepared and experienced team of Project managers who have dealt with several huge projects and completed them successfully when it comes to Digital Gravity. Our project management service is, without any doubt, an unbeatable one in Dubai because our team is fully prepared for different projects of any level. A few of the following are the core strategies upon which our Project managers continue to complete the project successfully:

        Project Initiation

        This is the part when all the details of the project are handed over to our Project Manager. During this part, he develops a complete strategy for processing the project successfully. He also manages the project's complete investment from here, so it should be completed on time within that set budget.

          Planning of Project

          During this phase, they start to plan further processes for carrying out the strategies. The total time for the project completion is also set here, like how much time it will take for the project to complete considering any unwanted conditions, and setting up a daily schedule for each team member. Then further plans are developed to ensure quality output and other needs. He also plans for any quality control requirements as well during this phase.

            Execution of Plans

            This is the risky part of the project where the project manager has to execute all of his plans. During this phase, he is responsible for managing quality control and scheduled task completion. This is the phase where he has to select the right team members for the project's different phases and assign them their duties. He is also responsible for the proper communication channel between all members to carry out aligned duties. Without proper communication, it is unable for a Project manager to get continuous updates.

              Control and Monitor Plan Execution

              This is where project managers are at little ease because all of their plans are in progress during this phase. So, at this stage, they need to monitor every process. He also needs to check the on-going process that should be aligned with the planned schedule. He is also responsible for making sure that everything is on track.

                Finalizing the Project

                This is the part where all the processes are finalized, and all the deadlines are already over. This is where Project managers finalize all the processes and form a complete final report of the project. In the end, they have presented this report to the higher authorities and handed over the project to them.

                  Skills of our Project Managers

                  Project management is, without any doubt, one of the toughest parts of the project because a single person is handling the complete project under his supervision, and any failure or success would be his responsibility. To get this job properly, we have a team of highly skilled Project Managers who understand the things done correctly. Following are the top skills achieved by our Project managers over the course of their career:

                  • Accurate Communication
                  • Strong Leadership
                  • Effective Plan Scheduling
                  • Report formation for Cost
                  • Time management for each process
                  • Technical Knowledge for each process
                  • Carrying out duties with patience
                  • Effective negotiation under critical situations
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                  Each project manager must be able to plan an effective schedule for the project. He should be able to handle any circumstances effectively and ensure an appositive work atmosphere on-site. He is also responsible for completing the project before the deadline and within the set budget.

                  A PM(Project Manager) is the one who is responsible for every activity on-site regarding the project assigned to him. He is the one acting as the leader among all the other members of the project. He will be the one who sets a complete plan for budget, schedule, and team members required. Furthermore, he will be the one to assign duties and then closely monitor each process that is in progress.

                  Yes, it is one of the stressful jobs on earth, because a single person handles all the project processes. He has to tackle different situations effectively. He has to manage the budget and all the resources. In the end, he will be the one responsible if something goes wrong. In short, it is his duty to ensure that everything is on track and that deadlines are met as well.

                  The normal routine for a project manager is to assign duties to every member of the project for the day. Monitor each process, provide access to the resources required. Then, at the end of the day, he will form a complete report for the day, including the project's current progress and resources used.