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Flutter App Development Services in Dubai

At Digital Gravity, we develop expressive, engaging, performance-effective and scalable Flutter apps for iOS, Android, Web and Desktop with Google’s portable UI toolkit. We have expert developers and coders for Flutter to write a single codebase for cross-platform apps on native Devices. Our Flutter app development services in Dubai deliver robust and high-functional applications with convenience, effectiveness and flexibility that of native mobile apps.

    App Upgrade

    At Digital Gravity, your Flutter app is in good hands and monitored by experts for new add-ons and upgrades to make it compatible with latest Android and iOS version. We understand application scalability, write a single codebase to future-ready your Flutter app.

      Bug-Fixing & Security

      We have the expertise to have your app full-done and delivered in a bug-free manner following test-driven approach plus improve code quality. Our experts take on the latest Flutter SDK release and plugins for secure dependencies, data security, accounts authentication and more.

        App Maintenance

        Digital Gravity also offer app maintenance services in Dubai to ensure your app is updated with the latest trends and market releases for exceptional user engagement. We dedicate our team for unique and custom delivery of the app in a flawless manner

          Our Services

          High-quality, user-friendly & easy to navigate next gen mobile applications. We do it with:

            Android App Development

            Digital Gravity is undoubtedly one of the leaders when it comes to Android app development. We develop Android mobile apps with powerful features, interactive interface, and a seamless user-experience to give your business the boost it needs to keep up with its competitive advantage on digital platforms. We offer affordable and reliable android app development services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and across the UAE.

              iOS App Development

              As one of the leading mobile operating system, you can’t just ignore the importance of iOS app development process. At Digital Gravity, we create highly aesthetic, feature-packed, and interactive iOS mobile applications that are scalable and affordable for businesses and help them to achieve their bottom lines on digital channels.

                Hybrid App Development

                As a leading mobile app development company Dubai, our Hybrid app development services are meant to equip businesses with the flexibility and compatibility they need to succeed across all major platforms. Our expert mobile app developers are fully experienced and well-resourced to deliver intuitive, relevant, and customer-oriented hybrid apps that instantly connect with the customers and ensures success for businesses.

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                  Flutter can develop all types of apps using the latest features like geolocation, camera and many other amazing app development options.

                  Yes, your existing app can be easily converted on Flutter, including cross-platform framework apps.

                  There are many different benefits of Flutter of which some of the most common ones are:
                • Highly productive
                • Superb performance
                • Compatible
                • Open-source
                • Fast and easy to deploy
                • Communicative, flexible and flowy UI
                • Inter-dependable code interface
                • Communicative, flexible and flowy UI
                • Flutter app allows easy, effortless and simple coding due to which it takes between three to four weeks for app development. However, timeline depends on the features you need with the app.

                  Yes. Digital Gravity provides flawless and 24/7 maintenance and post-development.