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GNCE 2019 by Scientific Nanotechnology Federation

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GNCE 2019 by Scientific Nanotechnology Federation

March 9, 2019

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Global Nanotechnology Congress and Expo is an initiative by the Scientific Nanotechnology Federation, a leading non-profit conference organizer that is led by the world’s best experts. The ultimate objective of the initiative is to offer a platform to international scholars and researchers to gather, share and review cutting-edge research in disciplines of technology, science, medicine, and others.

What it’s all about?

The aim of the “Global Nanotechnology Congress and Expo” is to encourage new scientists and researchers to learn from the leading researches taken-around the world as well as witness their impact in the real world. The conference will be attended by the world’s leading scientists, engineers, and researchers who will gather on one platform to discuss and share their innovations.

The 6th edition of the Nanotechnology Conference is scheduled in Dubai and will welcome international presenters and audiences. The conference expo will contribute massively towards promoting the research in the various fields while presenting a unique window of opportunity to aspiring scientists and researchers to meet the industry experts in an ambient and unique landscape of UAE.

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The World’s leading researchers set to share the stage!

The Global Nanotechnology Congress and Expo will be held on April 15 -16, 2019 in Dubai, UAE. This will be the sixth event of its kind and has already established itself as one of the most prominent and esteemed global events attracting participants and audiences from around the world. The conference expo will see global experts sharing their cutting-edge researches while exploring new frontiers of Nanotechnology and its impacts on various disciplines. The event is set to host the stage with 5 to 6 highly esteemed and globally cited plenary speakers and expert keynote speakers who will share the stage along with new aspiring researchers. Apart from the key presentations, the conference expo will also host various poster presentations alongside practical and dynamic workshops and special sessions that will be hosted specifically for interested audiences.

An ideal Opportunity for Young Aspiring researchers!

The young researchers can tremendously benefit from the conference by interacting and establishing strong bonds with professionals. The conference is also an ideal opportunity for young aspiring scientists and researchers to present their work in the form of the most valued international researchers while learning from them at the same time.