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What is a Testimonial Slider and How To Create It?

January 7, 2019

You know when you give your clients excellent services and they love your brand and appreciate it, you would definitely want to display it on your website to show other clients that how you came up to the expectations of your previous clients. These are called testimonials.

First of all, let’s see why testimonials are important. Testimonials are important for business because:

  1. They give social proof about your brand to your potential buyers.
  2. When your old clients put a story about your brand out there, it captures the attention of interested people in your business.
  3. When testimonials give an insight into how your company works and how ambitiously you work to satisfy your clients, it has an emotional impact on new clients.

But you should try that you always put authentic, factual testimonials out there as nothing speaks better than the language of truth.

It is okay to have your website listed on many review sites or on social media platforms to build brand name but your clients’ testimonials should always have their rightful place in your website while finalizing your web design with your web agency in Dubai.

This Dubai based company Home Matters in Dubai has put its clients’ testimonials online for their services for mortgage consultancy. One by one testimonial, in a very boring and traditional way, do not seem to attract new visitors who may visit the website.

This is why, to showcase your clients’ testimonials in an attractive and eye-catching way is highly important as it speaks volumes of your reputation and the best way to do that is to put your client’s testimonials in sliders, considering the new technology we have at hand.

Testimonials sliders, when put in a catchy way, cannot only help attract new clients for your Dubai based websites, but they also help market your brand more powerfully than ever. Testimonials are word of mouth marketing and 88% of marketers say that referrals from previous clients help them in landing on new businesses.

As, by now from the discussion, you may have come to know that the best way to have your testimonials on your website is through a testimonial slider in your web design. So, below is the procedure that you can follow when you want to showcase reviews from your Dubai based clienteles.

  1. HTML:

In the following image, you can see HTML making use of Bootstrap 4 heavily. It mainly focuses on spacing, text alignments and typography.

  1. CSS:

After all main designing done by Bootstrap 4, the main function of CSS is to focus mainly on perfect response and custom design.

  1. JavaScript:

Then comes the use of JavaScript, after a short call to slick sliders, some JSON custom settings helps you in creating the very functionality that you want in your testimonial sliders.

It is a very simple procedure and just needs some coding from a web developer to put your beautifully designed testimonial slider out there. Look at the end result of some quick coding and you have an attractive testimonial slider to build trust with customers.

Video testimonials:

If you like a little bit more experimenting, you can choose to put video testimonial sliders out there on your website as they will be more convincing for new clients. Face to face engagement always works wonder for any business. Video testimonials can also help establish your authenticity and help build trust which goes a long way.


A web developer like yourself or your Dubai based web agency can help you finalizing the web design of your website with a creatively formed testimonial slider that can help bring more clients for your business.