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Tips to Create a Real estate Website for beginners to pro

May 15, 2019

Real estate is a big deal in UAE, more so in Dubai. In fact, the real estate sector in Dubai is the second largest economic contributor to the Emirates economy. While the sector took a massive nose-dip few years back, today it has regained its lost glory with national and international investors pooling into Dubai’s real estate sector.

Now, with a booming market, real estate websites have become big business in Dubai with many local and international tech businesses looking to grab a chunk of this multi-million dollar industry. As a matter of fact, nearly half of the real estate purchases in Dubai are made only after an online search through real estate websites, which further encourage entrepreneurs to invest in real estate websites.

If you are among hundreds of aspiring entrepreneurs who are looking to earn big with real estate website in Dubai, you need to consider a few key aspects of successful real estate web design. Remember, your website will be your digital business card and to be able to monetize it, you need to make it as client-centric as possible.

To be able to compete with the leaders in the industry you would need to scratch below the surface of a few traditional elements like the exquisite design or easy navigation. Today, real estate buyers are looking for a much more personalized and detailed experience from real estate website designs with efficient listings and neighbourhood data. Few other important considerations include effective local SEO and high conversion optimization.

Below we bring you 9 exclusive real estate web design ideas that will help you compete with the giants in the industry.

9 real estate website design tips!

Use powerful and easy to edit website builders


real estate website

Over half of all the websites (including BBC America, The New York Times and many more) rely on WordPress as their preferred website building platform and there’s a good reason for that. WordPress is undoubtedly one of the most powerful, easy to update and customizable website building platform available in the market today. What’s even better is that it’s an open source platform that’s perfectly suited for websites for all kinds of businesses.

Not only it’s a free platform, rather you won’t be needing any coding skills to create your real estate website on WordPress. All you need to do is to get basic skills of setting-up IDX-integrated real estate websites (there are plenty of online tutorials and guides available) and get started.  So, all you need to do is to buy a domain and hosting for your business and get started for as low as $7 per month.

Long Tail Keywords best serve your needs

long tail seo keywords

As a real estate website owner, your priority shouldn’t just be to attract the most number of people, rather it should be to attract the most relevant (convertible) visitors.

Traditionally, SEO companies tend to select keywords with most searches like “Real estate Dubai”, “Real estate price Dubai”. While, going this way will surely help you attract a lot more visitors to your website, not all of them would be interested to convert. A better way to boost your conversion is to target long tail keywords like “affordable new home in Dubai Marina”. While these sort of keywords would definitely get much lower traffic, however, the traffic coming from these keywords are more likely to give you the conversion.

Just remember, the longer and relevant the keywords, the better your chances to convert the visitors.

Effective Landing Page

landing pages

Landing page refers to specific website pages (URLs) which are advertised for attracting visitors.

One of the most important aspects for any real estate web design companies is to create an aesthetically pleasing and highly conversion optimized landing page.  Irrespective of who design the landing page, you need to make it absolutely engaging and attractive for potential customers.

Now, while there is much online content available that specifically discuss how to create the perfect landing page for a real estate web design, in reality, there is no one strategy that you can follow. In fact, the best landing pages can only be designed by simply following the absolute basics of website design that include a clear call to actions, effective headlines, social proofing, Tidy visuals, and narrow focus.

Understand the working of IDX

Integrated listings are an absolute essential for all real estate websites and while it may appear to be a daunting and complex task on the surface, in reality, you can achieve it pretty easily.

The point is, there is no need to design or code every section of your real estate web design, in fact, with the right knowledge you won’t have to design the bulk of the website. IDX and other management tools for listings can be used to simply enter one-liner code at the backend of the website to enable customers to pull up the entire listings they want.

Now you don’t even have to spend money to integrate IDX or other listings, instead, there are many detailed guidelines and tutorials available online for beginners. So, all you got to do grab a cup of coffee, pull out the laptop and learn how to do it with a step wise guide.

Keeps the search bar at the front

search bar

There are some key rules for real estate web designs and one of the most important rules is to offer visitors a simple and clearly visible search bar right in front of them. See, the point is unlike some of the other websites like web designing, parcel delivery, flowers, etc. the visitors aren’t much interested in the exquisiteness or aesthetics of your real estate web design, they are rather more interested in how solid your navigation system is and how large your listing is. You can even search out some web design of real estate giants like realtor.com or others and see how they have managed to pull things the right way.

Thereby, make sure your website design has a clearly visible and solidly constructed search bar right at the top of the page, so as to give users a sense of comfort and reliability as they would know that you mean business.

Keep your website updated

It’s absolutely crucial to keep your website updated regularly and this doesn’t only include updating the listing, prices, etc. but also frequently updating the blog posts. In fact, to be able to achieve better ranking with Google, it is highly recommended to update a blog post every week, which will also help to establish your website authority in the Dubai real estate market. You can also add testimonials and new images (with ALT tags) just to keep your website fresh and search engine friendly at all times.

Remember we said that your real estate website will be your digital business card, well it also should act as an active real estate agent, who is always updated with the latest happenings in the market.

Keep your focus on quality

With hundreds of other competitors competing in the same market, you need to focus on quality and not quantity to stand out amongst the crowd. Remember, a very basic website (5 pager) with rich content, solid search navigation, and updated listing is far more effective than a large website (20+ pager) with generic information and no blog posts.

There is absolutely no need of using the fillers as a mean to fill up space, that’s a waste of time and resources. To be able to build yourself as the market authority you need to give out the latest and richest information from the market (act as an expert) and your clients will automatically accept your authority over competitors.

Social Proofing

Reviews are important and not just for marketing (search engine) purpose but also as a mean to establish our authority in the market. You must have read restaurant views many times before actually visiting the restaurant; that says a lot about the impacts of reviews for a business.

See, reviews and testimonials are like reassuring words that give a sense of comfort and belonging to potential customers as they get positive vibes from other people. Thereby, make sure you get as many reviews as possible from the clients (even better if you can get video testimonials) and post them on your website plus social media plus emails.

Responsive design

responsive web design

OK, this is one of the most common and most important consideration you should never forget for your real estate web design. Remember, there is a greater number of people who are looking for a website with mobile devices as compared to desktop devices. This means that if your real estate website design isn’t mobile friendly, you are already losing half of the potential customers. Add to it the pains of ranking an un-responsive website over Google, your chances are slim to get any benefit from your real estate website.


There you have it, some of the most pressing real estate website design tips you need to follow to be able to make an impact in the industry. Just remember, real estate is a big thing in Dubai and with international competitors, your only chance to win here is to keep up with the best practices and focus exclusively on providing customers with value-added information with a sense of trust and comfort.