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Why Small Companies Don’t Invest SEO?

January 8, 2019

Small businesses usually do not like to invest in SEO as they believe that it is not something that is required for every business or company particularly small companies with limited budgets. Below are few reasons that explain why small businesses do not invest more in SEO.

  1. It’s difficult to challenge the SEO Pros:

The first reason to not invest in SEO in Dubai is very simple. Small business owners feel reluctant to spend money against contenders who are using SEO for a long time and ruling their business empires in Dubai and other parts of the world. They believe that it will be a hard task for them to beat their competitors and stand high in the Google rankings. So, they do not even bother about search engine optimization to promote their business.

  1. SEO services are expensive:

Why companies are not interested to invest in SEO in Dubai? Answer is very simple. A renowned SEO digital agency charges a lot and it does not offer cheap SEO services. If small business owners invest money in SEO in Dubai, it can be really frightening for them because they are not sure about the substantial results. Basically, small businesses feel that there is no guarantee that SEO specialists can improve the search rankings unless you choose the right company or person for this task. If they get the services of professional digital agency that is skilled in this field, obviously they would employ sound strategies that will support them to stand in good rankings. At the same time, such companies cost too much.

If small companies in Dubai are short on budget, it is difficult for them to hire a proficient SEO professional in Dubai, this is why they do not invest in SEO.

  1. It’s hard job to keep up with upcoming trends:

No doubt, it is not an easy task to cope up with all new SEO trends as it requires a lot of time and struggle. However, the fundamental trends of SEO in Dubai have not changed since a long time. There is an old saying that “content is king” in SEO marketing. A good website generates authentic and valuable content. This content can be in any form like product description, blog posts, articles, images, audios and videos. Relevant content is an ultimate ingredient to earn the best – possible Google rankings. Somehow, it becomes difficult for companies to find a suitable content writer for the marketing of their products. If they are unable to approach right person, who is not well familiar with SEO techniques and does not know how to advertise a product through his writing, it will be a big breakdown for that company and its reputation. So, this is the main reason, companies do not invest in SEO content writing.

  1. Social Media:

Many small business do not invest in SEO in Dubai because they believe that as SEO is not only very expensive but also time consuming and require so much professional skills, so they should invest their efforts on less cheaper and easily accessible medium for marketing to quickly access desired audience. This is why, instead of investing in SEO, small businesses use social media.

Now days, social media has that power to make you a star within days. So, companies reach audience with limited budgets through platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to market their products because it gives immediate results that they can see and they do not have to wait for days for driving results of a marketing campaign on social media.

  1. If business, deals with a small local market:

If a business in Dubai deals with a small or local market e.g. they are running a local grocery shop or a dental clinic in local vicinity, they believe that they can make connections with people locally to market their product so they don’t invest in SEO for a local business. Small businesses usually with local markets never prefer to invest in SEO as they believe in making personal connections rather than wasting money in SEO where they do not have guarantee that any interested customers will ever show up.

  1. Launch a new product or service:

In Dubai, companies that are launching new products or services have many amazing marketing options to choose from but SEO is not one of those choices. Small businesses believe that when a new product is launched to introduce something different that people are not familiar with already, obviously, they would not be able to search for it online as they don’t know it exists so there is no use of using SEO for their business, instead they should focus on other marketing campaigns.

What small businesses need to understand in 2019 is that whatever are the reasons they have not been investing in SEO for last few years, SEO seems to be the ultimate future as more and more people are becoming digitized and using devices like laptops, computers, mobile phone and search engines like Google to find products and services even in their nearby areas. By not using SEO especially in 2019, they are going to miss on to a bigger opportunity to project themselves to thousands of potential customers online. SEO does not only give a short term success but it is very useful for long term gains.

2019 is expected to see a lot more investment in SEO campaigns as everyone more than ever wants to capitalize on mushrooming online audience and maturing search landscape.


Well if you are still confused, whether SEO will work for your small company or not, then the best choice is to invest money in certified preliminary research to properly analyze the opportunity and its cost.

The worst part is, companies dip into SEO with small budget and incomplete research, it does not only wastes money but it may lead to a disaster, stopping small businesses to see the true prospective of a professionally managed SEO campaign. So, preliminary research is the key for finding all your answers about SEO.