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Why You Need To Make Your Website ADA Compliant?

January 7, 2019

ADA stands for the Americans with Disabilities Act. It was at first developed in 1990 to provide disabled people with opportunities as anyone else may have. At that time, the purpose was that any business working in the public domain must make their buildings in a way that accommodate people with different disabilities. Now, since the internet has grown a lot in a couple of decades, ADA compliance has also become mandatory for mobile applications and websites. It also means that your website is required to be accessible for people with disabilities that not only affect their hearing, vision and other physical capacities.

So, it is not only limited to USA, as websites are accessible to people across the globe so whether you have a Dubai based or any other website, you should ask your web agency to make it ADA compliant so that you can not only facilitate disable people but also send your brand message to all without any distinction.

Now you must know that what are the benefits of having an ADA compliant website?

  1. ADA compliance improves your SEO

For example, if your Dubai based website is according to the standards of Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), it is more likely to appeal to different search engines, users and screen readers at the same time which ultimately improves your search engine optimization endeavours. For your ADA compliant websites, you must put alt image text, Meta tagging and video transcripts on your website so that more users with disabilities can find it in search engines and by using human intentions technology today, search engines can bring your website on top.

  1. ADA compliance boosts your target audience

When web design of your website is not ADA compliant, you are probably missing out on huge potential customers who remain unable to access your website just because they are disabled. Let’s say you have a big website that sells either services or products in Dubai and it is not ADA compliant. When disabled visitors arrive on your website to buy some product but your website does not navigate smoothly for them, then they may turn to your competitors. So, to achieve those potential clients, you need to make your website ADA compliant.

  1. ADA compliance builds a reputation

ADA compliance helps you to boost traffic on your website by just making it accessible to more and more people. It also helps in building your repute as the people with disabilities know that you are the point where they get easy access to content without facing any problems as compared to other websites where they have previously been disappointed.  As more people talk about your ADA compliance with their friends and family, you will get a good name for your website by just having an accessible web design.

  1. Better website usability

When all users with or without disabilities can find your website with ease and with WCAG guidelines in place, it increases the overall use of your website. More and more users find trust in your brand, which helps convert those previous visitors into convertible leads, ultimately giving you more profits.

If your current website is not ADA compliant and you are not sure how to proceed to avoid penalties then you can refer to ADA’s official website for guidelines. You can also consult a web agency to help you convert your website into an ADA compliant website.

So whenever you are working with your web agency for finalizing web design of your Dubai based website, you should make sure that it is ADA compliant and disabled people can use your platform, as well as other people, do. It will help you to get traffic and can boost your business.