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Top Trends of Website Design in 2019

December 16, 2018

On a regular basis, when we talk about designing we tend to refer to the colors, drawing and shapes etc. that come under the visual aspect. But when we talk about website designing, it is much more than that. The website designing covers many major areas such as fonts with their alignments, icons and their shapes and sizes, information and how precise that information is.  User interface plays a vital role in website designing. Images and videos used to represent the purpose of website also need to contain appropriate data that is in line with the content on the website.

The web designs do not stay in the market for a very long time. Every year and more so, after a few months a design may become old and outdated. As anticipated, 2019 is bringing up designs that are exclusively focusing on the user experience, Web Design Company Dubai. Here are a few that we may discuss.


As per research a web host has less than three seconds to respond to the visitor online, who could possibly be the future customer. People tend to be less patient for a response to a query online, especially when there is a range of options available for them on the internet. In order to seek their attention and give them a reason to trust and connect with you, the speed of your website must be very good. The designer needs to keep in mind that the beautifying aspect and those pretty designs loading up in a blink of an eye are both simultaneously addressed.

Flat Design

This trend started in 2017 when the mobile friendly designs became common. The priority given to the mobile users results in Flat designs. These focus on quick loading for both mobile and desktop users and secondly on the SEO value. The search engines nowadays focus on the speed aspect and rank the fast website higher than others.

Video Backgrounds

Although the flat design and fast loading is a major priority, but videos tend to be favorable for you. When a video is playing in the background, it tends to grasp the visitor’s attention much more than texts and images. The viewer out of curiosity of what’s coming up next ends up spending more time navigating on your website, giving you more average time and that results in a better SEO ranking.

Micro Animations

These are the little things that add up to the beauty of your website. They can also add up to the user experience as they give a sense of control to the visitors. The cursor expands the menu and options for you, even when you are not actually selecting it. It gives you an insight of what’s there for you to choose from.

Chat bots

These have been trending for quite some time now. They are used to increase user interactions. The customers and potential customers can easily interact with the company through these Chat bots. This also has the option of saving up your conversations and later addressing your needs keeping your past requirements in consideration.