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How difficult is it to start a web design agency in Dubai?

August 29, 2019

Dubai takes the center stage when it’s about the cultural, economic and technological center in the region. The Dubai metropolis is rapidly pacing up its effort to become a global hub for business and technology. The efforts towards economic and technological modernization are backed by a strong and determinant government that’s adamant to take Dubai as the leader at the global stage.

So, the short answer to how difficult is it to start a web design agency in Dubai is:

Not at all difficult.

Now, this doesn’t mean there are no prerequisites involved in the process, we will look at the prerequisites in greater detail below. However, for now, let’s see why Dubai is actually a great place to start a web design agency.

 Solid economy

To start with, UAE has certainly backed up its economy by diversifying it from traditional oil and gas sources. Particularly, the authorities in Dubai have taken some radically bold steps in the bet to boost its economic diversification, including offering massive incentives for entrepreneurs, offering long term visas to investors and businessmen, investing huge sums to improve infrastructure and technology component and much more. All of this has led to the development of high potential and nurturing a business environment that’s conducive for high business sustainability and growth in the long run for a web design agency.

 Multinational Companies

Apart from a high-robust economy, Dubai has also succeeded to entice multination and international corporations to set up their regional offices in the city, thus creating an even more competitive and conducive environment for web design agencies to target these high-profile organizations in a bet to win more clients.

 Global talent pool

The presence of international businesses and large corporations has attracted massive global talent pool in Dubai. Today, there are thousands of experienced and professional web designers available in the local market, thus offering all web design agencies secure and fast access to top talent; something that’s much important for business sustainability and growth.

 Supportive government

Last but not least, the reason why Dubai is one of the best places to start a web design agency is owed to the commitment and dedication of the government towards promoting businesses and entrepreneurs. The government has taken various initiatives including the creation of seamless workflow operations to start a business in the city, to attract global entrepreneurs and investors into the city. Thus, while you start your web design business in Dubai, you can be sure of getting complete administrative support from authorities.

How difficult it is to start a web design business in Dubai?

Well, now that we know that it isn’t all that difficult to start a web design business in Dubai, now let’s look at some of the considerations that you actually need to take into viewpoint before you initiate an agency in the city.

 Complete your homework

Yes, Dubai is a highly lucrative market with tons of growth potential for web design agencies, however, that doesn’t guarantee success. That’s because, with huge market potential, there’s a fierce market competition with hundreds and thousands of web design agencies competing fiercely to get their share of the market.

What this means to you is that you will need to complete your homework including building a strong agency portfolio to be able to penetrate into this highly competitive market and attract customers. You will need to showcase your artwork including any previous projects completed, to the community as a means to establish your expertise and your authority in the field.

Apart from creating a strong portfolio for your web design agency, you also need to conduct a thorough market study to understand the market nerves, get the idea about customers’ preferences as well as to know about the rates you can charge for the services. Offering competitive pricing is particularly important because it will help you to entice local and small businesses that still make up the bulk of the market.

 Understand the Sales Process

Moving on, once you are done with the market research and portfolio building, you need to workout on creating a sales funnel for your agency, to be able to attract clients and make revenue. Here, it is important to create a seamless and functional sales funnel that promote client-business relationship and educate potential clients about your business, while also offering real value for their needs. Think about whether you want one-time service clients or you want to retain clients for the long-term?

Moreover, you also need to work out on the type of clients you want to attract (target market). Are you looking to gain higher-end corporate clients or you are looking to entice local and small businesses by offering them the competitive price? Once you know your target market, you will be in a better position to create a relevant elevator pitch for them and give them valid reasons to choose your agency over competitors.

 Choose the Right Jurisdiction

Last but least, you need to carefully choose your modus operandi or jurisdiction you want to work from. This is important because this will entail the total investment you would have to set-up the company. For instance, various web design agencies are working as freelance agencies (without any physical location) to save on cost and eventually passing those savings to offer affordable services to customers.

Another great jurisdiction in Dubai to start a web design agency can be the Free-Zones. Dubai has multiple Free-zones where you can easily set-up your company with various benefits as compared to mainland Dubai. These Free-zones offer robust business infrastructure along with great incentives for start-ups to sustain and grow in conducive Dubai’s environment.


Well, Dubai is a great place for businesses to invest and grow. The city checkmarks all the right boxes including supportive government, robust infrastructure, technological advancement, high-potential market and a low entry barrier for businesses to kick-start their companies. Just make sure you are able to relate to the considerations we define above before initiating your web design agency and get ready to bang hard.