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Habits Of a Beginner Designer Can Lead to a Disastrous Design

January 9, 2019

World Wide Web is a vast field with lots of opportunities and major progression. The website business in terms of creation and evolution has done wonders and added great value to the businesses. But when it comes to constructing a website, there are certain guidelines that need to be kept into consideration in order to produce something unique yet trendy for a positive user experience.

The beginners usually make some mistakes that result in an output which is unfavorable for the business and brings down the reputation of the design agency and also affect the ROI of the business. Here, we will discuss some habits made by the beginner designers that are not good for the future of the website.

  • Formal Dealing: It is essential for a website designer to keep things formal between the agency and the client. Despite the fact that the work environment for the designers tend to be casual, the business dealings must be formal. The way you present and the way you dress up majorly counts. The designers who do not take this seriously lose their reputation and fail to impress the clients.
  • Complacency: It is very important to be satisfied with the work that you do. But feeling like you do not need to excel or improvise your work patterns because you are comfortable with the kind of work that you do, you may eventually become unwanted in the market. It is necessary to move along the lines that are well accepted and trendy. If the work can be done in a simple way, it should be done like that. The designers who feel like their word is the final word and they do not entertain any criticism or opinions, they end up getting rejected and are considered stubborn.
  • People Skills: People Skills is very important and must not be avoided. Your clients appreciate and feel comfortable while dealing with a friendly face. The beginners who fail to meet the deadlines and cannot coordinate with the clients as well as their own team members usually end up in a disaster and produce disastrous designs.
  • Non-readable text: The designers do not realize how important it is to put up the content in the most readable and comprehensible manner. This leads to visitors spending less time on the web page and also leads to less conversions. The colors and the fonts chosen for the text play a very big role. They must be chosen strategically; the colors should also relate to the colors in the logo and reflect the business, while fulfilling the requirements of readability.