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5 Tips to Ensure Your Design is a Lead Generator

January 22, 2019

A good web design is extremely important when it comes to any website. It’s a visual that you have given to all the ideas you had floating in your head. It is the face of it all and it is extremely vital for any organization trying to run a business online.

A better question is how we can make this “good” web design turn into a “great” web design. Yes, it is extremely important for your website to look good, but it will only look great if it has a high performing lead generator. A lot of businesses have an amazing design and a great online presence but the question that the owners of these websites should ask themselves is that is this website bringing them the sales they need?

Here are the five best tips that will help your site to drive leads.

  • The Call to Action: When it comes to online surfing, the average consumer has a very short attention span that is measured in seconds. This is the main reason you have to grab their attention by employing a landing page. An average consumer usually has these two questions every time they visit a website; 1) Is this the website that I was looking for? 2) What should be my next step? (What is the call to action that will be kick starting the consumer journey?)

A call to action, known as the landing page is the first page that will have a simple description of your product. From the get-go, this page will be setting the grounds of the journey the consumer will be embarking on. It is highly critical for you to capture the consumers’ attention by engaging them and capturing them as the lead, by using minimal clear content that delivers value to them and has a clear call to action.

  • The Credibility: The second most important thing while designing a naturally flowing consumer journey is for the company to ensure that their phone number and address is listed. By listing your address and phone number you will be giving the comfort to the consumer that your website is the real deal. It will also help the user to visit your location as most researchers are using smartphones and are looking for local providers. Capitalizing on locality you can increase engagement.
  • The Friendly Design: While designing the website, every creator should ask themselves one thing, is this design mobile friendly. We live in an age where mobile internet usage is massive. If a user doesn’t feel that the website design is not mobile friendly, and they have to squint and zoom in to read the information they are definitely moving on to the next website that speaks to them. This is a small mistake that is often made and must be corrected to make sure that a potential lead is converted to a lead.
  • The Recommendations: One important thing that the consumer wants to know is that, what is the most excellent service you offer and that is where the trust starts building from. The best way to ensure this is to have reviews and testimonials on your website. These reviews and testimonials can be gathered by the company itself or you can engage with third party websites that could help validate your case. This practice not only shows that you’re doing a good job but validates that you have done right by your customers and have a strong, happy clientele.
  • The Hook: It doesn’t end when you’ve gotten a couple of customers here and there. The internet moves at a very fast pace. You need to buckle up and keep up. By constantly running effective analytical tools to track your target audience and where the leads are being generated from, you need to make sure the most effective keywords are being used. By this exercise, you make sure you keep on updating yourself and you have updated content, as well as your SEO strategy is effective.

Above mentioned are the five important tips that can be considered for giving a boost to the leads generating through your business. Good Luck!