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4 killing tips to find more clients for your web design agency!

September 2, 2019

This is one of the most commonly asked questions that I get to hear from almost all entrepreneurs and small businesses I met.

The second most common query that I sense coming all the time is about “how to get web design leads?”

Yeah, while the two seems similar, technically finding leads and getting clients are two different rationales because while you earn revenue from clients, you get nothing from leads.

Well, in this post we will be restricting ourselves to the first question that is; how do I find clients for my web design agency in Dubai?

And to make things even more interesting I will restrict my tips to not include cold calling or door knocking because while they may lead you to few clients, those are things that are greatly depressing and demoralizing, to say the least. Despite, cold calling and knocking doors aren’t the cup of tea for most people.

I for one abhor door knocking or cold calling and I believe that if you are forced to do something that you hate, you are only going to kill any chances of success.

Ok, well, enough talking, now let’s just jump straight to some useful tips to find more clients for your web design agency without having to make cold calls or knocking doors.

Tips to get more clients for a web design agency

Stay active on social platforms

Ask any person who has been through the hell of selling service/product to unknown people knows the pain of the process. To put it simply, over 90% of clients like to buy from companies, firms they already know and trust. And in today’s digital age, we are fortunate to have a social platform to build a social and personal brand in front of the audience.

Think of your social pages as your online shops where you can display your expertise and highlight your skills with an authoritative voice. You can easily build around an interested audience and create engagement circles to transform your web design business into a brand.

And perhaps as a web design business, social platforms are your best bet to portray your skills and expertise, because of inherently visual theme of these platforms. You can start by sharing your most stunning designing work and use interactive captions to make yourself more palpable and approachable.

Here’re a few ideas with respect to the specific social media platform that can help you find more clients:


The biggest social media platform can be a great start to send the words out in your immediate networking circle. You can start by creating a company page (make sure you are able to include all relevant and important details as well as various images) and ask friends and family to start liking the page. Soon enough you will be able to significantly increase your following and start getting engagement


Well, being the largest image-based social platform, it’s one of the best networking sites for all web design agencies. The exclusive visual platform enables you to create a detailed portfolio of your previous work showing your expertise as well as the business philosophy. You can also maximize your reach using the “hashtag” strategy on the platform.


last but not least, LinkedIn offers a great professional networking platform for web design firms to identify new clients and well as to identify top talent for their work. Again, you need to keep an updated profile including links to your website or landing pages. Also, try to get recommendations from past clients to boost your profile and attract potential clients.

To sum up, irrespective of the platform of your choice (I highly recommend to exploit all potential channels though) social platforms offer a great opportunity for web design businesses to create constant engagement. Just make sure you are able to keep your profiles updated with relevant and engaging content.

Networking Meetups

Well, apart from social platforms, networking is yet about an effective technique to engage the target audience and build a person-to-person relationship. Also, similar to social networking, you need to be persistent in your approach to come-out successful (especially landing the first client can be most difficult). However, once you have build-up a rapport and landed a few clients, you can exploit your contacts as a springboard for future growth.

Create killer content

While you may not fully realize, in essence as a web design firm you got the technical skills and insights of the trade that many would be willing to pay to learn. For instance, designing a landing page might come naturally to you, however, there may be thousands of people looking to learn this very art.

Thereby, writing high-quality rich and relevant content on your expertise is the fastest and surest way to establish your authority in the industry and exploit it to earn clients in the longer run. You can also create engaging informative content for your social profiles as a short-cut to generate leads faster.

Writing an elusive and informative e-book with rich content and stunning graphics on a topic of your choice (web design, logo design, business card design, etc.) and offering it for free to people is yet another definitive way to unlock potential leads as an industry authority.

Landing Page Design

The reason for pushing this down the list is because as a web design firm you are expected to understand the importance of landing page design to capture new clients. However, if you aren’t well connected with the trend, make sure you can design the perfect landing page of your website.

The landing page should comprise of stunning design, short and engaging content, killing CTAs, easy navigation as well as clear contact information. All of these are a crucial element when you are looking to convert visitors to potential clients.


Well, there you have it all; everything you need to know to increase your clientele without having to kill yourself with cold calls and door knocking. To summarize it all, the key to success in today’s online industry lies in your ability to present yourself uniquely and establish your authority at platforms where customers are looking for you. You need to understand that once you are able to establish