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Hiring PHP web developer for startup – Freelance Vs Outsource

April 28, 2019

You are the owner of a start-up and up until now have been doing fairly well enough to sustain the business. Now, as the next step to want to take the next step by working on a new feature to drive the company’s growth.

You are able to conceive a brilliant feature idea; now, you need dedicated PHP developers to turn your idea into reality, however, your in-house developers don’t have the capacity to take it on themselves. Waiting is not an option because that will cost you dearly because in the tech world, wait leads to doom…

So, what are your options?

Well, you need not fret because we are here to help you understand your options better by looking at the limitations and benefits of each option.

Yes, below we will be assessing the strengths and limitations of a dedicated outsourced PHP development company vs hiring a freelance PHP developer. Here, we will be assessing all; from the expertise to cost involved and from time required to quality of the final project.

Are you ready?

Let’s start our assessment for the best hire PHP developer option for your startup:




Obviously, as the startup company, the only thing that can help you make in-roads into the industry and break the monopoly of established companies is by offering better and improved services and for that, you can’t compromise on quality.

Now, the first question that you need to ask yourself is the magnitude of the work. Remember, PHP development can range from basic to complex work and to be able to make the right decision for hire PHP programmer, you should be able to assess the load of work as well as the time constraints to deal with.

Here are our two bits in this regard:

Hire Freelance PHP developer

Now, if you aren’t in a hurry to expand your services, hiring a freelance PHP developer won’t be a that bad idea. However, there are other constraints to look out for as well.

An important consideration in this respect is finding the right freelance PHP developer that has the required specialization you would need to build the feature. You got to understand that each developer comes with his own set of specialization and no developer can master all the features. Thereby, you would have to find a freelance PHP developer who has the specialization required in your field. For instance, a PHP web developer might not be as proficient in PHP app development or software development as you would like. And while it’s definitely possible for the freelance developer to venture into different specialized fields the quality you need might be compromised.

Time constraint is the other problem that you’ll need to consider in this respect. While a specialized freelance PHP developer might be able to give you the desired quality, you might have to wait longer to get the project delivered since it will be just one person working on every aspect of the project.

Hire Outsource PHP Development Company

Now moving on to our next option that is hiring a professional PHP development company for your next feature. This can be a great idea when we consider the fact that being a dedicated development company means they would have multiple resources for each area of specialization. Moreover, being a professional company working in the industry, they would have the relevant technical resources and experience to deliver you the best services.

What’s even better in this regard is that you don’t have to worry about time constraints because since those guys will already be working on many other projects, they won’t have to relearn the technology. Once you submit the wireline and specs, they will be onto the development phase straight away.

Winner: Well, I think we have a clear winner in this respect and that’s hiring outsource PHP company!




Moving on to our next consideration, you definitely don’t want to compromise for your next feature – Quality. Again, as a startup company that’s still looking to hold on to its ground firmly and expand into new domains, you need to offer the best quality and experience to users to be able to make in-roads into the market.

So, how do you control the quality with hiring freelance PHP developer against outsourcing PHP development company?

What’s the better option for your startup and which one gives you more assurance for quality in longer-run?

Hire a Freelance PHP developer:

Ok, to start off, the first option of hiring freelance PHP coder for your next feature isn’t that bad feature, especially when it comes to giving you control over the quality of development.

Most of the professional freelance websites like Upwork or Fiverr has certain quality control check-marks already in place that let the employer have the final say as far as the quality of the product is concerned. Thereby, your choice of hire PHP programmer will have to work it out with you to make sure you are satisfied with the quality of the final product.

This is also to say that most professional freelance developers would like to collaborate with employers as a means to build trust and long-term relationship that’s beneficial for both parties. Thereby, when it comes to the quality of your next feature, going with the freelance PHP developer isn’t a bad choice at the end.

One last consideration, however, remains to judge the expertise of the freelancer. Again, while most freelancer at the top freelancing websites clearly mentions their expertise and field of specializations, you would have to judge out the expertise by conducting interviews. This might seem time taking, however, spending time and energies here will save you from the hassle and frustration that comes with hiring a wrong freelance PHP developer.

Hire Outsource PHP Development Company



Coming to our next option, that’s hiring a professional PHP development company, it comes with its own unique advantages and limitations as well.

Beginning with the advantages, the foremost advantage of hiring a professional PHP development company comes from the fact that these dedicated outsource companies have quality developers who know how to write quality PHP codes. Again, since these guys would have years of experience working in the industry and developing hundreds of apps for clients, you can trust their capabilities and capacity to deliver you the best PHP codes for your next feature. Moreover, the presence of PHP developers with different specializations means they are able to figure out the way outs by themselves and won’t leave you hanging in the mid-air.

Now, the only limitation that comes with opting for a dedicated PHP development company is the limited control you would have over the development phase. While hiring dedication PHP programmers would benefit you in terms of quality and they would definitely take you input for the project, you won’t have as much control over the development phase as compared to when you hire a freelance PHP developer.

While for some people it’s better to not have to bother about supervising each and every aspect during the development phase, for others it’s important. So, it’s more like a personal choice as well.

Winner: Well, it’s a Draw. Both options have their own set of limitation and benefits and the final choice will depend upon your choice and needs.


Time is yet again an important consideration when it comes to hiring a PHP web developer (freelance or outsource). As we mentioned earlier, the tech industry is a rapidly evolving industry and you got to remain at your toes or be prepared to settle to dust.

Let’s assess the strengths and limitations of each of our two options with respect to the time required for the development.

Hire a Freelance PHP developer:

Generally speaking, a freelance PHP coder will require more time to get you the services or deliver the project, while there may be some exceptions, however, the working model for freelancers demand more time cushion.

That’s because a freelance coder will be on his own completely, working without any team and handling all aspects of the feature by himself, that includes keeping up the communication with you. So, probably the only time you should prefer hiring a freelance PHP developer is when you have enough time cushion to accommodate the limitations of the person.

Hire Outsource PHP Development Company

When it comes to the dedicated outsource development company, the development time for the project can be significantly reduced because of obvious reasons including, multiple resources, market experience, streamline the process and advance technology.

The only thing you would have to consider is to agree upon the project deadline before the initiation of the project and take periodic follow-up for the status of the project

Winner: Again, outsourcing your PHP development needs to stand out as a clear winner in this regard.


OK, so the last consideration is also one of the most important especially considering that we are talking about startups, which are usually always short on budget. For the most part, this will be a prime consideration for all small businesses and startups when looking to assess the hire of a PHP web developer.

So, let’s look at what we got in the back:

Hire a Freelance PHP developer:

It’s the most budget-friendly option, hands down. Basically, the whole working model for the freelance community revolves around providing quality services in small budgets.

Most of the freelance developers you would find over freelancing websites will have a flat Per hour rate, or else you can also negotiate a lump sum rate for the whole project and more often than not it will be within your budgetary limits.

Hire Outsource PHP Development Company

Now, while outsourcing PHP development needs for your project to a dedicated company might be a little costly then freelancing option, there are exceptions as well.

With the increase in competition, many companies are ready to offer discounts and promotions which you can avail to your benefit. Moreover, keeping in view the other aspects like time and quality of the project the cost can be justified to a great extent.

Winner: Well, it’s kind of a draw. While freelance will be a cheaper option most of the time, the outsourcing company undoubtedly offer value for your money as well.




Well, there you have it. We have listed down the strengths and limitations of both the options and we also have a clear winner that is “Outsourcing company”. However, the final choice remains with you and your understanding of the project, remember your choice to “hire PHP web developer” will have the final say in the success or failure of your next startup feature; so, choose wisely!

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