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Fire-Up Your Products & Services with Immersive & Interactive Explainer Videos

Digital Gravity is a leading video production agency in Dubai to work with businesses, brands, private & public organisations, charities, real estate and more. We understand the importance of videos and have a highly creative team to develop communicable explainer videos for a diverse set of industries.

Explainer Videos We Produce

  • Animated Explainers

    Our animated explainers range from simple alphanumeric to high-end, complicated and fully animated explainer video. We combine live action footage with crisp graphics and catchy text for a compelling and realistic explainer video that delivers.

  • Product Explainers

    From a bicycle tyre pump to a tricky piece of software, our product explainer videos dig deeper to provide even the smallest details, functions and features that might go unnoticed. Product explainer videos we produce act as a complete ‘how to’ guide for customers and provide insight for new purchasers.

  • Whiteboard Explainers

    Whiteboard explainers are simply 2D animations that can be made using online tools whereas live action sequence for more complicated requirement. Even in the highly advanced digital industry of the present age, whiteboard explainer videos are highly preferred marketing communication medium.

  • App Explainers

    Our app explainer videos allow customers to explore hidden features of the app for real-time use, produced carefully using a combination of interactive graphics and live action sequence.

  • Service Explainers

    Whether it’s simple as booking an appointment to a more detailed organisation management process, our service explainer video production have just the solution to get things going in a highly smooth and seamless manner.

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Helping our partners move forward through

At Digital Gravity, our Dubai web design and development standards are defined by continuous optimisation and improvement. We provide bespoke, trendy digital solutions that reflects perfectly to your corporate image.

Why create explainer videos?

To get the message delivered in a highly engaging manner and to help audience understand and communicate optimistically with your business, explainer videos are the best.
A statistical survey revealed that 96% audience prefer explainer videos and for businesses, it’s a great way to attract a wider user base on your website or digital medium that can be a YouTube channel. Above 60% viewers convert to actual buyers after watching the video.
Explainer videos are shortest form of multimedia content that delivers precise information which makes them cheapest of all other types of video production.
A highly creative and snappy explainer video is approximately of 90 seconds but overall duration can extend to even 5 minutes and even more.