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Android Development

Outsourcing Android App Developer.

This is the time for modern technology, and right now, there has been a wider use for mobile apps, which has made the job for Android Mobile app developer really necessary because, without a Mobile app developer, there is no way people will be able to perform their daily life tasks in such an easy way that they are doing right now. Even though being an Android Mobile app developer sounds like a really cool job, it is actually all about the skills required to make this job an easy one.

Strategies of an Android Mobile App Developer

Digital Gravity is one of the leading Resource Outsourcing firms in Dubai, and the reason we have achieved this status is because of our skilled and experienced team members. We always believe in quality and keeping things straight to the timeline because these are the two basic demands of our clients. Besides these two things, the most important part would be strategies that our mobile app developers have adopted to ensure that our clients really get the best quality end-product. So, the following are a few of those strategies due to which our team of developers have gained the trust of hundreds of different clients globally:

1. Fulfill the Need of Clients

When it comes to fulfilling the requirements or demands of a client, the first and foremost need for that would be researching. The more research a developer does, the more he will understand what exactly his client demands from him, and that is the first and foremost strategy that our developers are following from the start. The better research a developer does, the better end-product will be formed to satisfy our clients' requirements.

2. Designed Apps should be able to Run well.

This is the obvious part of any app development process that once the application has been developed, it should run really well without showing any error. So, here our developers have managed another strategy as well, that different tests are run during the development process. With each stage of development, it is found out that if the app is running smoothly or if there is some error in its code.

3. Development of Different Versions

This is another common skill that our team of Skilled Android Web Developers has been following from the beginning. Two different versions of the app are developed in every case. The first one is the free one, and then comes the second for which users have to pay to use it. In the standard version, usually few features are allowed, or sometimes all features are allowed for a limited time till the paid version comes in the market. Now, most useful features are transferred to this version, keeping the free one really simple.

Technical Expertise of our Team of Android App Developers

All of the above strategies will only be applied when Android developers must have some or most of the developer's technical expertise. Without them, a developer will never successfully create an effective and attractive Android mobile application. So, this is something that our team of app developers excels into. Our developers' team has been really skillful and experienced, and due to that, they have been able to pull out so many jobs successfully without facing any trouble. So, the following are a few of the top technical expertise that our developers already consists of:

1. Understanding of Programming Language

When it comes to app development, then for sure, Java is the one that comes to mind specifically.

2. Expert in XML

Similarly, for UI in the Android app development process, XML is the one that is always used with ease.

3. Usage of Android Studio

Android Studio has made this job much easier with an understanding of the codes and spot error removal.

4. Knowledge about Android SDK

When it comes to adding images or getting codes that have been already developed, then Android SDK comes in real handy.

Similarly, there are few other technical expertise, which has made our team of app developers much stronger.

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What are the duties of an Android App Developer?

Android App development is in direct competition with iOS App development, and the duty of the android developer is to ensure that high quality and safe applications are to be created that could easily overtake the features provided by other platforms.
To develop a successful yet interactive android application, few skills are required like, Java Programming Language, XML, Complete knowledge of database, Android Studio, sufficient knowledge and experience about SQL, Android SDK, GUI, and other programming languages that would help create mobile apps.
Since the Java Programming language development, it has always been used for developing Android mobile applications. Till now, this programming language has helped so many high-end applications to be developed.
Yes, similar to any other development process, this one also has its own complexities and hurdles. Every Android developer has to face many challenges during the process, and these challenges might be related to any part of the process. Sometimes it could be complex design formation, or it could be the formation of unique features, and even there are times when a developer faces challenges in overall code generation.