Email Marketing.

E-mail Marketing is one of the main tools of digital marketing, which seeks to generate business–to-business through modeled emails in order to seek greater impact with the target audience. Email marketing should be developed taking into account the whole process of marketing management, as well as making it as common as possible. Email marketing is a smart way for a company to advertise its products and services. It can be done in two main areas; informative or promotional. In this way, you can recover inactive customers, stimulate active customers and find new customers.

Sending E-mails is a way to keep your current customers loyal and even more, to win new customers, bringing them into your establishment with practicality and modernity. Our Email Marketing service includes developing creative emails and sending it to your database through a dedicated platform. Our submission report will let you know who received the message, who viewed it, who clicked on the email and other relevant information. Our team has all the expertise to successfully deliver the right message at the right time.

We offer a personalized email marketing service for the needs of your company, which integrates with every digital marketing plan and delivers extensive results. The multidisciplinary team of Digital Gravity, made up of experienced advertisers, designers, programmers and journalists, splits a full email marketing campaign, starting with the goal of action, creating layout, html programming and writing texts using trendy practices to increase the effectiveness of each message and also to avoid anti-spam filters.

We follow the task cycle to complete an email marketing campaign for your company:

  • Planning: Planning content with the client and developing a brief for the art and content of email marketing.
  • Templates: Customizing gear for businesses according to the content of the email.
  • Trigger: Performing the triggering of emails according to the time and date stipulated.
  • Reports: Developing reports after the expiration of the validity of email marketing with relevant details like: how many emails were received open, opening rate, conversions etc.

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