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Business Logo – What its purpose and why does it matter

February 25, 2019

Look around and you’ll find yourself surrounded by logos…

On average, we pass through more than 100 logos each day… there are spread across our surrounding and have been embedded so deeply in our subconscious that we don’t really feel weird about them. But this doesn’t stop them to influence our decisions. In fact, our decisions are heavily influenced by the way logos communicate with us and that’s one reason why businesses don’t bother to spend millions to get one piece of graphic (a business logo).

But wait…

What’s exactly the purpose of a business logo and why exactly they matter so much?

Ok, so these are some things that differentiate between an average graphic designer from an expert logo designer as well as an average business from a brand.

Let dig a little deeper into the science and influence of logo design for businesses.

The Purpose of a business logo

Let’s start with a basic understanding of the purpose a business logo serve…

To its most basic, the purpose of a business logo is to give the business an identity… a face. And mark my words, identity is all that matter for businesses. Period.

Trends get over, tools and techniques don’t stay same either, even everything that we perceive about logo might get changed altogether in future; one thing that will remain persistent throughout the business lifecycle is the identity – a face that people will remember and relate to forever.

Which takes us to the fact that a business logo isn’t any other graphic design project that you can simply outsource to get designed, rather it’s an incredibly detailed effort where you would have to sit with a professional logo designer and let him understand the complete business ecosystem to come up with a logo that establishes its authority in market. Each and every aspect of the logo including colors, symbols, patterns, and others need to be carefully selected to make it stand tall and handsome from rest in the competition.

Logo design – An Strategic Tool with a connection to art!

Many people take logo as simply a form of art. While that might hold true to some extent, it’s not entirely correct. For starter, a business logo is much more than art. A logo designer doesn’t just create an aesthetically pleasing logo to impress audience (that’s something all graphic designers can accomplish). Rather, it also includes to understand the entire business model and create a logo that apart from pleasing audience’s visuals also serve as a strategic business tool; essentially serving as an identity for the business.

Deep Meaning – Not a compulsion

While all business logo designers strive to create a logo that comes with a deep meaning behind the graphics that’s not a compulsion. Again, it certainly helps a lot if one is able to integrate some hidden meaning to the graphics, but the primary focus should remain – identification. That’s because even an empty logo will manage to associate some meaning and associate with itself in due time; only if it’s able to create an identity for itself in the market.

Remember, a new business logo seldom comes with inherent meaning, even if there is some inherent meaning to it, most people won’t be able to identify it until they are told so. However, with time and proper marketing, it will gain its association and meaning through on-going marketing and frequent interaction with customers.

Don’t believe me… check out these two logos; an apple with a bite taken off and the other a right tick. Now for the time being imagining the brands they represent and then try to come up with their meaning purely on the basis of their aesthetics. Any guesses?



I guess by now you got a fair picture of what exactly does a business logo is and what’s its importance.

Now, let’s move on and see why exactly business logos matter to the world…

Foremost, they are the face, the identification of the business, we have mentioned it earlier.

But how?

Well, just imagine that you need a carbonated drink as a refresher on a long hot summer day. What exactly comes to your mind? Most probably, either a red logo or a blue logo, right? Or how about looking for a quick hunger fix. Yes, that’s yellow “M” will pop up immediately.

Now, before you imagine the black liquid of Coke or Pepsi, you identify it as a Red Logo Coke or Blue Logo Pepsi. That’s the power of their logo which has become the brand’s identity.

Why Business Logo matters?

Here are all the two most pressing reasons for which a logo matter the world for businesses:

–    Brand Recognition

In an industry where hundreds of businesses are ready to compete to the last drop for dominance, you need an element that makes your brand different and stands out from the rest and the business logo might just be that element.

A great business logo won’t just give the business a standout identity but will make it easy to remember for the audience – something with huge pay-offs.


Well, there’s no rocket science behind it. It is a general human mental tendency that process and memorizes shapes and colors much easier than words. Thereby, offering businesses a potential window of opportunity to leverage on the human mind and get memorable…

–    It impacts humans’ decision-making powers

From the day we are brought up in this world, our brain starts making a visual library in our minds; yes that’s why a kid start recognizing the faces much earlier than speaking or listening or writing.

Again, leveraging human mental instincts to influence decision making capabilities. For instance, a lavishly designed logo with a feel of intricacy will make people think of it as an expensive, corporate or a radical business and that will restrict many people to approach it (literally influencing the people’s decision making). That’s why many of the biggest businesses keep logos to a minimum in terms of intricacy and expansiveness so that no one is repealed but everyone is engaged with the brand.


So, coming back to where we start from, a business logo matters because it’s literally the identity, the face of the business and no one would want to carry an ugly face, is it?

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