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10 interview mistakes to avoid


Dos & Don’ts to Ace an Interview – Infographics

January 15, 2020


Interview is one of the first step to hire a potential applicant, leaving behind a first impression of the candidate and whether he/she would be worthy to bring onboard. For the applicant, your reputation as a corporate employer matters most on which he/she would base their final decision on whether or not to join.

Having known its importance, it’s unfortunate that both parties i.e. applicant(s) and companies lack the knowledge on doing it the right way, often leading to wrong hiring. For the applicant, from wardrobe to greeting manner and the right way to take the interview; and for the employer, from asking the right questions to the final decision; it’s significant to know all about the interview process.
Here’s a super cool infographic by Digital Gravity having all the details and steps of the interview & mistakes that are necessary to avoid.

Interview mistakes yuo should avoid - Infographic

Common Non-Verbal Mistakes Made At a Job Interview

(From a Survey from 2000 Bosses)

Statistics show that when meeting new people the impact is:

In a survey of 2000 bosess. 33% claimed that they know within the first 90 secs of an interview whether they will hire someone.

21% playing with hair or touching face.

67% Failure to make eye contact.

47% Haveing little or Lack of Knowledge of the company is the most common mistake job seekers make during interviews.

38% has Lack of Smile, bad posture, and fidgeting too much.

55% The way we dress, act and walk through the door.

26% Handshake that is too weak

38% The quality of voice grammer and overall confidence

9% using too many hand gestures.

70% employers claiming they don’t want applicants to be fashionable or trendy

21% crossing arms over their chest.

65% Of bosses said clothes could be the deciding factor between two similar candidates

Top Ten most Common Mistakes made at Job Interview

  1. Failing to Ask For the Job
  2. Failing to Set Yourself Apart From Other Candidates
  3. “Winging” the Interview
  4. Trying to Be All Things to All People
  5. Concentrating Too Much on What You Want
  6. Inadequate Research About a Potential Employer
  7. Not Showing Enough Interest or Enthusiasm
  8. Lacking Humor, Warmth, or Personality
  9. Conveying That You’re Not Over It
  10. Over-Explaining Why You Lost Your Last Job