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How to Create a Featured Content Slider


How to Create a Featured Content Slider With Slick Slider

January 9, 2019

Web designers and website owners have always debated whether to use sliders or not because a wrong slider can give a very bad user experience and can end up backfiring.

A compelling web design of your website goes a long way and content sliders provide a very engaging visual impact. They showcase some main yet unique content about your services and products. If you want to create an impressive yet creative content slider for a stunning web design, below are some guidelines because it does not look like that content sliders are going to fade away in web design any time soon.

But first I will share few tips about what to add in your content slider!

Divide complex info

First of all, sliders should take some very important information in large chunks and then divide it in to manageable pieces. When you have very complex and detailed information at hand and you think that it has low readability then it is better to use content sliders to put that info into sequential order. For example, if you have a hotel website in Dubai and you have information about offers, discounts, hotel rooms, other activities in Dubai, content sliders can help divide the information to display it in an interesting manner that attract visitors to your website who want to come visit the Dubai city.

Using visuals is a great idea but you can also use visuals of the Dubai city with the content in your sliders to make them more empowering.

Showcase your new content on sliders

It is always a good idea to showcase your blog posts’ snippets on content sliders as they help gauge attention of your audience and let them know that where they can find your newest blogs. Putting a simple blog out there has become so boring because simply putting your content in a blog post cannot interact much with your audience.


If your website is greatly rooted in visuals, sliders are the best options to show your portfolio to your audience. It has been known as one of the most tried and tested ways so far when it comes to web designs. It gives your visitors an opportunity to scroll through body of your content. It helps you to show your command in what your organization do. It also gives them validation that you know what you are doing.


Now let’s focus on the most important issue that how you can create your own content sliders with Slick Slider.


HTML combines Slick Slider and Bootstrap classes in order to initialize slides when a page starts loading.

In the following images, you can see how to write a code for content sliders in HTML.


After writing code in HTML, a web developer or web agency needs to have some considerable amount of knowledge about CSS because CSS is required for showing all ‘Previous, Next’ arrows.


After that, comes the role of Javascript where you need to initialize slick slider when document is ready.

Following is the end result of the code and this slider looks pretty amazing and will show your visitors some uniqueness of content.

And when you are done, you end up having high valued content sliders that help you to direct your traffic to high profile pages of your website and the web design of your website looks more engaging than ever.


Creating content sliders need some good skills of a web developer or a web agency to provide attractive lay out which captivates your audience and provides them with the right amount on information.