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Digital Dentistry Conference & Exhibition UAE


Digital Dentistry Conference & Exhibition UAE

March 2, 2019

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The 2019 CAD/CAM & “Digital Dentistry Conference & Exhibition is the 14th consecutive conference” and evidence of the evolution that’s shaping the dentistry.

Similar to all other fields, the digitalization is challenging the legacy practices in dentistry and changing the settled norms at an incredible speed. The rise of technologies like digital dental impressions, digital oral scans, digital dental prosthodontics, digital orthodontics, digital imaging system, and digital treatment planning in CAD/CAM systems are some of the more obvious impacts that have already make a strong case in the industry.

This year the 14th CAD/CAM & Digital Dentistry Conference & Exhibition will be spanned over two days 12th and 13th April 2019 and will deliver comprehensive educational brief that will be featuring the Dental technicians international meeting, digital dental conference, CAD/CAM Digital Dentistry exhibition, and multiple training courses in the field. Apart from the educational brief, the exhibition and conference will also cover poster presentations and on-spot training for attendees.

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The conference & Exhibition brings an excellent opportunity for young and experienced professionals to learn & share their experiences with digital treatment in the dentistry industry and get prepared to take challenges head-on.

The conference is organized by CAPP, which is yet another great initiative to help dentistry professionals adapt to the latest technological trends in the digital dentistry. It’s an exclusive dentistry event that has been designed by leading dentists who are considered experts in the business and give insightful details to the dentists’ fraternity.

With digital dentistry as the theme of the conference, it’s going to be an exceptional gathering of professionals and leading experts who will be sharing the same platform to highlight the importance of integrating digital technologies with the scientific research and practices involved in the dentistry profession.

The conference is open to all dental professionals who can join in ranks among other members of the fraternity and share their research work through a poster presentation and take part in the panel discussion.