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Tips For Building Successful Landing Pages To Increase Conversions And Sales


Tips For Successful Landing Pages To Increase Conversions

December 31, 2018

Whenever a customer visits your website, the very first page they land on is landing page which makes it highly important to have a page that does not only impresses your customer in first look but also forces them to make a purchase right away whether it is a product or a service you are offering.

It is also a great way to improve your search engine optimization, drive traffic and build your brand. Almost 68% of B2B businesses use landing pages for generating leads for future conversions by prompting consumers to take actions.

Do not miss on huge sales and conversion rate and follow the tips below to create a successful landing page to boost traffic.

  1. Discreet content:

Content is the main factor that adds value to any landing page so your content should be very discreet, precise and to the point. It must highlight your UVP i.e. Unique Value Proposition. Remember, according to studies, you only have 8 to 10 seconds to convince your customer and consider your offers. Too much and too little both badly impact a landing page as with too much information you can overwhelm your customers and too little is never enough so it is important to have a balance. Use plain language and convey your message.

Look at this landing page of Careem, a Dubai based company, a very simple yet powerful landing page that instantly attracts customers.


  1. Country specific landing pages:

Always remember that your landing page should depend on the origin of the request. For example, if the request has been initiated from Dubai, the landing page shown to your customer must be Dubai/UAE specific.

Look at the picture below! Amazon is an international merchant site and when you access it from Dubai, you reach the landing page of Amazon where it gives you the option for delivering products to your country that is the United Arab Emirates or Dubai.

  1. Simple layout:

Always try to keep web design of your landing page very simple yet highly attractive. If you can use the services of a web agency for creating a beautiful web design, or if you can do it yourself, they both work. White background with clean and simple look goes a long way as it keeps the customer intact with your product rather than getting them sidetracked with redundant images.

Invest in good web design of your landing page and don’t worry it won’t increase the loading time of your page at user’s end.

  1. Alluring images:

Visual images enhance the attraction of a product for a customer as people believe images as much as they believe text on your landing page. In the below image, a picture in background with a man wearing a beautiful watch speaks much better than a text depiction as it immediately creates an impression of elegance and sophistication.

  1. A/B testing:

The simple web design of a landing page that you created cannot convert into sales if you have not tested it. To collect valuable analytics, you must perform A/B testing to see how users interact with a landing page. This analytical testing enables you to know about the origin of your users, the devices they were using or how often they click a button, send a form or watch a video.


Whether you are an individual entrepreneur or an industry, you do realize now how important it is to have a landing page. These pages give a unique opportunity to businesses for building customer-oriented marketing campaigns. Key to success is how professionally they are designed.

Dubai based web agency, in particular, is excelling in web design and helps create interactive and eye-catching landing pages that persuade clients to make a purchase as soon as they land on a page.