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Universal Group approached us for the design and development of their eCommerce+ portfolio website. The site would contain a list of their products, the brands they are working with, and their detailed portfolio.

Their objective was to have a responsive, easy-to-navigate website with several pages and a comprehensive menu bar. Each of the pages would contain details of their products, a blog section, their shop details, etc.

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Besides listing their products, incorporating their portfolio, the company wanted to incorporate advanced functionalities in their site, like ‘add to cart’ option, customer reviews on every product, etc.

Our team had to keep user’s comfort, easy navigation to different pages, and loading speed of the pages in mind while designing the interface. The biggest challenge was getting the project done in the given timeframe.

Our Solution

Being one of the leading web design and development agencies in Dubai, we have a plethora of resources available to execute complex project ideas. Our experts designed a state-of-the-art UI and aesthetic visuals from scratch.

The site has several different pages including live shopping functionality and secure payment gateways. The portfolio section presents the company's mission, vision, and completed projects in a professional way. Best of all, the site is SEO friendly and optimized for fast loading speed.

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