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Top Mobile Design Trends in 2019

May 30, 2019

Technology has been evolving as a blistering pace and nowhere the speed of evolution in technology is
more evident that in the field of mobile app development.
The Internet has been shaping the world’s future for some time, starting from the early 90s where we get to see
first world wide web sites to our current standing where we are already looking past websites. Today,
mobile apps have taken over the online industry like a storm; screeching past every other platform. With
an ever increasing number of mobile users, there’s a race amongst businesses to attract these
“Dynamic” mobile users who likes to stay connected “On the Go” with interactive mobile apps.
Here’re some UX/UI mobile app trends to watch out for in 2019:
– Image revolution
We are already well into the image revolution as scalable vector graphics (SVGs) are increasingly taking
over traditional image formats (.PNGs, .JPGs) as a more interactive and intuitive way to connect with
– Motion design
GIFs have been gaining traction for some time now and this is going to become a mainstream
component for interactive mobile apps UI/UX designs in 2019.
– Micro-interactions
While, these might not be visible to users, micro-interactions plays a big role in enhancing the user-
experience with mobile apps and this is one trend that will definitely gain a lot more traction in 2019.
– Diffuse Backgrounds
Designers and developers have always looked for ways to make strong and actionable “Call to Actions”.
The increasing use of diffuse background is finally setting the tone for mobile app UI/UX designers to
improvise with strong CTAs
– Simple navigation
Minimalism has been the trend for all online platform including websites, mobile-websites and now
mobile apps. Designers are increasingly looking to create a minimalist design with simple and easy to
navigate pages to gain users’ attraction.
– Interactive design
The ultimate aim for all mobile apps UI/UX designs is to impress and inspire users with their interactive
and exquisite designs and a race to get the best interactive design will continue in the industry.

UX/UI Mobile App Design Trends

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