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How you can get a professional business logo for free

March 6, 2019

So, you have come up with some revolutionary product idea and are confident that it will sell like the piece of cake…

But, you aren’t sure how to get things rolling?

You know you need a strong brand persona that can relate to the audience but doesn’t have the right tools to get started.

You are desperate to get your business a logo but don’t have a clue of how to create a logo design. You thought to hire a professional logo designer, but you don’t have a big budget and don’t want to spend it all on a logo.

Now, you are thinking, how can I design a logo for free?

Well, if you aren’t sure how to get started with a free professional logo design, then don’t worry because we got you covered here.

Just continue to read-on as we have compiled a comprehensive list of best free online logo design makers that can help you come up with your dream business logo.

Yes, how cool is that to have an instant free logo in no time?

But before we jump on to our free logo design maker list, let’s just take some time and see why you actually need a professional business logo?

Why you need a Creative Business Logo?

To put it simply, your business logo is the face of your brand, through which you’ll be communicating with the target audience for the rest of the business lifecycle. The logo represents the visual display of everything that your company has to offer or stands for. It’s one marketing component that will be used extensively across all your brand marketing material including online and offline marketing materials. And while Shopify is certainly the best place to get a free text-based logo or your brand, you need something more than the text to give your business a boost to stand out amongst the competition.

What represents a great business logo?

Well, if you look at some of the most successful businesses and analyze what’re few things about these businesses’ logos that make them stand out amongst the rest then, you’ll be surprised to see an incredible pattern of similarity, for instance:

  • Over 90% logos from the most successful businesses are monotone or at most bi-tone (dual colors)
  • Over 40% of the most successful businesses have Stylized type as their preference for logos
  • An overwhelming majority of successful business logos (over 90%) are made to be recognized ever at smaller sizes

Interesting huh?

The rules that define a successful logo design:

Now, just before we explore the best free online logo design tools, let’s see some important rules that define a creative and successful business logo.

  • Logo should be minimalist

To put it straight, the simpler the logo the easier it gets recognition and easier it is to remember for the audience. Think about some of the most successful businesses worldwide and then get ready to be amazed by the simplistic design of their logos (Microsoft, Apple, Nike, Adidas, anyone?)

  • Logo Should be easy to remember

Keeping in line with our minimalist approach, memorability should be one of the most important aspects of any successful logo. Again, the key here is to keep the logo design as simple and unique as possible to ensure the audience are able to remember it for a long time.

  • Logo needs to be enduring

While brands do resort to new logo design, however, for most parts logos are “Future proof” and should be able to endure the brand’s image for decades to come

  • Logos need to be versatile

As mentioned earlier, logos are one marketing material that would be extensively used across all marketing and procedural platforms (electronically and print). Thereby, the design of the logo should be made to ensure its use across different mediums.

Free online logo design tools for businesses:

Ok, enough of education now let’s just jump to some of the best free resources that let’s you create professional business logos.

  1. Logojoy

The best part about Logojoy is that is takes you through a process where you are asked questions about logo preferences and business models, just like any real world designer will ask you. Once you have given your input, the logo generator will create different logos that reflects best reflects your business model.

The bonus: you can ask even more logos and continue to make changes to the desired logo until you get your dream logo.

  1. Logo Maker by Ucraft

This is a free designing tool that’s ideal for people who like to explore the world of designing. The tool lets you play around with different shapes, fonts and icons to create free logo and once you are done with the designing, you can simply export your design in PNG format for free. Exporting in SVG format will just put you back $ 12.

  1. GraphicSprings Logo Creator

GraphicSprings is definitely one of the most powerful and feature-filled online logo designer that packs incredible amount of customization features. Personally, GraphicSprings actually helps you create as good logos as any professional designer.

While it offer free logo designing, a $19.99 fee is charges to save the design files.

  1. Logoshi

Just like Logojoy, Logoshi help you get a professional logo based on your inputs. To add to its features, you can also create/sketch your own logos if you aren’t satisfied with the automated generated logos.

  1. Logaster

Well, Logaster certainly isn’t as robust or updated as some of the other free logo maker tools listed above, nonetheless, this veteran logo generator has tons of great logos that may come handy for your business.


So, there you have it the complete list of best free online logo creator that lets you stay away from paying hefty fee to designers or designing agencies. So, start getting inspired and create your own unique creative logo that transform your business into a brand.