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One of the key aspects of running a successful business reputation management is to concentrate on the quality of the SMO services that you provide. Once you have established your own business and have ensured that its growth is taking place by leaps and bounds, you will find the need to outsource in order to keep up the quality of services along with timely delivery.

Outsourcing work through companies and agencies is a very common concept in Dubai, UAE. And if you too are looking to find IT outsourcing companies in Dubai, but don’t know where to start, do not worry. Here are a few tips that will ensure you hire one of the best outsourcing companies in Dubai.

What Is IT Outsourcing

What Is IT Outsourcing

Before you go ahead and hire a company for IT outsourcing, it is important that you yourself are well familiar with the concept of IT outsourcing. It is important that you understand what exactly is in order to better judge which company would be a better hire for the task. Here is a brief overview.

In the simplest of words, IT outsourcing can be defined as the process in which a service provider, which is not a part of your business reputation management, is hired in order to complete and provide the IT functions that are required by your own business. The category of tasks handed to these service providers vary, greatly and includes a number of key tasks such as managing the IT infrastructure of the company, directing strategy, and even operating the desk services of your business.

If the number of tasks to be outsourced is large, or you do not trust a single company to perform all these tasks efficiently, you may hire more than one service provider, each delivering a different service for you that you think they provide the best.

Types Of IT Outsourcing:

Types Of IT Outsourcing

IT outsourcing may sound simple, but it is slightly more complex than that. You may think all service providers are the same, and all IT outsourcing is the same, but you’d be wrong in thinking so. IT outsourcing can be divided into five types, which are as follows.

Offshore Outsourcing:

Offshore Outsourcing

Sometimes, the service providers that you hire are not in the same locality as you. They may not even be in the same countries as you. Outsourcing where the work is handed to international service providers is known as offshore outsourcing. Countries like India, China, and the Philippines are most commonly involved in this type of outsourcing. The greatest advantage of this type is that it not only offers political stability but allows lower costs along with tax saving.

Nearshore Outsourcing:

Nearshore Outsourcing

This type of outsourcing can be considered similar to the first type. Nearshore outsourcing also involves hiring service providers that are not int the same country, but they aren’t as far as the offshore outsourcing type. In fact, in this type, the company is usually located in a country that shares borders with your own company. Since the distance is not as much, the travel, as well as the branding communication company between the companies, becomes considerably easier.

Onshore/Domestic Outsourcing:

As the name implies, this type of outsourcing is when the company that you hire functions in the same country as you. Since they are in the same country, they can provide their services to you remotely, from their own location, or on-site, where your business reputation management is.

Cloud Computing:

If the service provider(check magento website development) that you hire provides you with all the IT services that you need over the internet, then it constitutes a different type of IT outsourcing that is known as cloud computing. A number of services such as infrastructure, platform, and software can be provided over the internet through this type of IT outsourcing.

Managed Service:

Managed services is a type of IT outsourcing that involves only a certain set of services that are associated with management functions. The type of services provided by these service providers includes IP telephony, messaging, VPNs, firewalls, and other monitoring and reporting services.

How Does IT Outsourcing Work In Software Development Industry?

IT Outsourcing Work In Software Development Industry

If you are new to the world of outsourcing, you may still be wondering if IT outsourcing even works, especially in the software development industry. The answer to your question is yes, it absolutely works. And if you’re wondering how and why it would work for your business reputation management, here is everything that you need to know.

In order to understand how this outsourcing of tasks really works, you need to think of the involved companies in a very simplified manner. Consider a man that makes toys for kids. Making toys is a very strenuous task, and it takes up all of his time, energy, and efforts. Since he is so busy making toys, he can’t deal with all the other aspects of selling the toys. In order to complete all the other tasks, he hires a group of people to finish up the leftover tasks for him. But instead of paying each person, he pays the entire group a specified amount for a specified time, according to work required.

No, the man making toys is actually a whole software development industry. A number of tasks are being accomplished here. But the time and human resources are all occupied in accomplishing these tasks, and the industry need helps with its IT functions, which in the above-mentioned scenario where the leftover tasks for the toy-maker. The group of people that he hired were the IT outsourcing companies. These companies consist of greatly skilled individuals who have been dealing with IT functions for a very long time. They are hired whenever a project needs IT management, and they provide their services at a specific rate, regardless of the number of people that are involved.

The functioning of IT outsourcing in the software development industry may seem complex and confusing, but it really isn’t.

Why Are There So Many It Outsourcing Companies In UAE?

IF you have been in search of the best IT outsourcing companies for your business reputation management in UAE, one of your first observations would have been that there are plenty of IT and BPO outsourcing companies in Dubai, as well as all over UAE. But the question is, why? It is obvious that the high number of these IT outsourcing companies indicates a demand for them nationwide, but why is that so?  Here is an overlook on the topic.

The trend of IT outsourcing companies has only recently risen in UAE. But as time is passing by, these companies have been reaping bigger successes. There are a number of factors that have led to a steady rise.

Governmental Backbone:

One of the greatest reasons that IT outsourcing services companies have been on a constant rise in UAE is because of their strong governmental backbone. The political and legal environment plays a very significant role in any business reputation management. If these do not play in your favor, your business may not be able to progress at all. Luckily, the government of the UAE provides a great amount of support for such outsourcing companies. This support provides them with a backbone that they can rely on for better growth and functioning of their industry.

The requirements set by the government of UAE are such the there is a very small number of formalities that need to be completed in order for these companies to obtain concession and tax waivers. Such policies and support are what make UAE an outsourcing hub where the largest IT outsourcing companies can be found.

Sufficient Labor:

Setting up an IT outsourcing company requires the availability of employees. UAE presents with simple and easier visa policies, as compared to other countries of the world. This is why a huge number of foreign nationals move to UAE in hopes of finding an earning there. Such companies provide these people with the job they need. The availability of this large amount of employees is what makes such a great number of IT outsourcing companies in UAE possible, even when a single company itself requires a great number of workers.

Since the labor is available easily and excessively, hiring them becomes a lot cheaper for the companies as well. Hiring employees for an IT outsourcing company may not be as cheap in other countries.

Plenty Of International Investment:

The government of the UAE is extremely supportive of its working class. This support creates an environment that is conducive to economic growth. And in turn, great economic growth brings about a huge amount of international businesses to find a place in the UAE. When international businesses that function on large scales establish in the area, they need large scale IT services that they outsource to these companies. Since there is a greater demand for these outsourcing companies by the constantly rising international businesses, the number of IT outsourcing companies in the UAE keeps increasing.

Benefits Of Outsourcing The IT Functions?

Now that we understand that large amounts of companies tend to outsource their IT functions, it is easier to understand that they do so because they gain a considerable amount of advantage from it. But what are these advantages? What are the benefits that a company can gain by outsourcing its IT functions? If this is what you are wondering as well, then your questions are about to be answered.

Cost And Time Savings:

The number one reason that IT outsourcing absolutely thrives is that it provides a great opportunity for a business to save great costs. It not only cut back the costs that you would need to invest in yourself but also significantly decrease the workload. The hired help that you make use of in IT outsourcing will probably cost you about 70% of what it would cost you to hire employees in-house. You wouldn’t need to invest in any sort of equipment either, helping you save great money.

But money isn’t the only thing that you save. By using IT outsourcing services, you save yourself a great amount of time as well. These service providers are dedicated to specific tasks and work on a clock that allows them to provide you with the timely delivery of services. Such fast and efficient services wouldn’t be possible with the help of in-house employees. So when outsourcing, you are consequently increasing your competitiveness significantly.


If you hire employees to accomplish tasks that these service providers do, you may not get the same level of experience. In-house employees are usually not as experienced as these companies that have been functional for a great number of years, providing a very specific set of services that allows them to greatly polish and excel in their skill. The level of expertise offered by these service providers may never be matched by your in-house employees.

Flexibility And Feasibility:

The best part about IT outsourcing is that it provides you with great flexibility and feasibility for your own company. You don’t need to take into consideration the number of employees that will be needed to accomplish the task, nor do you need to bother with the time consuming and painstaking process of recruiting and hiring employees and then training them, or scaling them for the project to project changes in the labor size required. You just pick a service provider, and they get the job done for you. Such flexibility and feasibility are not available with hiring in-house employees.

Disadvantages Of Outsourcing IT Or Software Development Functions:

We have covered a number of advantages that website development company can gain from outsourcing their IT or software development functions. Taking a look at these, it may seem like it is the ideal and sensible thing to do. But let’s not forget that anything that comes with advantages has its own sets of disadvantages too. And outsourcing is no exception to that. There are a few risks and cons that are associated with outsourcing IT or software development functions. Some of them are listed below.

Time zones:

While working with outsourcing companies, a lot of times, the companies being dealt with are offshore. This creates a significant difference in the time zones between the two companies. This difference in time zones can prove to be very problematic. Meanwhile, it’s broad daylight for one; it’s still past midnight for the other. Communicating in such conditions can be very difficult. If one company needs to contact the other, there may be chances they are not available since its past working hours(check branding communication company ).

Furthermore, miscommunications are just as likely to happen in such cases as well. When setting the deadline, the difference in time may make the exact deadline unclear. It takes a lot of effort to overcome this gap when working with offshore companies.

Communication Gap:

This is another disadvantage that is mainly associated with working with offshore IT outsourcing companies. Since the employees of the company are from a different part of the world, they probably speak a different language altogether. The language one is fluent at; the other knows only a few words of. This language difference may create a huge communication gap.

When an IT outsourcing company is hired, it is very important to clarify the role and tasks that are expected of them. With such a language gap between the two companies, communications, no matter how important, may become a huge issue where one says something and the other understands something entirely different.

Security Risks:

When you hire employees at your own company and hand over tasks to them, you invite no significant risks to the security of your systems. The employees working on them have been hired by you, and you have complete knowledge of who has access to what. If there were to be any breach in security, pinning down the culprit would not be an issue at all. But that is only when you hire in-house employees.

When you outsource IT and software development(check joomla development) functions, you hand over a very crucial part of your business to an external company. This poses great risks to the security of the systems. The individuals that have access to your system are miles away from you, and you have no idea about who can access what, nor do you have any control over it. This makes your systems highly vulnerable to data theft, and you will never be able to tell who did it.

Industries Using IT Outsourcing In UAE The Most?

As mentioned earlier, IT outsourcing is extremely common in the UAE. This ensures that there is more than one industry involved in hiring such services(check PPC services in dubai). Here are some of the industries that are most commonly known for hiring IT outsourcing companies in the UAE.

Software Development:

Software development outsourcing companies in Dubai, UAE, are more common than any other sort of outsourcing companies. Their increased demand has led to the establishment of new outsourcing software companies in Dubai by the day. Any time you search for outsourcing companies for software development functions in UAE, you will find plenty of results.

Business Intelligence And Analytics:

While in other countries, business intelligence and analytics is thought to be an integral part of the business, UAE has found it to be a service to be provided by IT outsourcing companies. A number of companies offer such services to businesses that can’t afford to hire business analytics professionals.

Cloud Infrastructure Implementation:

Cloud computing is a very commonly outsourced task, not just in UAE, but all over the world. Businesses hire IT outsourcing companies that provide them with a number of IT services over the internet that the company itself cannot manage.

Digital Marketing:

Digital marketing, in the present world, is very important for any business. In a world that has digitalized to a huge extent, it is very important for any business to have an online presence that promotes their business. Companies in UAE are known to hire IT outsourcing companies that provide digital marketing services in order to help them establish a positive online presence that they can benefit from.

Negative Consequence Of Outsourcing IT Functions

Outsourcing IT functions may allow companies to save time and money, but there is a lot at stake too. Other than the discussed disadvantages of outsourcing IT functions, there are certain negative consequences that the industry faces due to this practice.

Restriction Of Skills:

There are a number of skills that you may possess, but only at a beginner level. One can only gain expertise in such skills when they practice them and learn more about them, but IT outsourcing has highly restricted this honing of skills. How? Let us give you a quick walkthrough.

As we discussed the advantages of outsourcing IT functions, it became evident why companies would want to outsource IT functions rather than hire employees for the job. Since students know majoring in such fields would not bring better job opportunities for them, they avoid majoring in high-tech studies. Therefore, only the existing talent is left that is capable of completing the job efficiently.

Compromised Customer Satisfaction:

When a task is performed by a company itself, they have complete control of the end result. The services and products hence provided are up to the mark set by the company standards. If the company wants to raise the standard, they have complete control over producing better results when all their tasks are being accomplished by them.

But when these same tasks are outsourced to another company, they no longer possess that control. The quality of service or product may then drop or elevate depending upon the services provided by the IT outsourcing company. This would make the company be inconsistent in its delivery of services or products, eventually reducing customer satisfaction.

Diminished Loyalty Of Employees:

While working at a company, an employee is aware of the role he plays in the company and understands the services that the company needs him to provide for it. Knowing that the company needs him, creates a sense of loyalty amongst the employees. This pushes them to work harder and provide the company with the best of their services,

But when these same employees become aware of the fact that they can easily be replaced and their job be outsourced to another company, this sense of loyalty no longer remains. The employees no longer put in the same effort, and their productivity is considerably diminished as well. The result is a fall in the quality of services provided bt the employee as well as the company overall.

Alternatives For IT Outsourcing?

We have now established that while IT outsourcing may have some advantages, it also has a number of disadvantages and a great number of long-term consequences. While a lot of companies outsource just to save time and money, others do so because they need to. Given that every company has a reason to outsource work, what are some alternatives that can be adopted for these companies? Let’s discuss some.

Hiring Students:

For companies that find IT outsourcing to be a method of saving costs, hiring students is the perfect alternative. Students or even fresh graduates can be hired at cheaper wages. What makes these individuals ideal for the job is that they have great technical knowledge in the field, and since they are new, they are also eager to learn and work. It is only a matter of time till they polish all their skills and come on par with the professional IT workers.

Hiring Members Of Family:

If you didn’t afford to pay even students, an efficient way would be to hire a family member that comes from a technical background. Since paying a family member would bring the amount back to your own house, it would prove to be a great way of saving costs.

Hire One Professional:

If you cannot afford to hire a group of workers and can’t compromise the quality of work being done, then hiring a single professional would be a better alternative. You wouldn’t have to pay the price to hire a whole team, but you will also get top quality services from the individual you hire. Win-win.

Final Thoughts:

Outsourcing of IT functions is nothing new. It has been the go-to option for a number of website development company and custom mobile application development company for a great number of years and still is. In UAE, it is an industry that is thriving and is at its best. There are a number of advantages that can be gained from the process, but also a number of disadvantages that a company might face. Given the steady rise in the outsourcing of IT functions in UAE, it is important that it be balanced out by the adoption of some alternatives in order to avoid the long-term impacts of it.


Outsourcing of IT functions in the UAE is a very vast topic with multiple aspects. Despite the above discussion, there are chances you may still have some questions regarding it. In order to help you out, we have answered some of the most frequently asked questions by other users.

Recruiters, who focus on IT outsourcing?

Since the number of IT outsourcing companies is steadily rising, so is the need to hire workers for these companies. There are a great number of recruiting firms that focus on workers for such outsourcing companies. But the firms for different companies are different. Depending upon which part of the world you live in, there are likely to be different firms that recruit employees for these firms. Another important aspect that is considered s the nature of the outsourced task. You need to be qualified sufficiently in a relevant field to be hired by these recruiting firms.

How much does it cost to create a basic app using outsourcing?

The cost that is to be paid to outsourcing mobile application development company usually depends upon the company being hired and the type of android app development. Some well-known companies usually charge greater rates, even for very simple tasks. At the same time, there are others, ones that are just starting out that provide great services at very cheap rates.

Apps can be very deceiving. Sometimes a very basic mobile application development can be of very complex background and cost over $250. While a seeming complex app could be very simple to develop and cost as low as $75/

When outsourcing IT development, who is on the project steering committee?

The steering committee is formed with the objective of defining the KPIs and objectives of the project. This is an intermittent part of creating a collaborative framework for all of the teams to work together. Since it is a vital decision-making body of the project, it consists of the key leaders on the project. You will find on this team a list of top managers along with decision-makers that provide strategic directions as well as a number of stakeholders on the project.

How does outsourcing works in IT solutions?

Outsourcing in IT solutions usually works the same way that it does in any other industry. A company hires an IT outsourcing service for a certain project. The service provider agrees to provide their services for the project at a set rate. Regardless of the number of employees involved in the process of the task being completed, the company has to pay only the agreed amount for the specific project. Once the required services have been provided by the external service provider, the agreement between the two parties comes to an end. The same service provided may be hired again for another project, or if the service was not satisfactory, another service provider might be hired for their services in IT solutions.

Which of the following is a risk of outsourcing IT functions?

Outsourcing IT tasks comes with a lot of risks. The most imminent risk is that of data theft. Since outsourcing IT functions require you to allow third party access to your systems, there is a great risk of your data being stolen. Furthermore, it may also reduce the overall quality of the service or product that you provide and reduce customer satisfaction.

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Modern SEO – 2020: The Ultimate Guide For SEO Beginners Thu, 06 Aug 2020 09:37:45 +0000 The online world of digital marketing company has been taken over by SEO. Those who are fluent with the basics of SEO are reaping the number of advantages it has to offer. And beginners wish to learn more about it faster. Anyone that is trying to establish an online presence acknowledges the importance of SEO […]

The post Modern SEO – 2020: The Ultimate Guide For SEO Beginners appeared first on Digital Gravity.

The online world of digital marketing company has been taken over by SEO. Those who are fluent with the basics of SEO are reaping the number of advantages it has to offer. And beginners wish to learn more about it faster. Anyone that is trying to establish an online presence acknowledges the importance of SEO in the process.

While the common concept amongst the beginners is that SEO is very tricky to get the hang of, it’s not quite true. When it comes to SEO, best practices are as important as the right practices. If you know where to start from, SEO can be pretty easy to use and benefit from. Here is a guide that will help you get started with SEO services in dubai, telling you everything that you need to know.

Efficient Website Audits

When you start your journey of SEO services in dubai, the very first step should be conducting an SEO audit. An SEO audit for your website, when done efficiently, will help you find the essential details that you require in order to build a strategy that is tailored to provide the best for your website developers in dubai.

But how exactly can one conduct an effective website audit? The answer is by using the right tools. There are a few tools that one can use for their website audit. These include a number of Google SEO tools, Copyscape, and some other word counters. Using a number of tools isn’t necessary, but the more reliable tools you use, the better the auditing results are obtained to be.

While you go through this process, there are a few things that you need to ensure.

First of all, you need to make sure that there is one browsable version of your site and that it is indexed on google. If not, you may not be able to achieve any ranking at all. Once done with that, check the google search ranking of your web page and then perform some basic on page Optimization checks. While you are at it, make sure to check for any thin or duplicate content as well. Identify and rid any structured data errors on your web page.

Once you have checked and rechecked all of the above, you can start analyzing organic search traffic, and along with that, analyze your backlink profile. In the process, if you come across any broken link, fix them. In the end, find where the content gap lies, and try filling it up with effective keywords that will take your site higher on the google website ranking list.

Complete Keyword Research

Keywords are a very basic component of SEO. This is what any SEO agency in dubai will tell you. If you keep adding content to your web page, without any attention being paid to keywords, you may not get very far. And the lack of pay off can be very demotivating. To avoid that, you need to do proper research that would allow you to identify the right keywords for generating the right quality of traffic.

If you are wondering how to find keywords, do not worry. There are a number of ways to do so. You can either find a seed keyword and use that to find better keywords. Or you can just use Google suggestions or other keyword tools. Such tools would allow you to find all the right, appropriate and related keywords for you, generating traffic with greater potential and a better pay off.

Therefore, whether you pick keywords yourself, or use a tool to do it for you, make sure you have put in a sufficient amount of research and chosen the right ones for your webpage. When it comes to picking the right keywords for your site, you can rely on the good old tripod rule of keywords. The tripod rule gives three criteria that your keywords must meet in order to be effective. It must be popular, rankable, and relevant. That’s it. That was easy, wasn’t it?

Another factor that can help you is choosing the right types of keywords for your webpage. Here is a quick summary of the types of keywords that you can use, so you understand better what works for you and what doesn’t.

Types Of Keywords

Keywords used for SEO Services in dubai can simply be distributed into seven types. These types allow you to determine where you can use certain keywords, and when they can be used. It is important to classify these keywords correctly and use them accordingly, or you will simply be putting all your efforts down the drain. Here are the seven types of keywords that you need to know about.

Market-defining Keywords:

These keywords are those that are generally used by a target population when talking by a specific industry or a business. These keywords define the market that is associated with them. They include a group of very broad and generic terms. Ranking in these keywords may be considerably harder, but they still play a very important role.The social media marketing services in dubai is the best suited solution to start your marketing with.

Customer-defining Keywords:

In the way that market-defining keywords represented the market or industry that they are associated with, customer defining keywords describe the associated customer. These are keywords used by audiences to describe themselves. In order to pick the right consumer defining keywords, you need to know what your customers call themselves, and how they refer to others.

Product Keywords:

These keywords are exactly what their name implies them to be. They are the keywords that describe the products that you sell. When picking out product keywords, one needs to be sure to list very specific terms instead of using very generic terms. Using brand names would allow a better reach when opting for product keywords.

Industry Thought Leaders:

This is a unique group of keywords. It consists of names of individuals, or groups, that are a part of your industry, market, or business that are very well known and respected. These are not just any other people, but people that everyone in the business knows. Their names are not perfect for your home titles but do help you reach a better audience within the industry or market.

Competing Company Names:

Using the names of competing branding communication companies as your keywords may not sound like a grand idea, but it can be very helpful. And that too in a number of ways. This gives you a good idea of how your competing companies for  are being responded to by your audience. It also plays a little role in pulling their audience to your own web page.

Related Vertical Keywords:

Related vertical keywords are a group of keywords that help you reach out to a greater variety of audiences. They reside within the ecosystem of your target segment. They may not be the exact specification for your business, SMO Services, or product, but they have quite a relevant and obvious connection with your audience. Such keywords allow you to reach into other niches that are closely linked and target potential audiences.

Geo-targeted Keywords:

Geo-targeted keywords are specific to your locality. Such keywords are essential in targeting the local audience. Using these keywords can target a greater amount of potential customers. If your  services are limited to your locality, then geo-targeted keywords are of great essence for you since it attracts the audience that is specifically looking for SMO services in your area, and not elsewhere.

Technical SEO

While SEO may seem all hands-on practice, there are a few technical aspects of it that you need to be familiar with. The keywords that you picked out with the help of the above-mentioned guide needs to be read and processed by the internet before it is presented to the audience itself. While you don’t need a deep technical knowledge for this, there are a few basic concepts that need to be clear for you.

Basic Working Of Websites:

The first thing that you need to understand is how websites work. It is really not as complex as you think. And we are going to start from the very beginning. And that is purchasing a domain name. You can purchase domain names from a number of domain name registrars that are available over the internet. Once a name is purchased, it is linked to an IP address.

An easier way to understand this is to think of IP address as the computer language for the internet. Where you see, the internet sees a series of numbers and identifies what the required destination is. The internet then requests the code for your web page, and once receives, it displays it to the audience, assembled, in the form of a proper page. At times additional requests are required before these pages can be viewed, such as passwords or verification.For website development company in dubai this is a good choice to go with

Search Engine’s View Of Websites:

A search engine on page optimization is designed for viewing the same websites a little differently. Search engines used a number of tools known as schema markups that allow you to provide an overview of what your website contains, instead of it having to scan your entire content. Schema allows labeling and organization of content. The content on your website is basically unstructured data. Schema turns it into structured data and feeds it to the engine allowing it to display appropriate results when required.

User Interaction:

The final aspect of technical knowledge that you need to be aware of is regarding the interaction of users with your website and android app development and ios app development. Users prefer web pages that are responsive and intuitive to use. Developing mobile-friendly pages is very important since these are the devices that are most commonly used to access a number of sites. The content of the pages must also load in a small amount of time and not leave the users waiting too long.

Meta Tags

If you are looking to make the best from SEO, then using Meta Tags is an absolute must for you. Before you understand how these meta tags can help you out, you need to understand what exactly meta tags are.

These are basically small snippets of text that can accurately summarize the contents of the page or give the reader an idea of what they’re about to read. It is essential that the meta tags be very precise and very concise in order to grab the reader’s attention and give them an accurate description.

Are They Visible?

Now, these meta tags do not show up anywhere on your webpage itself. So, where do these tags go? Whenever you search for something on a search engine, you see a number of links to sites show up in the results. Under each of these links is a small text that describes the contents of the web page. This is the meta tag that is associated with the particular page itself.

What’s the difference between tags visible on your page and those that are not? Just the location. The meta tag that is associated with your web page is present in the HTML only. But despite the fact that it does not show up on your page itself, it helps a lot with SEO.

Types Of Meta Tags

These meta tags are usually of four types.

  • They could simply be a series of keywords instead of proper sentences. These keywords need to be relevant to your webpage. Such a meta tag is called the meta keywords attribute.
  • Then there is a title tag. A title tag is nothing more than the title of your page, and choosing this may not be as effective for your SEO.
  • A meta description attribute is a type of meta tag that includes a brief description of your page. Unlike the previous two meta tags, this type consists of proper sentences.
  • The last is the Meta Robots Attribute. This type of meta tag simply gives an indication to the search engine crawlers. They decide, with the indication, what should be done with the page.

Alt Tags

An Alt tag is also sometimes referred to as an alt attribute or even an alt description. It is simply an HTML attribute that is associated with image tags. This attribute provides text as an alternative for an image to the search engine. If you want the images from your sites to show up on searches on the search engines, then an Alt tag is what you need.

How Do They Work?

The simple change of adding images to a number of alt tags can really improve your ranking on the search engines. But how do they work? The essence of using alt tags to boost your ranking lies in the fact that a lot of consumers look for images rather than texts while looking for specific products or services. But the internet itself cannot read images. Alt tags serve to bridge this gap between the preference of the audience and the inability of the internet. It turns the images, which are unrecognized by the internet, into recognizable tags that can be matched to relevant searches. Even if your site ranks highs on the search engine, it may be overlooked by a product whose image shows up first. Adding alt tags to the images on your site can help those images show up on search engines when those tags are searched for. Since images usually pop up before sites, you will be a great advantage here.


If you know anything about Robots.txt, then you’d know that these are one of the simplest files that you have to deal with on your website. But, as simple as they are, they are equally easy to mess up with. Simply missing one character, or even misplacing, it can turn your entire SEO process and strategy upside down. Just a small mistake and search engines will no longer be able to access your content at all.

This ease of mishaps and misconfigurations is what makes Robots.txt very important to understand and dealt with correctly. But before you do that, you need to understand what it exactly is and its nature.

What Is It?

A robots.txt file is like traffic police for your site. It directs the search engines to the parts that can be accessed and keep them from parts that can’t be accessed. A robots.txt file usually enlists all the content that you want to keep away from the search engines.

Why Do You Need It?

The question that stands is, do you really need a robots.txt file. The answer is no. You don’t necessarily need a robots.txt file while making your web page, but if you want better control of the content that the search engine displays, a robots.txt file becomes very important. It prevents crawling, by a number of search engines, of the duplicate content available on your web page. It can also prevent the server from overloading and prevent wastage of your crawl budget. And lastly, it can play a great role in keeping a number of your site sections private.


While you are on your SEO journey, you want to ensure that Google or other search engines crawl through all the important pages of your website. But at times, you end up with pages that no internal links point to. Regardless of how important these pages are, without internal links pointing to their existence, they become extremely hard to find for search engines. This is where an XML sitemap comes in to save the date.

What Does It Do?

The job of an XML sitemap is very simple, yet very crucial. All it does is, it lists all the important pages of your sites. This allows search engines to find and crawl through all these pages. Furthermore, it also provides a better understanding of the structure of your website.

Does Everyone Need It?

While XML sitemaps are really simple and can be added very simply, does this simplicity mean every website should have one? Not necessarily. While every website can have one, it may not provide the same benefit for all. Websites that are very big and have multiple pages can surely benefit from it a lot since there is a greater chance of there being pages that no internal links point to. But for smaller sites that do not feature as many pages, these sitemaps may not be of great benefit. They won’t harm the page, but won’t show any result either. It would be better advised to not design one for such pages, and invest the time elsewhere.


We have all found ourselves browsing through the internet on a specific website where we click on a link and find ourselves being redirected to another website. That link that we have been clicking on all those times is what a off page optimization/backlinks really is. These links are often referred to as inbound links or incoming links. And if their importance is not already evident from what you have experienced, let us tell you.

Importance In SEO:

The key relevance of off page optimization/backlinks in SEO comes from the fact that these serve a certificate for confidence from other websites to your site. If you see X product being mentioned on the site of Y product, which is one that you trust, you will find some confidence to look into the X product as well.

This simple element of trust is interpreted not only by an audience but by search engines as well. When a number of sites link back to a similar page, the search engine automatically ranks it higher. This allows a great boost to your ranking. But these off page optimization/backlinks need to be earned. And that too by trusted sites that can really impact your ranking positively.

Link Types

But, are all off page optimization/backlinks the same? Absolutely not. There are about ten types of backlinks. Some of these you need to earn while others you need to avoid. Here is a quick summary of which is which.

  • Editorial Backlinks: These are one of the most advantageous backlinks for your site. This is basically a backlink that is placed amidst high-quality content that allows a better rating for your page.
  • Guest Blogging Backlinks: This is when you collaborate with another creator and leave a guest post on their website with a link that takes the audience back to your site. This is also desirable for your website.
  • Backlinks In Business Profiles: If you create a digital profile for your brand on any of the present and active listing sites, you can add backlinks for your site on the business site, which would also help your rank increase.
  • Backlinks From Webinars: Links from Webinars hold great value and can serve to provide great advertisement as well
  • Free-Tool Backlinks: Offering a simple tool to other sites can help you earn a backlink that is from a trust and reliable source. It may come at a small cost, but one that is worth paying.
  • Acknowledgment Backlinks: These are small tokens of appreciations that come at a number of events, these not only help with SEO but help earn a better name as well.
  • Comment Backlinks: These are links that you can leave yourself in comments on other sites. They are smart, but one needs to be careful not to overdo them.
  • Paid Links: You can also pay sites for backlink instead of earning them. But this may have a negative impact since most content is usually assessed if it’s genuine or not.
  • Links On Low-Quality Content Sites: Any backlinks that are present on sites with low-quality content can be harmful to your own website.

Creating Backlinks

Now that you know what backlinks are, why they are important, how they work, and what their types are, you can finally get to learn how to create them as well. While there are a number of ways to create backlinks, here we are going to discuss two very important ways, that are guest posts and infographics. And here is how you can do each one of them.

Guest posts:

Guest posts are one of the easiest and simplest ways to create backlinks. When we speak of backlinks, you always want to be sure that your backlinks are present on trusted and reliable sites and that they are present among high-quality content with a positive outlook. And what other way could be better than leaving a link yourself with the content of your own choice? That is exactly what guest posts allow you to do.

In order to create a guest post, you must first be in contact and on good terms with your choice of website. Communicating through email and keeping a good relationship is very important for this. This would allow room for a collaboration where you could leave a guest post on their site. This can also be possible if your business or page has a positive impact on the website of your choice. But once you have earned this opportunity, it is in your hands to make or break your chance at a better ranking.

While you are drafting your post, there are two things that you need to keep in mind.

The first is to create a very genuine post that features a very positive outlook. This is very important since this is what will make the audience, as well as search engines, to judge your backlink. If you post low-quality content that comes off as tacky or forced, then your backlink will simply backfire instead of having a positive impact. If you are writing about SEO in Dubai, try highlighting the positive aspects of it, rather than the negative.

Another thing that you need to keep in mind is the placement of the backlink. While it is necessary to place it in a position where it is obvious to the readers and invites them to visit the link, you must also make sure that it isn’t forced. It should not look like the purpose of the post was simply to lead the audience to your page, even if it is.


The second easiest way to create a backlink is simply by using infographics. This method, even though very common, is found to be very tricky for a lot of people. But that is only because they are going about it the wrong way. Infographics can allow you to create backlinks very easily, only if you know what you are doing.

Infographics are a combination of informational text and pictures that provide your audience with a great understanding of a number of topics. These are designed to help out audiences that want to gain considerable knowledge without reading large chunks of texts.

In order to earn a backlink with your infographic, all you need to do is design and publish an infographic with a link to your site. Now, as you share and promote this infographic on social media, it will start taking rounds on a number of sites. And if you have designed the infographic well enough, it could go viral before you even know it. Advantage? Your link is now all over the internet. And all you had to do was, be creative!


SEO is a vast, deep sea that goes a lot deeper than the layman understanding. Mastering SEO takes a considerable amount of time and effort, but it definitely pays off. These were few important aspects of SEO that will allow you to start your SEO services in dubai journey, but in order to reach the level of mastery that you want, you must spend a lot more time learning about various trends and technicalities in the field.


While this article attempts to cover all the basic knowledge that a beginner needs about SEO, there might still be a few questions left lingering in your mind. If you still need to know more, then do not worry. Here we have answered some of the most frequently asked questions by other beginners at SEO.

How Long Will It Take To Learn SEO?

SEO is not a proper course or degree that comes with a specified amount of learning time. How long you take to learn SEO really depends on how much time you invest in the process. But if you go at a reasonable speed with a sufficient amount of interest, you can learn all about SEO in about 6 months. For SEO best practice consult SEO experts dubai located companies.

Can I Get Free Backlinks?

Backlinks can be paid, but those are not the desirable kind of backlinks. The ideal types of backlinks are usually earned and free. From creating infographics and guest posts to making inspiring others and requesting favors, there are a number of ways to earn free backlinks.

Do Backlinks Help YouTube Videos?

Yes! Backlinks, specially backlinks from high-quality, trusted, and reliable pages for all sorts of sites, can play a very positive role in the ranking of the site on any search engine. Be it YouTube, or WordPress; off page optimization/backlinks will always be beneficial.

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Most useful Third-Party E-commerce Websites Integrations in Dubai UAE Mon, 27 Jul 2020 12:08:46 +0000 The ecommerce is the buzz word today, with thousands of entrepreneurs trying their luck in the booming industry. In fact, the global pandemic Covid-19 has only further established the authority and dominance of the industry. To give you a glimpse of the massive potential we are talking about, the ecommerce giant and world’s most valued […]

The post Most useful Third-Party E-commerce Websites Integrations in Dubai UAE appeared first on Digital Gravity.

The ecommerce is the buzz word today, with thousands of entrepreneurs trying their luck in the booming industry. In fact, the global pandemic Covid-19 has only further established the authority and dominance of the industry. To give you a glimpse of the massive potential we are talking about, the ecommerce giant and world’s most valued company Amazon was looking to hire 100k warehouse workers to keep up with the demand surge during the pandemic; that basically sums up the potential of the industry – given that you are able to implement it the right way.

Now, if you are looking to try your hands in this massive industry and create an ecommerce website, perhaps you should consider the entire systems and processes that come with an ecommerce store. For instance, at the initial development stage, you would have to consider the best platform to build your store, similarly, you would have to finalize the design and many other components that together deliver an integrated and user-friendly ecommerce experience.

And while the key is to offer a seamlessly integrated shopping experience to customers, one important consideration is about the ecommerce website integration with third-party applications. You would need to choose the best third-party integration options and look at how you can optimize your store using these applications.

Honestly, third-party integration may sound pretty easier, however, it is an intensive and complex task that required expert services and careful considerations.

ecommerce website Stats

What are third-party integrations?

When we talk about third-party integration, we are referring to connecting third-party applications for various purposes like payment gateways, feedback, and reporting, CRM, and others to your ecommerce store. For instance, you would need to integrate Google Ads Integration with your website using Google’s API for your store. Alternatively, when we talk about first-party app integration, it refers to your in-house API that’s custom-built to support and run your store’s functionalities.

Why do you need to integrate third-party software?

Honestly, ecommerce stores aren’t the only type of websites that needs to integrate third-party applications and that many other websites even static business websites may need to integrate some third-party apps. However, the ecommerce stores are certainly at the top of the list when it comes to third-party application needs; and that’s for a definite reason.

As said earlier, the success of ecommerce stores lies in the ability of the store to offer a seamless user experience to its customers, facilitating their shopping on the store and ensuring that they leave the store completely satisfied. Obviously, a happy customer will be a loyal customer increasing sales and profit and the overall success of your online store. So, in the hindsight, you need to have all the right applications that click to the customers’ preferences and satisfaction to ensure your store becomes a success and that’s why you will need to integrate various third-party integration.

Some of the factors that control the customers’ online shopping experience include; convenience to browse through the pages and select desired products, payment security, a strong and reliable feedback system, and others. The interface of the store should also be easy to navigate with clarity to enable users to freely browse through the different pages and identify the right products.

All of these needs and requirements of the store means that ecommerce store owners need to rely on various third-party applications that can improve the customers’ shopping experience while keeping your platform at the optimum performance level.

In this blog, we have come up with all the different types of third-party app integration you would need to efficiently run your online store, while we also list down the best third-party app integration options for each category preferred by successful stores in the UAE.

platform of ecommerce

Benefits of third-party tools integrations

Honestly, third-party applications aren’t just a necessity for nothing, rather there are various benefits of integrating the right applications with your ecommerce store. Below, we have come up with some of the advantages of the third-party app integration that you get can rejoice:

  1. Keep customers updated with the order status, while also offering them tracking option and shipping data.
  2. Minimize the manual work by automating various tasks like data catalogs and others while focusing on other core marketing components like SEO, images, product descriptions, and others
  3. Ensure the payment security at your store using PCI certified solutions
  4. Integrate multiple stores to your website
  5. Offer competitive shipping rates
  6. Manage the refund and return policy by keeping up with the ERP inventory, pricing, and promotions
  7. Offer online payment gateways along with invoice details to improve sales; especially with B2B customers
  8. Manage your accounts more efficiently and reduce tax liabilities with standard accounting apps integration

Online store integration

Let’s start our ecommerce website platform integration options with online store integration.

But why would you like to sell your products to an existing marketplace?

Well, there are many benefits of selling your products on existing marketplaces including an already established customer base that is trusted by millions and millions of shoppers worldwide. Moreover, by integrating your web store with other online stores, you get increased reach for your products and a market where customers are already looking for the products.

Some more benefits of existing marketplaces are that it’s much easier and faster to complete the process as compared to building your store from scratch. Moreover, many leading online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay come with a highly interactive interface, making it much easier for customers to find your products; improving sales chances greatly. All you got to do is to integrate these stores and wait for the approval. As soon as you got the approval, you are good to start selling the products.

Here are some of the most popular and conducive marketplaces for integration in Dubai, UAE

1.Amazon Marketplace

Amazon is just a no-brainer when it comes to the ecommerce industry. It’s the biggest ecommerce giant with over $250 billion generated in sales just last year. Moreover, Amazon is also one of the most trusted and recognized marketplace with hundreds of millions of loyal customers preferring the platform for online shopping.

Here are some of the tips to master the art of selling on Amazon:

  1. When you are looking to sell your products on Amazon, your primary consideration should be the Amazon SEO and A9 algorithm. That’s because these two things determine your product listing, subsequently influencing your sales chances
  2. Invest in the creation of your Amazon content to ensure higher listing, more engagement and increased sales
  3. Ensure the consistency of your fulfillment – Amazon takes customers’ satisfaction seriously and if you are not able to meet inventory management or delivery promises your account may be ceased
  4. Get your brand registered with the Amazon Brand Registry to ensure Copy Rights Protection
  5. Before you decide what you want to sell, perform the niche research to determine the market potential

2. Walmart marketplace

Next in line, we have yet another massively popular market place with hundreds of millions of monthly customers – Walmart. In fact, according to some studies there is a large overlap of customers between the two massive online marketplaces; Amazon and Walmart with over 50% of Amazon shoppers also purchasing items from Walmart online stores. Thereby, if you are looking to boost your sales, especially if your target market is America, keeping the presence on Walmart along with Amazon can be a game-changer for you.

Here are some of the tips to sell profoundly over Walmart:

  1. To be able to get approved for selling over Walmart, you need to make sure that your products are priced affordably, while also keeping up with the customer service experience
  2. Just like on Amazon, you would need to maintain exclusive inventory management and fulfillment that matches the service standards of Walmart.


eBay is yet another ecommerce giant with hundreds of millions of monthly customers worldwide. The ecommerce behemoth offers all sorts of product categories one can imagine, thereby is an ideal marketplace for entrepreneurs in Dubai, UAE looking to sell products internationally.

Here’re some of the tips that can help you sell more on eBay:

  1. The primary point of differentiation over eBay is the shipping cost. If you want to be successful at selling on eBay, try to offer fast and free shipping or keep minimum shipping rates – if absolutely necessary
  2. Invest in the content of your products especially meta titles and product descriptions to get higher listings
  3. Make sure to add high-quality and relevant images of the product that truly depict the product
  4. Keep your product pricing competitive, if possible include the shipping cost in product pricing and offer free shipping

Shipping module integration

Now that we are done with the online store integration, let’s move on to an important integration aspect; the delivery or shipping module integration. As we mentioned above, to keep up with the customer service standards of the leading ecommerce stores, you would have to ensure efficiency, timeliness, and affordable (possibly free) shipping options. Remember, the shipping option greatly influences the customers’ decision to buy or to not buy an item from your store, thereby you got to invest your time and resources to integrate the best shipping module with your ecommerce store.

Some of the features that should be included in the shipping module include:

  1. Easy interface for ordering and invoice creation
  2. A simple and convenient system for order processing
  3. The option to track order delivery process
  4. A reliable and precise rating system
  5. Fast and timely delivery

Now, let’s look at some of the top shipping modules preferred by leading ecommerce stores in Dubai UAE.

1. Shippo

Shippo is one of the most recognized and preferred shipping modules for ecommerce stores. The module is used by hundreds of thousands of ecommerce stores, which gives a clear indication of its utility and deliverance. Besides, what makes it the ideal shipping module for integration with the online stores is the fact that Shippo is compatible with the majority of the carrier companies.

The shopping module offers ecommerce stores with easy integration options through API. Once the module is correctly integrated with the store, the entire process of shipping becomes much easier, safer, and reliable for customers, as well as, for the seller.

Some of the other profound features of Shippo includes:

  1. An interactive and intuitive interface
  2. Come with multiple programming languages; making it easier to integrate with stores developed on different platforms
  3. Multilingual service
  4. Reliable customer support across the world
  5. Seamless performance for web and mobile platforms

2. FedEx

FedEx is an undisputed leader in the shipping service globally. Over the decades, FedEx has remained the most trusted and reliable shipping service for millions of customers across the world. And with its massive delivery success, the company now offers its API for easy integration with online stores. The API can easily be integrated with ecommerce stores, making the entire process of shipping and delivery much easier for customers and sellers alike.

Currently, FedEx offers two different options for ecommerce stores integration:

  1. The FedEx Web Services – these are standardized packages
  2. Customized solutions – As can be taken by name, these are customized services that are designed to offer stores with flexible and special tools for their shipping needs


Third, in line, we have yet another popular shipping module – Shipping Easy. The Shipping Easy comes with an easy, intuitive, and interactive interface and is ideally suited for small and medium businesses. The best part about Shipping Easy is that the company offers free shipping services for less than 50 deliveries per month. For stores requiring more than 50 orders per month, the pricing starts at a mere $29 for up to 500 deliveries, whereas, you can upgrade to unlimited deliveries for as low as $149 per month.

Apart from highly competitive shipping pricing, the module also offers various features like labeling and tracking of orders along with reliable and consistent support. Thereby, if you are a small or medium online store looking for affordable and reliable shipping module for integration, Shipping Easy is the best choice for you.

Payment gateway integration 

Next, we have yet another very important integration consideration for ecommerce stores that directly influence the success or failure of the store – the payment gateway integration.

Remember, the ultimate goal of your online store is to generate revenue for your business. But for this to happen, you would need a reliable payment gateway through which customers can securely transfer the payment online. Thereby, you should ensure to integrate the best payment gateway for your store that’s safe, reliable, and consistent.

Some of the key considerations when you are looking for payment gateway integration includes:

  1. The security of the system (when it’s about money, you can’t take any chances with an unreliable service)
  2. Commission amount (some gateways charge excessively)
  3. The ease of the payment process (payment gateways with unnecessary steps results in higher bounce back of customers). Ideally, the system should offer single page checkout to customers
  4. The ease of integration. The simpler the integration process more convenient it is for online stores to get connected with these systems
  5. Some of the other important features you should check out when choosing a payment gateway to include:
  6. Easy and flexible approach for commission
  7. Consistency and reliability in payment acceptance
  8. 24/7 support
  9. Advanced upsell/cross-sell tools for integrated payments
  10. Interactive and convenient UI/UX
  11. Compatibility with all major payment options

1. PayPal

When it comes to popular and reliable payment gateways for global transactions, PayPal is certainly the leader and most obvious choice.

There are many factors that make PayPal the best payment gateway for ecommerce stores including the highest security features. The gateway has automated various pain points for online transactions by creating a highly-protected and secure gateway, which is used and trusted by hundreds of millions of users globally.

Another great feature that makes PayPal an ideal choice for online stores is its capacity to remember the customers’ behavior and adapt accordingly to offer a more intuitive and personalized transaction experience to users.

2. Braintree 

Braintree is yet another popular and widely used payment gateway trusted by hundreds of thousands of online stores worldwide. The reliability and popularity of the Braintree can be understood as PayPal buys the Braintree a few years back.

The uniqueness of Braintree is that the platform is designed to accept e-payments through bank cards, making it a popular online transaction platform for many leading online stores including Uber, Airbnb, Twilio, and others.

3. Cashu

Cashu is a Dubai, UAE based payment solution. It’s also the largest payment gateway across the MENA region, making it a rational choice for all ecommerce stores based out of the UAE and targeting the Middle-Eastern region.

The payment gateways come with various modern features including highly secure AML systems to prevent online frauds and other security breaching risks associated with online transactions. All of the transactions made through Cashu are guaranteed with zero chargeback risk.

If you are targeting the MENA region with your online store, the Cashu opens up a lot of possibilities for you to grow organically across the region and even internationally.

Accounting software integration

Moving on, we have another important third-party integration module to consider; the accounting software integration.

Whether you are running a physical business or an online business, you got to have reliable, effective, and well-integrated accounting software that can take care of everything money-related. And as for the ecommerce stores, they especially need a highly functional, automated, and advanced accounting software integration with the store to continue seamless delivery of goods without losing any money due to inaccuracy in accounting books.

Some of the features to look out for when choosing accounting software for integration with your website includes:

  1. Accounting tools
  2. Payment statement
  3. Analytics (important to manage cash flow issues)
  4. Financial stats
  5. Account management
  6. Inventory control

Here are some of the top accounting software for integration with Dubai UAE based online store:

1. QuickBooks

When it comes to accounting software solutions, QuickBooks is no short of a legend. It remains one of the most trusted and implemented accounting software across all businesses (physical or online). The system is known for its simplistic approach towards accounting solutions, as well as, it’s reliability and accuracy. QuickBooks offers integration options for online stores to automate all sorts of accounting needs of businesses. The platform is ideally suited for small and medium-sized businesses and is one of the most popular platforms in the USA, Europe, and Middle Eastern regions.

The best part about QuickBooks is its intuitive and simplistic approach that makes account handling that much easier for businesses. Some of the features of the platform include:

  1. Creation and management of invoices
  2. Banks synchronization
  3. Tracking of payments and sales
  4. Creation of custom accounts
  5. Rating system
  6. Automated tax calculations

2. Xero

Xero is yet another popular accounting software available for integration with online customers. The system comes with cloud storage, which adds to its value for businessmen by giving them real-time access to cash flows. Moreover, the software is also apt in managing business finances.

Some of the features of Xero include:

  1. Complete client service
  2. Tax processing
  3. Conversion feature from QuickBooks data
  4. Convenient and easy to use interface

3. NetSuite

NetSuite isn’t just an accounting software rather a complete ERP solution for online stores. The Oracle developed NetSuite comes with various modules and features that are meant to simplify the entire process of online business.

The NetSuite accounting platform is trusted by some of the leading online businesses across the world and used to streamline the entire financial process and operations of the stores. The best part about the platform is its unique capacity to combine finance and accounting functions, greatly improving the financial efficiency and business performance.

Some of the features of NetSuite include:

  1. Global accounting
  2. Revenue recognition
  3. Sales order management
  4. Planning and budgeting
  5. Billing
  6. Inbound and outbound logistics
  7. Returns management

Feedback integration

Next up we have another impotent integration consideration; this time around for ratings and feedback integration.

As per statistics, over 90% of online shoppers tend to read reviews about the product before purchasing it. This means that the presence of reviews for the products only add that much credibility and trustworthiness to your platform and keep your customers loyal to the store. Probably, a comprehensive review system is one of the reasons why Amazon is almost blindly trusted by hundreds of millions of customers across the world.

So, what are your options for third-party integration for ratings and feedback systems?

Below we have come up with some of the best and most trusted integration options for feedback and ratings.

1. Reziew

Reziew is a great platform for online businesses to maintain ratings and feedback collection from customers. The platform comes with an interactive and intuitive interface and offers some pretty useful features like;

  1. Collecting feedback and reviews in image form (photos and videos)
  2. Mobile platform support
  3. Review optimization
  4. Convenient moderation tools
  5. Fully customizable platform

2. Ultimate Reviews

Next in line, we have highly intuitive and simplistic feedback and review collection platform trusted by hundreds of thousands of ecommerce stores in UAE and internationally. The Ultimate Review platform is a WooCommerce plugin that is simple to integrate with ecommerce stores to collect customers’ feedback and ratings across all different types of WooCommerce online stores.

The best part about Ultimate Review is its easy setup and integration. The plugin offers two shortcodes to be integrated at the backend of the store; the one code is to display your review, while another one is meant for customers to submit their opinion, feedback or reviews about the shopping experience or product. 


Taqyeem is a popular WordPress Review Plugin used by hundreds of thousands of ecommerce stores globally. The system comes with ample features and functionalities to assess customers’ shopping experience at your store.

Taqyeem is developed by TieLabs, which is an Egyptian development firm and has quickly gained popularity across the Middle Eastern Ecommerce Stores including Dubai, UAE based online stores for product reviews and customers’ feedback. The platform offers plenty of customization options and can be personalized with over 500 Google Fonts and other options. It’s fully compatible with ecommerce website platforms.

Analytics integration

The advancement of technology has made the analytical tools the very heart of all businesses, and ecommerce websites are certainly at the top of the list. The analytical tools enable ecommerce website templates to gather insights into the performance of the store, identify customers’ behavior patterns, and improve low performing aspects to improve customers’ shopping experience.

Thereby, all online stores require the integration of a reliable and robust analytical system that can help them improve different aspects of their online business. Some of the core features of any analytical system include:

  1. Customers’ behavior analysis
  2. Traffic tracking
  3. Performance analysis for traffic channels
  4. Customers’ activity tracking
  5. Data storage
  6. Creating infographics statistics
  7. Product audience survey

1.Google Analytics API

When it’s about analytics for the online platform, Google Analytics certainly is the undisputed leader with its robust features, advanced technology, and a plethora of high-value functionalities offered to online businesses.

Google Analytics is the most popular online analytical system that has all the features and functionalities to identify and track each and every aspect of business performance. And unfortunately, most stores do utilize the Google Analytics through the web interface, very few stores take leverage of Google Analytics API integration.

Some of the features of Google Analytics API integration includes:

  1. Customers’ behavior tracking
  2. Creation and management of user profiles
  3. Interactive and in-depth graphical representation of business performance through statistics

2. SharpSpring

While SharpSpring is certainly not as popular or powerful as Google Analytics, it is certainly a worthy Analytics integration option that is used by hundreds of thousands of online stores worldwide. The platform helps automate the analytical process for the stores and help identify new customers, while also have the features to convert potential customers into buyers.

Some of the features of SharpSpring offers:

  1. Flexible program
  2. Adaptability to specific business processes
  3. Affordable pricing


KissMetrics is yet another hugely popular analytical platform that enables online stores to identify and manage customers’ behavior.

The platform can collect different aspects of users including the campaign/channel they landed on the page, their browsing pattern on the website, activities over the store, purchasing history, and others. All of this data gives businesses the highly-valued analytics information required to enhance the shopping experience for customers.

CRM integration 

CRM integration is yet another important consideration for online stores to effectively manage operational activities and improve the customer shopping experience.

Some of the popular CRM platforms for online stores in Dubai UAE include:

1. Zoho

Zoho is one of the leading CRM trusted by hundreds of thousands of online stores worldwide. The platform offers ecommerce stores with various marketing and sales management tools required to optimize the business processes and create a strong unified business system.

2. Salesforce

Salesforce is considered one of the best and most powerful CRM systems that bring in a plethora of features and functionalities for online stores. Some of the features offered by the platform include:

  1. Automating the sales process
  2. Sales forecasting
  3. Easy transactions management
  4. Market research
  5. Sales performance analysis


3. HubSpot CRM

HubSpot is a comprehensive CRM system that automates various business processes including sales, marketing, and customer services. While not as powerful as the Salesforce, the HubSpot does offer various features and functionalities to optimize the sales and marketing processes for the business, as well as, optimize the customers’ shopping experience.

Email Marketing

Lastly, we have the email marketing integration option that is an important consideration for online stores and help them improve their sales greatly by directly connecting with customers.

Some of the popular email marketing platform available for ecommerce stores integration includes:


MailChimp is undoubtedly the most preferred and robust email marketing platform used by millions of businesses across the world. It comes up with various features and functionalities to enable online stores to target individual customers with personalized messages, as a mean to make stronger connections and improve sales.

2. Marketo

Marketo is another popular email marketing platform that is meant to simplify the process of email marketing with various personalization options to optimize business performance.

3. Constant Contact

Constant Contact is an ideal email marketing tools for small and medium businesses. The platform comes with a 60-days free trial and offers various customization and integration options for small businesses to improve their email marketing campaigns and optimize sales.

Statistical data for Dubai / UAE

Product types

Dubai UAE has remained a regional leader when it comes to online businesses. The country is home to millions of entrepreneurial web stores that offer customers reliable, affordable, and exclusive shopping experience across the region, and internationally. The country has one of the highest internet penetration in the region, which helped transform the online business landscape and sustain incredible growth.

Today, the UAE ecommerce market is valued over $10 billion, making it one of the leading markets in the region and across the world. With a 99% internet penetration rate, a highly talented global workforce, and a conducive business environment, the UAE online business landscape is all set to accelerate fast in the coming years. Some of the reasons that contribute to the massive growth of the ecommerce industry in UAE includes:

  1. Rapid growth of mobile and internet technologies
  2. Ease of doing business
  3. Strong business culture
  4. Strong Government Support
  5. Modern infrastructure
  6. Global talent

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All the Latest Web Development Trends & Technologies You Should Be Familiar With! Thu, 09 Jul 2020 06:55:35 +0000 Web development industry is always in motion with new standards rolling out faster than can be implemented! The only way to stay a step ahead is by focusing on the latest trends, technologies and best practices. As a leading website design company in Dubai, we have saved your precious time by collecting all the hottest […]

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Web development industry is always in motion with new standards rolling out faster than can be implemented! The only way to stay a step ahead is by focusing on the latest trends, technologies and best practices. As a leading website design company in Dubai, we have saved your precious time by collecting all the hottest trends to grow your website development business. Have a look below!

Voice Search

We have only begun to discover the rise of voice search which is likely to become the new normal on the digital domain pretty soon. Almost every smartphone these days is equipped with a digital voice assistant for both Android and Apple user-base. Adding to it is the imminent rise in AI-powered smart speakers that will take voice search trend further. 


When developing a web application, performance should be of the highest quality and uncompromised. Unfortunately, limitations to JavaScript result in slower calculations especially if they’re heavy which eventually impacts overall user experience in a pessimistic way. This is one reason for powerful applications and games to exist as a native-only desktop app.

WebAssembly has proved to be a game-changer as it allows web apps to perform just native-like since any programming language code can be assembled into bytecode to run conveniently in the search browser. Yet another pro-fact of WebAssembly is faster execution of the code as compared to JavaScript allowing you to write the critical-performance section of the app in the most suitable language that can be executed immediately in the browser.

Machine Learning for Tailored Content

The coming of AI and machine learning in day to day activities isn’t new. In fact, machine learning can self-learn and evolve in an amazing way which is without us humans even recognising with whom we’re communicating at the other end. For this reason, in particular, machine learning has resulted in improved native experience.

ML embedded software programmes are capable to learn, evolve and improve without any direct intervention of the developers or any human counterpart. It does so by analysing the incoming data packets, detecting the patterns, processing the information for decision making and eventually improving work.

Some of the finest examples of ML implementation that have improved customer service experience twin-fold are of Airbnb and Netflix. Speaking of Netflix, engineers at the company have enhanced the ability of ML by using more advanced algorithms to serve users in a more personalised and better way.

Website applications developed for different industries today are powered by machine learning and have already shown remarkable results. Some particular sectors include healthcare, finance, education, agriculture and more.

Data Security & Defence

It’s ironic that even in the era of advanced technology and in a digitally saturated world, the rate of cybercrimes is higher than usual. That said, cybercriminals are more appealed to the amount of data being processed which nowadays is hundred-times greater since almost everyone is an active internet user and producing information in one way or another.

Web service security should, therefore, be on top of the to-do lists when it comes to website design and development. As a top website development Dubai company, our talented data scientists and software engineers have shared four valuable tips to keep user data safe

  • Don’t Disregard Security Testing

To ensure maximum data protection and prevention from exploiting it to the unauthorised, security testing can be conducted during the website development stage. The process would deeply check each and every aspect of your website and/or mobile application for possible security flaws and fix them instantly.

  • Website-Monitoring Tools

A powerful, tried and tested algorithm if deployed carefully to a website, can constantly keep a check on any suspicious activity as well as alert before the uncanny happens. As a result, a website is protected from the possible breach and cybercriminal activities.

  • Be Vigilant with Third-Party Services

Website and mobile application development process have become easier and more convenient ever since SaaS software. Still, you should always be extra vigilant in choosing any third-party service by conforming on reliability and credibility. Look for reviews on the internet which is perhaps the best way to avail the best service.

  • Always Encrypt Precious Data

Consider the case when the unwanted happens and the offender somehow breaches the database, all their efforts are likely to flip only if the sensitive data has been encrypted.

Gradual Rise in Progressive Web Apps (PWA) & Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

When digitalisation & websites are a concern, the first thought to cross the mind is that of Google and there’s a good reason! As a search engine giant, Google has come a long way in improving overall web standards and the latest algorithm update favours website and applications that load in a jiffy on mobile devices. This is why technology such as Progressive Web Apps and/or Accelerated Mobile Pages should be a priority because of their ability to shorten website loading time.

Progressive Web App (PWA) refers to a web page that mimics the experience of native mobile. It’s capable of loading and running faster, even with poor or no internet connectivity which is a major pro fact. Most of the eCommerce websites and mobile applications are developed as PWAs for a high-end experience.

Then there’s the Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP) which works only for the static content; however, it’s the ability to load quicker than regular HTML gives it a competitive edge. That said, an AMP works faster because it disregards all the fancy elements and displays that probably take a long time to load. Only vital information as text and images is being displayed which is why the approach is perfect for news publishers and blog pages.

The Multiple Experience

The journey which started with smartphones, tablets, computers and laptops have experienced major changes in terms of technology, uses & the way they’re being deployed in the website development niche. With AI, IoT and many other emerging tech trends, multi-experience is yet another aspect that lets users engage with a website or an app anytime, anywhere as long as there’s a connected device.

The concept of multi-experience is mostly about screens as websites and apps that work perfectly on any screen size are high in demand. A much simpler term is ‘responsive website’ that adapts to any screen size but multi-experience is something that goes beyond the looks, giving users the advantage of the multisensory tech, multitouch points, multiple screens and multiple devices altogether. This multi-factor is further heightened by integrating AR/VR tech modules, voice assistants and more to the screen for immersive digital experience.

2020 is the year of unexpected change for everything digital. The above-highlighted trends are only a few of more to come as we move forward and progress further. Stay with us for more latest updates!

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Digital Lives in the Post-Pandemic World: How Our Contributions Today Can Reshape Tomorrow? Wed, 24 Jun 2020 12:38:58 +0000 “Quarantine & Lockdown is the New Normal but, would our digital lives ever be the same again?” In order to survive the ongoing pandemic crisis, leveraging digital tools and technologies has become a must for entrepreneurs. It’s obvious that the outbreak has already boomed digital transformation across industries and businesses of all nature. From video […]

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“Quarantine & Lockdown is the New Normal but, would our digital lives ever be the same again?”

In order to survive the ongoing pandemic crisis, leveraging digital tools and technologies has become a must for entrepreneurs. It’s obvious that the outbreak has already boomed digital transformation across industries and businesses of all nature. From video conferences, online education for children, streaming workout videos and much more, a lot has changed and even in the post-pandemic world, most habits are likely to stay for a balanced and better lifestyle.

Carsten Wierwille; the CEO of USTWO, a digital product developer has this to say:

“We just assumed that certain services in our society and our economy were provided in-person and required co-location. And I think those assumptions are now radically being challenged.”

People from around the world have come to accept and appreciate better services from online businesses given to highly professional customer experience, improved digital experience and contributing to an easy lifestyle. On the flip side, however, there’s a growing concern for the safety of personal data and privacy.

As a leading web design Dubai agency, we are committed to provide better services and help entrepreneurs in leveraging digital technology to create smart solutions that can solve problems of hundreds and millions affected by the COVID-19 crisis. The world is slowly recovering from the devastation of the pandemic which has left an impact similar to Thanos’s snap; owing to the rapid digital transformation. The burning question is how to empower entrepreneurs and industries in leveraging digital tools.

The Digital Impact

The contributions of the digital economy are quite obvious to drive the world out of COVID-19 pandemic but what’ll it take to have business antennae tuned into digital tools for adapting the change in consumer behaviour! 

The post-pandemic journey begins by departing from the traditional business model and focuses more on creating shared value. Online marketplaces, zero-contact delivery, live streaming and paperless currency system are surely going to become omnipresent.

To build an ecosystem where human and digital technology can coexist in harmony, the burden’s on entrepreneurs to adapt to a platform which enables solving issues of the people in a convenient manner. This result in the rise of SMEs and corporates, positioning them as market leaders towards an economy recovering from the coronavirus. All such presents greater opportunities in terms of employment and emerging markets that have successfully leveraged the digital transformation.

Greater social mobility and economic participation from marginalised populations will be another thing we’ll experience from all the incoming change. In addition, there’ll be a gradual surge in remote working opportunities, leading to a major change in the organizational hierarchy. Access to talent and professionals will definitely expand beyond borders.

The Importance of SMEs

When it comes to creating jobs and contributing to the economy, SMEs are the catalyst, being pathfinders during the journey to recovery. The best amongst these are sharp minds, creative enthusiasts who can pilot their team and organisation as a whole to adopt digital technologies while enabling customers, partner clients, local and foreign communities so on to thrive in the long run. In fact, you can even liaise with a professional web design and development company in Dubai to help you explore deeper into the digital domain to extract what’s best for the audience.

Simple & Convenient Ecommerce 

Now that digital transformation has accelerated across industries worldwide, businesses and setups that have so far been struggling to grasp integrated technology need to act quicker in order to survive. Only by accepting digital as the future and investing in technology can contribute to easier lives. Speaking of different business setups, many visionary automotive industry clients have adapted to digital configurator allowing users/customers to customise their car elements online. These customised cars are then delivered directly to the doorstep for test drive and eventually closing up a successful sale.

There has been a significant rise to telemedicine and online doctors, providing quality healthcare services to the patients in self-isolation. Although there’re already many healthcare apps and software to diagnose several health anomalies, the ability to connect directly with a primary physician or a specialist has no alternative. Where people were reluctant in sharing their data first, things are changing fast for acquiring better services and added convenience given to the digital lifestyle.

The Culture Shift

Perhaps one of the most obvious cultural shift is the work from home routine which, for many, is a long-awaited blessing whereas, for some, a nightmare since it only adds to the already burdensome life at home. Looking at the positive side, introverts have benefited most from the digital tech as employees who were once too shy to speak with anyone in person is now highly active and providing exceptional services through video conferencing tools, online customer care and support software, during virtual meetings and more. In short, the team dynamics have changed completely!

In a post-pandemic world, it’s expected that there would be fewer business-related travels since online meeting software, digital whiteboard, presentation tool and more would be the finest solution to execute a successful meeting. Social media and digital messaging/chat tools are now being accepted where once they were considered a threat to privacy. 

More and more Facebook users are now actively running campaigns against the virus in order to support the affected where online classrooms, cooking and workout sessions and even celebrating birthday parties or other events while staying indoors and isolated are now becoming the new normal.

Entertainment Gets a New Meaning

Much like every other industry, entertainment services have also experienced a massive change with ever-increasing subscriptions on live streaming channels like the newly launched Disney+ which claims to have more than 50-million subscriptions. Things have been disappointing for those who were previously excited about upcoming movie releases as well as fans who are always eager to get their hands on cinema tickets for the first premiere. However, not all are grim and dark as they can enjoy even more at home with families now that streaming services are rising in demand.

Gaming and Esports are likely to become the mainstream whereas remote learning, working, online food delivery services, meal kits and much more is sure to see a major spike in coming days, which eventually would become the new digitally connected future. Mr Sam Robson, director of the audience at an online publishing company; Future says:

“A consumer’s journey starts from Google so we just have to create content that provides more relevant answers to the search queries.”

Deciding the Future

Although predicting the definitive end to the pandemic is challenging given to the current scenario, the post-COVID world is surely where humans and businesses are techs empowered. Whether resuming successful business operations or simply accessing basic essentials for a quality lifestyle, the brave new world that is being created is possible only by harnessing digital technology and love together as one connected family. Learn all about the latest digital tech from a leading web design Dubai company and how you can leverage tech at its best.

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HOW AND WHY TO USE SOCIAL MEDIA FOR MARKETING DURING THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC Tue, 16 Jun 2020 10:21:30 +0000 A global pandemic is every businessman’s nightmare! People are locked inside their homes, living in fear that they might catch the deadly Covid-19. It has not only put a stop to global economic activity but, the world is under crisis as the businesses and industries are coming to a grinding halt. Multiple agencies including various marketing […]


A global pandemic is every businessman’s nightmare! People are locked inside their homes, living in fear that they might catch the deadly Covid-19. It has not only put a stop to global economic activity but, the world is under crisis as the businesses and industries are coming to a grinding halt. Multiple agencies including various marketing agencies in Dubai are keeping a close eye on the methods that can be employed to keep the financial market balanced and stable. Regardless of the blow that the economy has faced due to the coronavirus outbreak, there is still hope lurking for the businesses in these worrisome times. Marketers might emerge as the saviours of many drowning industries. 


Coronavirus is a highly infectious disease, for which the treatment still does not exist. The symptoms of coronavirus range from mild to severe, normally include dry cough, fever and lethargy. When the common symptoms worsen, they can lead to shortness of breath, body ache and pain, sore throat, diarrhoea and nausea. People who are old or already have certain health anomalies are more at risk of catching the coronavirus should they come in contact with the contaminant. Although a cure does not exist for coronavirus, experts are advising people to stay quarantined for some time. The government in numerous countries have also started implementing a strict lockdown. 

Because of the worldwide lockdown, businesses are underperforming with their market value being decreased rapidly. Traditional marketing is of little help as people are reluctant in purchasing newspapers, magazines and other promotional material. For the same reason, flyers and leaflets are not being distributed, people are unable to see new posters, billboards and other forms of display advertisements. However, not all is lost as digital marketing can play a vital role in improving product sales while helping businesses in restoring their quality services. Social media specifically can be used as a great asset for promoting your brand during these uncertain times.


If your products are available in the market yet the sales are slow, you can always revive your business by coming up with innovative ways to deliver your products and services to the right consumers. As millions of people across the world are in quarantine, they have plenty of time to browse on the internet, scroll through social media, watch advertisements, play games and so much more. Therefore, this is the best time to use social media marketing for promoting your product. People are growing tired of watching the morbid and depressing news all day long related to the pandemic outbreak and your creative product promotion campaign may be the distraction they’ve been waiting for.


Offering branded mini-games through social media platforms is a great way to interact with your customers and clients. They do not necessarily have to be over-grand; anything that they can easily play on mobile phone with a simple and easy installation process is surely too interesting and engaging. People are eagerly looking out for activities to utilise their time in the best possible way without overstressing, including family activities. By offering mini-games, you will raise more awareness to the people about your brand as well as ensure your loyal customers and clients that you, as a business, are active even during the pandemic crisis. Your online presence will further encourage them to participate even more with your offerings and consider purchasing.


You can offer many incentives such as a free ticket to a certain place which they can go to once the pandemic ends. You can also offer discounts or vouchers to the winners of the competition that your brand is offering through social media platforms.

Engaging your clients through a branded competition where you ask your clients to send their entries to show that you care. Doing so will reinforce their trust in your brand and represent your brand above than average business. Sparking up the creativity, your clients would certainly appreciate a little spotlight from your side as their entries are featured on your social media page. They would definitely want to show it off to everyone which would further raise the bar for your brand, giving competitors a fierce target.


Because of the coronavirus outbreak, countless people are suffering from a harsh blow on their finances. They are unable to make a living to properly care and raise their families. Fortunately, humanity did not go completely blind as numerous campaigns worldwide have been successful in helping people who’re most in need.

As your brand joins a campaign that’s more focused on the overall betterment of the society, the safety of people and environment-friendly, people will certainly want to put their loyalty and trust. Even if your company is unable to fund the campaign, you can share achievements through your social media platform using hashtags as more people will come to know about your brand and the campaign.

Other than that, you can also put up safety measures with attractive graphics on your social media page, that are necessary for everyone to take during these times. People will definitely share to bring awareness to their friends and family. It’ll further raise brand awareness, allowing the audience to know more about your product and services.


Everyone loves discounts! You can make your clients happy by offering discounted prices on your products via social media marketing. To avail discounts, you can come up with a legal condition or a procedure that can be anything from a newsletter subscription to like and share brand posters so on. This will increase brand awareness whereas people would not be affected by any of your service offerings unlike other businesses under these stressful conditions. For example, many ecommerce businesses are seeing a surge in the rates of online purchasing, eventually leading to delayed deliveries and thus unhappy customers. By offering discounted prices or free shipping, your clients will be less affected by your inefficiency as long as they are satisfied with the product quality delivery.


Create funny or educational videos that promote your brand which is a great way to interact with your customers and win their interest. People are looking out for ways to kill their boredom, by providing them entertainment options such as pictures, stories, audio-visuals and more, they can enjoy and your brand will be responsible for that. They might further want to share the entertaining content which increases brand awareness and strengthens customer loyalty.

Your brand will be called and remembered in a positive way which increases traffic to your website and apps like. Your product purchase will increase and your marketing strategy will shine which will surely recover the loss you might have incurred so far during the lockdown.


You must be experimenting with as many marketing strategies as possible through social media. The good news is that there are multiple strategies so your chances of lead generation are greater. As lockdown is getting stricter, it does not mean that your business will go completely bankrupt. There is always hope for your business and the loyalty of your customers should never be questioned. To keep their interests and motivation, keep offering incentives which is a great way to generate leads.

Offering programs that include client participation will increase customer activity. A few lucky winners can be rewarded once the quarantine ends.


The coronavirus has put a lot of businesses at risk. The stock markets are falling apart and consumer rates are decreasing drastically. But it definitely does not mean that every business becomes dormant. Even during these days, we are noticing a gradual rise in the competition between brands, more than ever at a certain point. A creative marketing strategy is only a single step towards regaining your way to a successful business. Social media channels are effective for brand marketing as more people are spending time on digital platforms. By using social media as a marketing tool your business would not suffer a single loss in the upcoming future.

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Breaking the Shackles of Racism: Living as One in a Connected World Tue, 09 Jun 2020 09:08:57 +0000 “Mother Earth is home to all; so why do we fight, struggle & even kill to find our place! Above that, some social evils & injustices are unforgiving, with ‘racism’ being one of the worst, defining our own insecurity & hatred towards a particular race simply based on colour!” The history of man, struggling to […]

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“Mother Earth is home to all; so why do we fight, struggle & even kill to find our place! Above that, some social evils & injustices are unforgiving, with ‘racism’ being one of the worst, defining our own insecurity & hatred towards a particular race simply based on colour!”

The history of man, struggling to find a rightful place and a place to call home goes back since the beginning of time itself. Creation of a society, a city or a free country has been an outcome of endless struggle and protests; some peaceful and some too brutal and bloody! It’s ironic that even in today’s highly civilised world where technology seems to have consumed humanity, there exists social evils and injustices targeted especially towards a particular race.

As we speak, the recent killing of George Floyd by the hands of four Minnesotan Police officers has led to a worldwide protest. Before plunging deep into the discussion, let us have a look into the history of racism in America and even before that, let us introduce ourselves and tell you why we care.

Who We Are & Why We Care

We are Digital Gravity; a leading Dubai-based web design company and empowered some of the world’s most prestigious brands to digital transformation. 

At Digital Gravity, we are a group of industry professionals belonging to different societies, countries and races but none of that matters because in the end, we work as a team. We are a family and we strongly stand against racism. 

We believe in a world where every man, woman, irrespective of caste and colour, has a right to live together and make this world a safe and peaceful haven.

Racism in America – A Historical Overview

Between 1525 and 1866, more than 12 million natives were kidnapped from Africa and brought to America under the transatlantic slave trade. Almost four-million survived this tormenting two-month journey only to end up as slaves in the United States which resulted in the subsequent spread of slavery as a rightful practice across the state and soon worldwide.

  • A Systematic & Planned Inequality

In the U.S., racial, educational and economic injustices are deeply ingrained across several institutions. Although the Declaration of Independence clearly cites that ‘All Men Are Created Equal’; the fact has always been violated especially in the American society either based on insecurity or pure hatred towards a particular race. Take for instance the example of poll taxes that dissuaded African Americans to vote, another case if marginalisation of African American soldiers from World War I & II being treated like second-class and rejected citizens so on.

Among the many examples, one most heart-breaking is the planned racism and its horrible impact on black children. In 1970, an 8-year old black boy named Lebert F. Lester was building a sandcastle at the Connecticut bay, soon joined by a white girl but was dragged away by her father. She returned in a while only to say ‘why not wash it off in the water?’. Lester later realised that she meant his complexion. 

Another example is of a 15-year old girl who arrived at an American school with high hopes of making new friends. She ended up with a likewise group of black students who were physically and verbally assaulted daily by white Americans. Adding to the many examples and disturbing history of slavery, injustice, exploitation and inequality in America, African-Americans have been the prime target of physical and verbal assaults based on racism.

Note: You can read more by visiting the following links:

2020: The Racial-based Killing of George Floyd & Endless Protests in the U.S.

George Floyd; one of the many African-Americans whose recent death came at the hands of four white Minnesotan Police officers sparked outrage in the U.S, leading to more than a month’s protest and still ongoing. And though the history tells us clearly about the racial-based hatred of the white towards black, things are different this time as protests across all the 50 U.S states including D.C. are led by white. Business industries, local government, sports and many other departments have pledged their support while calling to dismantle the Minneapolis police department.

Black Lives Matter protest following the unjust killing of George Floyd has sparked a perfect rebellion, joined by Frank Leon Roberts; a teacher of Black Lives Matter at the New York University. 

Gruesome and obvious; Floyd’s death video went viral that showed a white police officer, Derek Chauvin; kneeling on his neck for nearly nine minutes even after Floyd’s repeated plea; “I can’t breathe”. The incident happened when the world was already struggling against the deadly COVID-19 pandemic, high unemployment and economic unrest. Lives all over the world have changed including those of Americans who’ve been asked to stay at home, slowly accepting the fact that what once used to be normal is no longer acceptable!

For the U.S. in particular, the unemployment rate is more or less 15% means that above-average number of people can easily join the protest and campaign against Racial Discrimination and injustice without any work commitments.

Does it Even Matter

The history itself speaks of this racial-based discrimination and brutal killing of black by the hands of white. And even after passing several constitution bills and civil rights laws, the situation still remains unfavourable for the African-Americans who are now claiming that “We’re afraid, even though we’re American natives”. All we’ve got to see now is where this protest would lead to and should there be any justice as an exemplary punishment to the guilty police officers.

For more news and latest updates on the above; visit the following channels:

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Redefining the Future with Amazing Tech & Impact on Marketing Wed, 20 May 2020 10:00:32 +0000 Technology for the Disabled Among the rapidly expanding circle of technology and an increasing number of web design Dubai agencies working with wearable tech, it is the most exciting. One of the greatest benefits and powerful applications is developing technology for the disabled and making their lives more precious. Almost every day, more and more […]

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Technology for the Disabled

Among the rapidly expanding circle of technology and an increasing number of web design Dubai agencies working with wearable tech, it is the most exciting. One of the greatest benefits and powerful applications is developing technology for the disabled and making their lives more precious. Almost every day, more and more gadgets are being released which promises an improved lifestyle whereas recording, storing and communication of data creates a richer experience. All such gadgets and technology are powered by the cloud that has already resulted in major breakthroughs including human-computer interaction.

A report from the WHO suggested that 15% of the global population lives with a particular form of disability whereas this 15% is approximately 785-million people. And within this specific figure, around 2-to-4% of people face a serious challenge to function equally in the modern and fast-paced work of today. That said; this count is significantly higher as compared to 40 years back in the report by the WHO. Take for instance the same estimates in the 1970s were only 10%. WHO blames rising population and ageing for the rapid rate of disabilities with chronic diseases being widespread.

Technology is also evolving at a supersonic speed where creative inventors and innovators are actively engaged in developing reliable devices to help the disabled lead an equally normal life. As a leading web design Dubai agency, Digital Gravity works closely with emerging tech. Of the many, the most common and noteworthy are:

Visual Impairment

Partial loss of vision or total blindness, when failed to be cured or reversed, can benefit from the many optical impairment devices already streamlining the healthcare industry. When worn, the user is able to function better and take part in different activities thus achieves a balanced lifestyle by improved interactivity.


Have you ever considered a Braille watch that can do more than just tell time? It’s more of a smartwatch designed especially for the visually impaired to help them read emails, text and make the most of their smartphones. The device can be linked to any smartphone through Bluetooth which then translates the text into the Braille. It contains six dots in four cells over the watch’s surface and the dots form alphabets at any given time. The device is incredibly functional and perfect to stay connected on-the-go.

The Bradley

Yet another watch that tells the user the time using the touch interface is The Bradley. It comes with dual ball bearings instead of the usual watch hands where one of the balls indicate hours and the other tell minutes. Although the watch doesn’t add much value, it’s simple and handy for not-so-tech-savvy users.

The Finger Reader

This is perhaps one of the most functional devices that can scan text via micro camera and read it out as an audio output. Individuals with low vision or even blindness can read books simply by pointing a finger at the text; one line at a time whereas the device every time when reading a new line or at the end of the line to prompt the user in moving the finger accordingly.


Orcam; an Israeli company come up with smart glasses that can recognise texts, money, products, face and a lot more, powered by AI cloud which tells users what they’re looking at. The glasses are mounted with a tiny camera to the side along with an earpiece which can convey audio. The text can be picked and stored, allowing users to identify and keep track of their activities.

Intelligent Shoes

An Indian company; Ducere Technologies developed Lechal, smart shoes that can replace the white cane and the concept is to transmit vibration signals to wearers thus helping in navigating them wherever they go. These are available as insoles as well which lets the users convert any of their footwear into smart shoes. These are also rechargeable, GPS-enabled and tremendously useful for anyone including athletes and travellers visiting an uncharted place.

Emerging Tech & Impact on Marketing

Cloud technology has emerged beyond infancy and many industries are now realising its long-term benefits. Most companies even adopted and shaped their infrastructure per current standards as laid by cloud computing. The field of marketing benefits above all that’s constantly engaged in keeping up with the audience more ingeniously! Advertising perspectives and mission-critical data storing techniques are reshaped dramatically.

Innovation Matters More than Cost

The goal of cloud computing is more towards innovation rather than cost as it helps to increase productivity. Individuals, multiple users and perhaps a leading web design company in Dubai show an inclination towards the advantages of a private cloud that’s beyond cost. IT gurus and CEOs see it as a means to turn the tide in favour of business organisations, making them more competent and active as ever. 

However from a typical businessman point-of-view, following the approach also helps alleviate cost over several IT and business operations. The big picture indicates long-term initiatives such as reshaping the trading industry, resolute performance and acute business services.

Success Factors are As High As Ever

Top business and IT players forecast the effects of cloud computing are more global rather than a particular industry. As if by chance, predictions hold true till now and business services went completely digital by the end of 2017. Coming to cloud storage as is necessary with digital content, average data storage per household would escalate in coming years. 

Apparently, not everyone can hoard such massive storage devices resulting in further demand for cloud servers. Web-based applications will be globally accepted in contrast to client-installed programs by the end of 2020. A primary aim is to achieve cost-effectiveness and time-saving.

Bubble Grows Bigger

Unlike the economic bubble that’s bound to burst sooner or later, demand for cloud tech seems to outgrow supply with digital marketing becoming a crucial tool. With each passing day, business entities regardless of their size vote in favour of cloud computing. A simple person can access a world of applications and real-time services just by clicking a button while relaxing on his couch. 

Cloud Tech: A Priority

  • Improved Security

Big-time industries clinched to infallible safety characteristics that the only cloud provides, immediately perks-up performance and less data loss. Marketing evangelists no longer fear hardware malfunction or burnout due to work overload as the cloud offers a fail-safe back-up system that keeps functioning no matter the situation. Multiple servers operate in unison so even if one faces breakdown, others will keep you on track while instantly connecting you with alternate servers.

  • Supports Multiple Devices

Data files are easily saved over virtual drives so you don’t even need to carry physical hardware; isn’t it innovative and worthwhile! Easy accessibility paves the way for instant connectivity with any of these servers however services and nature of business tasks shouldn’t be overlooked.

  • Pocket-Friendly Solution

Cost-efficiency is a trump card for companies operating with cloud computing technology. Newly established businesses or older companies that have shifted their services to the cloud no longer need to spend thousands of bucks. For a little investment, they can easily adapt to the virtual platform and get the services up and running 

IT & Marketing Goes Hand-in-Hand

In 2013, Gartner presented a report with a complete overview of marketing and technology with projected model till 2017 and beyond;

  1. Digital database and mobile marketing goes viral
  2. Database and customer relationship management (CRM) system gaining upper echelon 
  3. Marketing operations made automatic
  4. E-commerce and client analytics

More or less, all the above-mentioned approaches are implemented on a wide scale! With each case, marketers need to garner particular computing mediums and programs to fulfil their needs. Marketing departments today that lack IT infrastructure is like defenceless cities that can be raided anytime by dozens of cybercriminals waiting for an opportunity. 

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