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Technology for the Disabled

Among the rapidly expanding circle of technology and an increasing number of web design Dubai agencies working with wearable tech, it is the most exciting. One of the greatest benefits and powerful applications is developing technology for the disabled and making their lives more precious. Almost every day, more and more gadgets are being released which promises an improved lifestyle whereas recording, storing and communication of data creates a richer experience. All such gadgets and technology are powered by the cloud that has already resulted in major breakthroughs including human-computer interaction.

A report from the WHO suggested that 15% of the global population lives with a particular form of disability whereas this 15% is approximately 785-million people. And within this specific figure, around 2-to-4% of people face a serious challenge to function equally in the modern and fast-paced work of today. That said; this count is significantly higher as compared to 40 years back in the report by the WHO. Take for instance the same estimates in the 1970s were only 10%. WHO blames rising population and ageing for the rapid rate of disabilities with chronic diseases being widespread.

Technology is also evolving at a supersonic speed where creative inventors and innovators are actively engaged in developing reliable devices to help the disabled lead an equally normal life. As a leading web design Dubai agency, Digital Gravity works closely with emerging tech. Of the many, the most common and noteworthy are:

Visual Impairment

Partial loss of vision or total blindness, when failed to be cured or reversed, can benefit from the many optical impairment devices already streamlining the healthcare industry. When worn, the user is able to function better and take part in different activities thus achieves a balanced lifestyle by improved interactivity.


Have you ever considered a Braille watch that can do more than just tell time? It’s more of a smartwatch designed especially for the visually impaired to help them read emails, text and make the most of their smartphones. The device can be linked to any smartphone through Bluetooth which then translates the text into the Braille. It contains six dots in four cells over the watch’s surface and the dots form alphabets at any given time. The device is incredibly functional and perfect to stay connected on-the-go.

The Bradley

Yet another watch that tells the user the time using the touch interface is The Bradley. It comes with dual ball bearings instead of the usual watch hands where one of the balls indicate hours and the other tell minutes. Although the watch doesn’t add much value, it’s simple and handy for not-so-tech-savvy users.

The Finger Reader

This is perhaps one of the most functional devices that can scan text via micro camera and read it out as an audio output. Individuals with low vision or even blindness can read books simply by pointing a finger at the text; one line at a time whereas the device every time when reading a new line or at the end of the line to prompt the user in moving the finger accordingly.


Orcam; an Israeli company come up with smart glasses that can recognise texts, money, products, face and a lot more, powered by AI cloud which tells users what they’re looking at. The glasses are mounted with a tiny camera to the side along with an earpiece which can convey audio. The text can be picked and stored, allowing users to identify and keep track of their activities.

Intelligent Shoes

An Indian company; Ducere Technologies developed Lechal, smart shoes that can replace the white cane and the concept is to transmit vibration signals to wearers thus helping in navigating them wherever they go. These are available as insoles as well which lets the users convert any of their footwear into smart shoes. These are also rechargeable, GPS-enabled and tremendously useful for anyone including athletes and travellers visiting an uncharted place.

Emerging Tech & Impact on Marketing

Cloud technology has emerged beyond infancy and many industries are now realising its long-term benefits. Most companies even adopted and shaped their infrastructure per current standards as laid by cloud computing. The field of marketing benefits above all that’s constantly engaged in keeping up with the audience more ingeniously! Advertising perspectives and mission-critical data storing techniques are reshaped dramatically.

Innovation Matters More than Cost

The goal of cloud computing is more towards innovation rather than cost as it helps to increase productivity. Individuals, multiple users and perhaps a leading web design company in Dubai show an inclination towards the advantages of a private cloud that’s beyond cost. IT gurus and CEOs see it as a means to turn the tide in favour of business organisations, making them more competent and active as ever. 

However from a typical businessman point-of-view, following the approach also helps alleviate cost over several IT and business operations. The big picture indicates long-term initiatives such as reshaping the trading industry, resolute performance and acute business services.

Success Factors are As High As Ever

Top business and IT players forecast the effects of cloud computing are more global rather than a particular industry. As if by chance, predictions hold true till now and business services went completely digital by the end of 2017. Coming to cloud storage as is necessary with digital content, average data storage per household would escalate in coming years. 

Apparently, not everyone can hoard such massive storage devices resulting in further demand for cloud servers. Web-based applications will be globally accepted in contrast to client-installed programs by the end of 2020. A primary aim is to achieve cost-effectiveness and time-saving.

Bubble Grows Bigger

Unlike the economic bubble that’s bound to burst sooner or later, demand for cloud tech seems to outgrow supply with digital marketing becoming a crucial tool. With each passing day, business entities regardless of their size vote in favour of cloud computing. A simple person can access a world of applications and real-time services just by clicking a button while relaxing on his couch. 

Cloud Tech: A Priority

  • Improved Security

Big-time industries clinched to infallible safety characteristics that the only cloud provides, immediately perks-up performance and less data loss. Marketing evangelists no longer fear hardware malfunction or burnout due to work overload as the cloud offers a fail-safe back-up system that keeps functioning no matter the situation. Multiple servers operate in unison so even if one faces breakdown, others will keep you on track while instantly connecting you with alternate servers.

  • Supports Multiple Devices

Data files are easily saved over virtual drives so you don’t even need to carry physical hardware; isn’t it innovative and worthwhile! Easy accessibility paves the way for instant connectivity with any of these servers however services and nature of business tasks shouldn’t be overlooked.

  • Pocket-Friendly Solution

Cost-efficiency is a trump card for companies operating with cloud computing technology. Newly established businesses or older companies that have shifted their services to the cloud no longer need to spend thousands of bucks. For a little investment, they can easily adapt to the virtual platform and get the services up and running 

IT & Marketing Goes Hand-in-Hand

In 2013, Gartner presented a report with a complete overview of marketing and technology with projected model till 2017 and beyond;

  1. Digital database and mobile marketing goes viral
  2. Database and customer relationship management (CRM) system gaining upper echelon 
  3. Marketing operations made automatic
  4. E-commerce and client analytics

More or less, all the above-mentioned approaches are implemented on a wide scale! With each case, marketers need to garner particular computing mediums and programs to fulfil their needs. Marketing departments today that lack IT infrastructure is like defenceless cities that can be raided anytime by dozens of cybercriminals waiting for an opportunity. 

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A Definitive Guide to Mobile Application Development in 2020 Wed, 20 May 2020 09:04:52 +0000 To deliver a fascinating mobile experience isn’t at all a linear process since the app development lifecycle includes many different strings and cogs tied to one another. Any absence of collaboration would compromise the entire project which means the procedure is deeper beyond your anticipation. It’s easy of you to go astray when outsourcing app […]

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To deliver a fascinating mobile experience isn’t at all a linear process since the app development lifecycle includes many different strings and cogs tied to one another. Any absence of collaboration would compromise the entire project which means the procedure is deeper beyond your anticipation. It’s easy of you to go astray when outsourcing app development without any clear understanding. Let’s have a look behind-the-scenes of the app-building for clear understanding!

Business Objectives

Take time to determine the factors that can make your application super successful and shine across the board. Jot down all the possibilities the app would address company requisites as well as of users. Here’re a few basic things to consider;

  • Purpose of the product
  • Overall vision and mission of the final product
  • The most important or current problem it can address
  • Possibility of improving current business operations or the introduction of an entirely new corporate function
  • Business or economic model of the product
  • Development of the app from scratch or by incorporating existing assets
  • Realistic factors as to whether the app is actually possible per the functions you desire

Target Users

For every successful project relevant to mobile app development in Dubai, it’s important to understand the user’s needs, goals, expectations, feelings, opinions and pain points. Rather than creating an app for a generic group, you might as well go for user-specific personas that are originated during qualitative and quantitative research. Conduct field research, surveys, organise focus groups, leverage existing details for a clear and detailed understanding of end-product users.

Competitor Assessment

The best approach is looking at your immediate competitors so as to come up with something truly unique. Probe the competitor’s strategy and research likewise products that’ll help in determining the feature-set of your app’s position as more valuable than the existing line!

Consider Your MVP

When partnering with a mobile application development company in Dubai, they would require some details of your Minimum Viable Product (MVP). As you progress, the development team would further help in defining the MVP and you can also elaborate some other ideas at this point if needed. 

Remember that an MVP is a product’s version which incorporates only those features crucial in bolstering the app to the market. It’s a cost-effective way to determine a product’s viability, functionality and demand in the market. An MVP allows you to improve the product with strategic decisions based on smart research which equally maximises ROI with each of the released versions.

Moving ahead with the MVP outline, you’re likely to end with a core set of listed features crucial towards long-term goals and success. Using a prioritisation matrix would help in identifying the features that are likely to make the most impact. When creating an MVP, it must be noted that the finished product should be achievable within at least 90-days!

Product Discovery

Once done with the initial homework and have the partnership established, you’ll jump into the thick of development. The developers along with you would hold an internal meeting to come clear with the task at hand. The meeting is likely to be held between Internal Project Manager (IPM), Accounts Executive, UI/UX Designer, Technical Project Manager (TPM) and Architect. Minimum Marketable Features (MMF) are also discussed alongside the project’s duration.

Mobile Applications for Game Development

For game developers and studios, mobile apps were once a dream come true but the boom in recent years has touched every industry including travel, business and technology with many dedicated apps for every niche.

Users of mobile application in Dubai and around the world grow approximately 20-times per month on an average during the Q1 of 2020. Social apps take the lead with more or less 25%+ launches per month, closely followed by business and technology, travel and lifestyle applications with around 18%+ launches and growing.

Apps for entertainment and media industry fall in second place with approximately 17 launches per month average with retail and eCommerce apps following closely, around 12 times a month.

Mobile Dominates Desktop for Apps

It began with the complete association to the entertainment industry but now penetrates the global consumer market. More than a million users around the world rely on mobile applications for directions, perform business tasks and make online purchases. Gaming and entertainment along with social media still take most of the average consumer time in both developed and emerging markets. Majority of users today now spend most of their digital minutes on mobile.

Mobile Mix & Retention 

A report concluded that an average mobile app session length takes more or less five minutes per month with average consumer spending of around 74 minutes-per-month on mobile apps. These figures are interpreted bearing in mind that many users out there don’t even use mobile apps at all.

The statistics also explain the rise in the use of business, technology and travel apps. Capitalists and entrepreneurs rarely or simply don’t ever install a game app on their smart device however; they exploit apps for mapping, booking and conduct various business activities.

Technology applications are also growing amongst businessmen ever since developers have released more secure and versatile/multi-function apps. That being said, the game sector experienced a decline of approximately two-to-three per cent by the end of 2019. Then again, mobile apps have yet to achieve holding rates among global consumers.

Location-based Services are Paramount

Almost all mobile devices nowadays feature GPS capabilities which is a huge driving factor in the corporate and ecommerce app sector. Location-Based Services (LBS) are able to provide real-time details and send push-notifications based on the user’s current location. 

LBS takes on a massive consumer market such as navigation, travel, ecommerce gateway, shopping portals, retail-and-food offers alongside many others. Chatbots and virtual assistants are also incorporated thus contributing to the overall market of mobile application in Dubai and worldwide.

Analysts also provided various forecast models for the entire app market in coming years however; a traditional estimate by 2020 is gross total revenue exceeding more or less $190 billion. A huge contribution is in hospitality, travel, business and technology apps per their usability and reliability; taking a huge portion from the gaming and entertainment sector.

The Next Generation Mobile Apps are Powered by Amazon Alexa

One thing’s pretty obvious; voice assistance in mobile app development is here to stay and rather evolving into every other industry as we know it. From healthcare to automotive and many others, there has been a dramatic growth of digital assistants.

That being said, Amazon’s Alexa came forth with appealing integration among major brands from around the world. We saw more than a dozen products and brands of smart speakers in the CES unveiling Alexa’s integration. 

Mobile app development in Dubai and global showed signs of growing rapidly empowered by this particular digital assistant! Here’s all you should know by now;

The landscape of the Smart Speaker

The digital marketing industry has predicted that the use of voice-enabled speakers would rise to more or less 180%+ in 2020 whereas the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) reported that smart speakers sales surged by 300% approximately.

Amazon today has a number of likewise devices in the market alongside intermediary applications whereas Google also released its very own Voice Assistant and the Google Home with the launch of the Pixel phones.

And while various companies were battling between the Augmented and Virtual Reality, Amazon was already working on the next-level thingy that is Alexa Skills. This is the adoption of the Alexa via Echo devices and intermediary developers that exceeded all expectations.

Apple, Google, Samsung and Microsoft are following the footsteps thus giving Amazon a tough-time whereas smaller brands are also jumping into the competition with their very own bots to voice assistants and AI-powered personalities so on.

Consumers thus expect more personalised and distinct experiences with brands focused on delivering as much information to the end consumer alongside a more immersive and rich user-experience.

Alexa Taking on By Storm

Alexa expanded beyond Amazon’s devices and penetrated into the world of computers, mirrors, automobile and even toilet manufacturing. With this, Alexa has its eyes set on the healthcare sector! Amazon is clearly staying ahead in the competition of voice assistants that now control key functions of the smartphones and likewise devices.

A New User Interface

Alexa fuelled interest in voice technology and its use. Although many other likewise services such as Google Now, Apple Siri, Microsoft Cortana came before Alexa, Amazon has become synonymous with voice assistants. The way user interface is designed by mobile app development in Dubai and around the world has seen a dramatic shift ever since the rise of Alexa. Voice enables a totally new and innovative way to interact with technology thus redefining how users interact with technology,

Brands Should Learn

Ever since the coming of voice services, brands have a better understanding of what users expect since the technology provides detailed consumer insight and behavioural patterns as well as preferences within their home. They can easily identify as to what a particular user is searching for over the internet or perhaps through previous search patterns.

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11 Lucrative Business Ideas to Pitch in 2020 amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic Thu, 07 May 2020 10:04:03 +0000 These are crucial and uncertain times for businesses all over the world. Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic that occurred in December 2019, the global economy has experienced the worst decline ever during the past 20+ years. Corporate priorities are shifting almost every day to ensure safe and smooth operations while dealing with the worldwide pandemic. […]

The post 11 Lucrative Business Ideas to Pitch in 2020 amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic appeared first on Digital Gravity.

These are crucial and uncertain times for businesses all over the world. Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic that occurred in December 2019, the global economy has experienced the worst decline ever during the past 20+ years. Corporate priorities are shifting almost every day to ensure safe and smooth operations while dealing with the worldwide pandemic. In short, businesses have to act promptly and be extra vigilant in order to survive while holding a solid ground in terms of finance.

Indeed the COVID-19 is undeniable, but not all are grim or lost as many new businesses and brands have taken the pandemic as an opportunity to rise above all and intelligently utilised emerging technologies plus digital platforms to serve the world in a better way. Live streaming, virtual reality, online education, home-delivery/e-commerce have changed the entire corporate landscape while finding new and creative ways to connect with customers all over the world.

Although time will tell about the ultimate success and profitability of a particular business operation, staying safe, active and operational in these crucial times is a priority. As a leading app development company in Dubai, Digital Gravity has identified some of the most purpose-driven and profitable business ideas for you to pitch and achieve greater winnings in 2020 even amidst the pandemic crisis. Let’s have a detailed look for more clarity:

Start Your Own Blog Page

Thousands, if not in millions, bloggers around the world are happily earning six figures annually simply by the passion of expressing things through words. None other than content writers and bloggers, they connect with a niche audience via purposeful content intended at making money while providing reliable information to a wide online user-base.

In fact, research stats revealed that more or less 75% of bloggers are earning around $50,000+ per annum having content that’s focused on a particular target audience and user interests. Adding to it is strategically making a content calendar and start building a fan base through different marketing campaigns like email marketing, automation software, integration with Google Analytics to monitor traffic and other metrics so on.

Online Education

The coming of coronavirus fuelled education ministries around the world to properly introduce and operate an online learning management system. From schools to universities and various other institutions, sharing knowledge and acquiring quality education through experts has become far easier via dozens of online course platforms. For teachers and subject experts, it can become a source to earn a substantial income whereas for the students, it’s an opportunity to connect with communities around the world and hone their academic proficiency.


If someone’s good at procuring in-demand products at a comparably low cost, drop-shipping business is an ideal chance to keep the pocketbook full and hot. Drop-shipping simply refers to a business concept where sellers acquire bulk products from suppliers only to sell them further in a legal way, however. If someone’s engaged or planning to be a part of drop-shipping business, extensive market research and ability to identify high demand products that can be easily procured on discounted rates, is a must. You can easily get the idea of high-selling products from a leading e-commerce business namely Amazon.

Graphic OR Digital Design

The widespread digital landscape has produced some highly creative business opportunities like graphic designing for brands. It can be anything from marketing collateral designing that includes posters, banners, logos, stunning and user-friendly website landing pages so on. Besides, the digital landscape is ever-growing which also raises the competition to find skilled and creative talents highly apt for the graphic designing industry. For those already experienced in the field, winning new clients while retaining loyal and old ones wouldn’t be a challenge.

Similarly, teachers can also benefit and earn extra dough by providing quality education and training in graphic design software such as Adobe InDesign and/or more. There’re many other user-friendly options to better-up your skills as a graphic designer.

Website & Application Development

The number of global internet users has exceeded four billion whereas the coming of COVID-19 pandemic further added to the benefit of website and mobile application development companies in Dubai and all over the world. To cope with the massive surge, almost every business, irrespective of the nature of the operation, now has a fully-developed, rich website which further leads to increasing demands against website and mobile application development experts and/or agencies.

For newbies in the industry, they can begin by developing purposeful websites for family and friends which only helps in further nourishing their skills and make them highly efficient and competent coders. If you think you’ve just the creative spark and expertise at developing internet and user-friendly websites, make this a full-time career and add credibility to your portfolio.

For web developers, basic coding skills and command on programming languages like CSS, HTML, JavaScript and more are a must-have.

Be an Influencer

When users and customers take your word or opinion with enthusiasm, trust and unending loyalty, make it even more lucrative for everyone by being a niche influencer and provide honest advice to the world. Whether your social media platform preference for an influencer is Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram or any other, your words have the potential to earn business in thousands and eventually millions while enjoying more profile views, likes and shares.

Before beginning, however, you’ve to choose your niche and establish a strong network of followers. Showcasing your academic and professional achievements on the digital front is the ultimate opportunity to become a preferable influencer for bigger brands and renowned industries around the world. As for earning, it has been estimated that expert influencers can earn anywhere between $600 and $6,000 for a single yet meaningful post!

Phone Case Production Business

Not much of a highly preferred choice but, the number of smartphone users is increasing day by day and have now reached nearly three billion. For many out there, the safety of the smartphone is a matter of pride and even life which prompts smartphone case manufacturers a profitable business opportunity. In fact, smartphone cases are among the top-selling mobile phone accessories to earn skilled craftsmen a handsome six or seven-figure income.

And as we speak, mobile phone cases don’t need to be downright bland and boring but, expert craftsmanship and uniquely creative cases can even pull above $60,000+ right in the first year of their manufacture and release.

Affiliate Marketing

Though has been a buzzword in the marketing industry for quite some time now, affiliate marketing is all about making passive money online while simply associating or ‘affiliating’ with brands in their marketing campaigns and programmes. Independent industry research also concluded that affiliate bloggers are already making between $8,000 and $26,000 per month.

In simpler terms, affiliate marketing is where influencers and bloggers recommend or promote a brand’s product or service, engage users and convert them into real customers while earning a cut from the total amount of the sell price.

Home Delivery Service

The COVID-19 pandemic resulted in market closures, lockdowns and curfews but that isn’t the end of the world. With many major businesses and brands providing home delivery services, it’s one of the highest paying and in-demand work opportunity. Whether yours is a grocery store, a fast-food franchise or a likewise business, home delivery service while keeping up with full COVID-19 preventive measures, is a chance to earn more and do a good deed by serving the helpless.

Social Media Manager

Social media is a world of its own where almost everyone around the world is connected to each other. Businesses and brands have realised the true potential of various purpose-based social media platforms and are now actively managing their entire operations efficiently and effectively, given to the pandemic crisis. 

For someone keen and highly expert at social media channels; also having a firm grasp on the ecosystem, being a social media manager is a chance to widen the business, gain more professional connections and stand above all on the search engine with an active presence on different social networks. As a social media manager, you would be managing accounts and paid campaigns for businesses and brands on major social channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google and many more.

Travel Consultancy

Though closed for the time being given to the coronavirus crisis, travel consultancy has always been a profitable business. In fact, some of the countries around the world have allowed travelling with full COVID-19 preventive measures which means having a travel consultant to guide you with all the standard procedures is a must. Other than in-house travel consultancy, services can be easily managed online via the official website as well as through social media channels. If travel has always been your passion, earn a professional certificate in travel consultancy business and make your dreams come true.

To Sum It All

No doubt, the COVID-19 pandemic poses a huge threat to the global economy and has already resulted in the permanent closure of major business ventures, the above list highlights few of the many business opportunities that you can put to the best.

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COVID-19 & The UAE: Endless Struggle During the Deadly Pandemic Thu, 23 Apr 2020 07:03:41 +0000 December 2019: As the world prepares to bid a happy farewell to the year and welcome 2020 in all its glory, something unsuspected and deadly rises from Wuhan, the city of China. As beautiful and touristy this capital of Hubei province is, nobody suspected it would become the centre of the worst to come; none […]

The post COVID-19 & The UAE: Endless Struggle During the Deadly Pandemic appeared first on Digital Gravity.

December 2019: As the world prepares to bid a happy farewell to the year and welcome 2020 in all its glory, something unsuspected and deadly rises from Wuhan, the city of China. As beautiful and touristy this capital of Hubei province is, nobody suspected it would become the centre of the worst to come; none other than the COVID-19 or coronavirus as it’s called in general. 

Before we jump into the war against the COVID-19 and where the UAE stands, it’s important to know about origin, evolution and how this virus became a global pandemic; grinding economies to a halt. Check out the details exclusively researched and collected by Digital Gravity.

Event Facts

Corona Virus cases

Corona Virus Active casesCorona Virus closed cases

December 31st, 2019: The Wuhan Municipal Health Commission reported 27 pneumonic cases of unknown etymology. Of the 27, seven cases were considered severe whereas the issue leads to a common destination that is Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market in Wuhan which is famous for its livestock and seafood.

Test samples from the reported subjects came out positive resulting in the immediate closure of the market. The tests indicated novel coronavirus with common symptoms such as dry cough, fever, bilateral infiltration of the lungs (as per radiological examination) and dyspnoea.

January 9th, 2020: Chinese CDC released a report confirming novel coronavirus as instrumental for more or less 60 pneumonia cases.

Between January 20th & 23rd, 2020: Multiple cases were reported from three countries other than China, namely: South Korea, Thailand and Japan; however with a common factor that is all exported/travelled from China. On January 23rd, Wuhan city was completely locked down; all travel within and outside were prohibited. Intercity transportation and movement were also restricted.

On January 24th, 2020, the first COVID-19 case in Europe with a travel history to China was reported in France and by 28th; several other cases were filed in Germany as well.

The World Health Organisation (WHO), on January 30th, declared the outbreak as a ‘public health emergency’. And as days and weeks passed, the number of cases and deaths connected to the coronavirus increased almost everywhere around the world. It was on March 11th, 2020 when the director of WHO declared COVID-19 a global pandemic as cities and countries struggled for the safety of all while facing a new economy and business strain.



What You Should Know About Pandemic?

A global outbreak of worldwide spreading of new disease-causing severe health issues and deaths is coined as a “pandemic”. The Spanish flu outbreak in 1918 is regarded as the worst pandemic in history till date. It began as an epidemic; for example, Zika Virus and Ebola that didn’t become a worldwide threat, hence regarded as epidemics, unlike COVID-19 that made its way all over the world due to which it’s considered as a pandemic.

COVID-19 in the UAE

It was on January 29th when the first case of coronavirus in the UAE was confirmed with a 73-year-old Chinese female as a reported subject. However, the woman fully recovered after extreme care and precautions following release from the hospital on February 9th but it didn’t stop there as on March 20th, two confirmed COVID-19 related deaths were confirmed.

To neutralise the threat of the deadly pandemic, an 11-day sterilisation campaign was launched in Dubai on March 22nd and four days post-campaign launch, night curfew was imposed by the government so that disinfection of the city and country as a whole can be managed. Education institutions were closed until the end of the academic year whereas offices resumed their activities from home.

Government Legislations

Increase in the number of COVID-19 cases in the UAE and grim conditions around the world led the UAE government to take immediate and effective actions for the safety of all. Their first move was the repatriation of tourists in the UAE who wish to return to their homeland as well as ensure safe arrival of the natives via full medically-equipped chartered flights.


On March 23rd, the UAE government released orders to completely shut down malls, markets and other shopping/public areas including livestock and grocery as disinfection began.


The UAE Ministry of Education on March 3rd announced countrywide closure of educational institutions and introduced distance learning programmes to ensure undisrupted delivery of quality education.


The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) released orders for all its licensed hospitals to consider all reported cases; suspected and confirmed, as an emergency and that treatment must be free-of-charge, that include individuals without insurance.


All religious places; irrespective of caste and religion, were closed for safety including suspension of mass gatherings from March 12th onwards.


The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (UAE) on March 24th unblocked major communications applications and software like Google Hangouts and Skype for Business following the COVID-19 outbreak. Both of these applications, however, are made compatible with particular internet service providers. On the contrary, Zoom, Blackboard and Microsoft Teams were openly available across all online networks in the country.

COVID-19: Important Facts

Transmission of the Virus

Amidst the controversies and debates concerning the virus’s origin, there’s a strong possibility that coronavirus evolved in animal species and transferred into humans. It then gestates, mutates and spreads from a person to another on contact likely from germ content such as sneezing, cough, physical touch, handshake (unless properly cleaned) and so on.

Vaccine OR Antidote

As of now, there is no vaccine, medicine or an antidote specific for the treatment of COVID-19 however, research and development around the world have accelerated and it’s believed that a vaccine could be developed in coming months. Till then, only precautionary measures and basic hygiene practices are the only defence against the virus. Antiallergenic medicines have shown to reduce the virus symptoms among the patients in their initial stage.

Symptom Development & Precautions

Travellers experiencing symptoms such as shortness of breath, any respiratory issue with flu and fever are advised to seek medical attention immediately. 

Before actually visiting the doctor in the clinic or at the hospital, it’s better to discuss on call first so that all precautionary measures are taken in advance. 

Individuals (whether sick or healthy) should maintain a certain physical distance and avoid coming in contact with anyone.

Travelling when sick or unhealthy especially during this time of pandemic is strictly prohibited. 

Basic hygiene and well-being practices such as covering of the nose and mouth either with a clean piece of towel or tissue while sneezing or coughing is a must. 

The tissue must be discarded immediately whereas the towel can be reused after proper cleaning and disinfection. 

Wash hands frequently with an antiseptic, a normal or liquid soap. It’s always good to carry an antiseptic or alcohol-based hand sanitizer wherever you go so as to keep your hands clean especially after physically touching almost anything.

Barricade yourself and your pets from all outdoor or wild animals.

Avoid going to livestock and meat markets. 

Always properly clean the edible meat and cook it well before eating.

Daily intake of foods that boost immunity.

Tackling COVID-19 with Technology in the UAE

Where the pandemic ground industries and business to a halt which resulted in the fall of the global economy, digital industry and IT sector thrived. Research and development facilities along with almost every corporate industry as we know around the world today heavily rely on digital software, applications and remote IT support to continue their operations as well as battle the disease.

The UAE came forward with another finest example of a technological breakthrough as health authorities in Abu Dhabi have developed a mobile app that would help them trace and identify positive COVID-19 cases. The app has been named as TraceCovid which uses Bluetooth tech to pick up signals from mobile phones. But in order for the app to work, other mobile phones and digital devices should have the app installed as well.

On the positive outcome of the virus post-test, the app data would then help in finding the subject from whom the disease might’ve been transferred. On successful identification through the process known as contact tracing, individual(s) would then be asked to self-isolate for two weeks during which they’ll be closely monitored and tested for more symptoms. Should the virus progress among these individuals, proper medical testing and emergency care is a must.

Debunking COVID-19 Myths

Transmission of the Virus Through Mosquito Bite

Coronavirus has been regarded as a respiratory virus which spreads through sneeze, cough and physical contact from the infected subject. Till date, there has been no proof nor any case reported against COVID-19 following a mosquito bite.

Cold Temperature Effective Against Virus Development

Normal human body temperature remains between 36.5 and 37-degree Celsius irrespective of the external surroundings. There is thus no reason to believe cold temperature as effective against killing the virus and diminishing likewise symptoms.

Use of Antibiotics

The COVID-19 coronavirus is a new type of virus which means that using antibiotics as a precautionary measure should be avoided else side-effects can be life-threatening.

Transmission of Virus Through Imported Goods & Packages

Survival ratio and duration of the virus differs on various types of surfaces. For now, it has been confirmed that manufactured goods imported from China or anywhere around the world do not source transmission and infection of the COVID-19 virus.

Raw or Cooked Garlic As a Protective Means

Indeed, garlic has microbial properties due to which it’s considered a healthy food but, when it comes to eating it specifically for protection against coronavirus, there isn’t any evidence or scientific/medical research based on proven facts.

Important Links to Keep Yourself Updated on COVID-19 in UAE

To stay updated on the latest developments in the COVID-19 and how the UAE is battling with the crisis, Digital Gravity is pleased to share valuable and informative resources. It must be noted that we do not own or claim any of the content from the provided links to be ours. Copyright laws and rights are reserved.

  1. For all the information about the novel coronavirus in the UAE –
  2. Impact of COVID-19 on the real estate industry of the UAE and KSA, the detailed report from KnightFrank is a must read –
  3. For all travel related and other essential information officially released by the Embassy of The United Arab Emirates –
  4. For all the updates, research, scientific reports and medical findings on COVID-19 in the UAE, check out the Department of Health official website –
  5. For all the latest news and releases by the World Health Organisation (WHO) global –
  6. For all the online services you can avail from official UAE federal government –
  7. For free online doctor’s consultation in the UAE –

The message of the Managing Director, Digital Gravity

Managing Director of Digital Gravity, Mr Danish Mehtab, shares his concerns on the current pandemic and expresses his profound gratitude and support to all the frontline doctors, engineers and every single individual who have risked their lives to save countless others from the deadly virus.

From a business point of view, Digital Gravity is proud to support all its employees during this time of global economic crisis. The company is compensating its hard-working employees with full salary, encouraging them to work from home for safety with full digital infrastructure support. The agency is providing its full-time digital services to valuable clients across the UAE and worldwide.

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Important SEO Factors for Higher Search Engine Ranking in 2020! Tue, 17 Mar 2020 15:36:38 +0000 Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a highly dynamic field with constantly updating algorithms changing the facets of the trade. This means that SEO experts need to be constantly on their toes to keep up with the latest developments. Now, if you are looking to attract traffic to your website, you need to be visible to […]

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a highly dynamic field with constantly updating algorithms changing the facets of the trade. This means that SEO experts need to be constantly on their toes to keep up with the latest developments. Now, if you are looking to attract traffic to your website, you need to be visible to your clients.

Websites optimized for search engines have a better chance to gain more traffic, increased leads and better sales. 

  • But how to optimize your website for higher search engine ranking?

Well, in this blog we have come up with the most important SEO components that will help you improve your search engine ranking, get a higher visibility, and improved sales for your online business. 

Understanding SEO

For most people, the working behind Google rankings remains a mystery. Therefore, before we move on to discuss the important SEO factors for Google rankings, let’s have a brief look into the working of SEO for rankings.

  • What is “Ranking”?

SEO or search engine optimization refers to a complete suite of digital marketing techniques that are meant to improve the search engine ranking of your website. 

Rankings in SEO refers to the position of your content of the SERPs (Search engine ranking pages). Ranking at the top means that when a search query has been made by a user using a specific keyword, your website is ranked at the top of the search results (below only to the Google Ads, and featured snippets, we will be covering these things in later sections). For now, you should remember that your Google ranking refers to the organic position of your website against a specific search query.

Generally, if you are ranked in the top 3 positions, you are doing great. That’s because over 50% of all the traffic is received by websites ranked at those top 3 positions. 

Alternatively, if you get ranked on the first page, that’s also a useful position and you can expect to get some traffic to your website. However, if you are not ranked on the first page, there is every reason to get worried, that’s because over 95% of visitors never get past the first page.


  • How does Google search work?

Google officially aims to be a global platform to collect and make accessible World’s information. This is to say; the Google search engine makes it easier for users to search for information from anywhere around the world. This is achieved by google in part by:

  • Google’s spider crawls the webpages
  • It indexes optimized pages into its directory and catalogs them
  • It ranks your web pages as per relevancy and optimization against users’ made search queries

Up until this point, website owners will have to rely on meta titles and meta descriptions to help get ranked in search engines and claim traffic to their websites. 

  • Working of Google Search Rankings

Consider this scenario, a user is looking for SEO services in Dubai. Now, to be able to have contact details of some of the high-performing SEO agencies in Dubai, the user will write some specific search queries in Google search bar like “best SEO agency in Dubai”, “Affordable SEO services in Dubai’ etc. these search queries are known as “Keywords” in SEO industry, which we will be looking in greater details in the following sections. 

However, it’s not just the keywords that impact the ranking for websites, rather it’s more about the quality and resources delivered by the content.

Some of the factors that influence the rankings over Google include:

  • The services/purpose of the page
  • Relevance, richness, the authority of the content
  • Quantity/freshness of the content
  • Number of high-quality backlinks referring to the website
  • Website’s credentials (reputation and trustworthiness)

All of these factors contribute to the final rankings of websites against search queries and based on all of these factors, Google gives users the most complete and high-quality results. It means that the sites ranking highest on search results are the most relevant, and as we move down the relevance and reliability factor goes down.

Digital Gravity Tip: No matter how precise and detailed SEO services are, no one can guarantee a top ranking on Google search results. That’s because Google continuously updates is algorithms and no one (literally no one) except a bunch of core algorithm developers at Google, knows the real deal behind the algorithms. 


  • The On-Page Vs. Off-Page SEO Paradigm

Ok, if you have even the basic knowledge of SEO, you must have heard these two terms repeatedly; on-page and off-page SEO. 

Do you know what each of these terms refers to?

Well, on-page SEO refers to the optimization components you need to get corrected on your websites like the content, design, navigation, sitemap, content, and others.

Alternatively, Off-page SEO refers to the optimization components that are required to be performed outside of your website, to increase the authority and reliability of your website. This includes publishing content over high-quality websites, backlinks and social signals.

You need to cover both types of SEO to achieve your desired ranking.


  • Important SEO factors for higher Google ranking in 2020

Now that you know much about the basic working behind SEO and ranking over Google search engine, let’s jump straight to our top factors to rank higher on Google in 2020.

  • Secure and Easily Accessible website

To be able to achieve top Google ranking, you would need to start from very basics. This means that your very first requirement would be the right URL. To put it simply, you need to choose a URL that’s easy to search and crawl for Google bots.

This is important because even before Google can crawl through the content and index your webpages, it needs to visit the site’s URL and be able to understand the purpose of the page. Here’s how you can help Google bots in their work

  • Get a well-coded website
  • Create robots.txt file which instructs bots about where it should look for the website information
  • Create a sitemap, that includes all your websites’ pages.

In other words, Google has to be able to visit the URL and look at the page content to start to understand what that page is about. To help the bots out, you’ll need:

  • A website created with a well-coded website builder
  • robots.txt file that tells Google where it can and can’t look for your site information
  • A sitemap, which lists all your pages. If you’re running a WordPress site, you can set up a sitemap via Yoast SEO. If not, then you can use an online sitemap generator.
  • Get your website the SSL certificate. While HTTPS isn’t the most pressing requirement that influence page indexing, it nonetheless it’s great for users and Google loves it, so it should be included


  • Page Speed (web and mobile pages)

Google has been advocating in favor of fast loading pages for quite some time now, and understandably it’s one of the important factors to rank higher. The ultimate aim of Google is to offer users exceptional user experience and fast-loading pages are prime requirements for that. A webpage that takes any longer than 5 seconds is doomed because users will switch to another website.

Thereby, it’s important to keep your website’s loading speed within 1-2 seconds, for web and mobile both. You can use mobile testing tool by Google to test the performance of your website for loading speed.


  • Mobile Responsive

Another important factor that contributes to the ranking over Google search query is mobile responsiveness. This is again something that Google has been advocating for quite some time. Today, the number of mobile searches has surpassed desktop searches, which simply point outs the importance of having a mobile responsive website. 

Now that Google has already rolled-out its Mobile-First Indexing update, which puts a responsive website rank higher for search results means if you don’t have a responsive website, you are doomed already.

  • Optimized Content

Ok, in the beginning, we have already talked much about the importance of content for SEO ranking and now we will be looking even in more detail about the influence of content for achieving higher ranks over Google search results.

Honestly, content is the only SEO component that has retained (in fact increased) its importance for higher ranking. That’s because content forms the very foundation of search results (remember when we said above that Google crawls through the website content for indexing the pages). 

Now, when we talk about optimized content, we are talking about content that’s rich, relevant and has high-quality keywords used strategically in between. As said before, “keywords” refers to the search queries made by the users, against which Google ranks the websites. So, when you are writing content for your Dubai based SEO agency, the content should strategically place variations of “SEO services in Dubai” to get better chances of higher rankings.

Another important content factor to consider is the originality of the content. Remember, plagiarism is a punishable offense for Google rankings. Google algorithms love to consume fresh and plagiarism free content, and if you are found guilty of plagiarizing the content from another source without explicitly mentioning the source, your website can be blacklisted or dropped far below in search results. Also, having too much duplicate content on your website is a negative factor for ranking. Ideally, you should try to offer fresh, original content on each page, however, if there’s a duplication, it’s best to inform Google about the page that you want to rank as an authority. This can be achieved by using “Canonical URLs”.

  • Understanding LSI Keywords

Latent semantic indexing (LSI) refers to the complementary/supplementary words that support the main keywords. LSI keywords are a great way to improve your ranking against users’ search queries. In fact, the correct use of LSI actually results in faster ranking at top of search engine results, as well as, better conversion rates. 

  • Answer Boxes

 Another important content consideration for SEO ranking factors is the answer boxes, which are increasingly getting popular amongst users. Google Answer Boxes are meant to give users instant and precise answers to their queries. 

You can optimize your website by creating optimized content for these answer boxes. This can be achieved by:

  • Giving answers to the questions
  • Creating interesting questions as headings in your content
  • Keeping answers precise, and relevant
  • Including targeted keywords in the answers
  • Including lists or tables


  • User Experience instigated by RankBrain

Google has integrated Artificial Intelligence in its algorithms for quite some time now, to be able to produce even better results for users. The specific update is known as RankBrain and it includes various signals that influence a website’s ranking against search queries including:

  • Clickthrough rate – it refers to the number of people who actually click your website as it is ranked against a search query
  • Bounce rate: It refers to the number of people who bounce back after visiting your site (it gives the impression that they don’t find relevant material on your website)
  • Dwell time – The time spent by users browsing through web pages.

if people are leaving your website as quickly as they land, they probably aren’t finding the relevant material they are looking for, which is a bad sign and may negatively impact your ranking. 

Alternatively, if people landing on your website and stick around browsing through multiple pages, it shows that they are interested in the content and positively impact your ranking.

So, next time around when you are writing meta-tiles or meta-description for your web page, make sure you write them carefully and relevant to the content of the webpage.


Search Engine Optimization is a multi-faceted technique and to be able to master the technique, you need to understand the working of each of its components. When you are looking for a higher Google ranking, you need to start from the basics and build your way up the ranking.

Remember, ranking at the highest position takes time and no secret can get you top ranking in any defined period. Thereby, your best route to achieve the Top-Ranking Glory is to not get overwhelmed by trying to implement everything simultaneously, rather keep doing your basics correct, implement best practices and be consistent in your approach.

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Video Marketing and its benefits Sun, 16 Feb 2020 11:50:19 +0000 Videos have been around since the late 1950s but video marketing is not a new thing. The trend of using videos to market your product has been here in the past 2 decades but it’s abruptly improving and increasing as it is giving great results. The 2019 report shows that 87% of marketing professionals use videos as […]

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Videos have been around since the late 1950s but video marketing is not a new thing. The trend of using videos to market your product has been here in the past 2 decades but it’s abruptly improving and increasing as it is giving great results. The 2019 report shows that 87% of marketing professionals use videos as a marketing tool (Wyzowl, 2019). Everyone from YouTubers, vloggers to best corporations have flooded the internet with classy promotional videos to market their products and services.  Outsourcing your video marketing content to the most famous influencers is the primary key to reach out to everyone globally. 

Nevertheless, we have reasons to believe that you might still think that there is no need for a video in small business marketing. In this blog, we are going to explain how video marketing is the best tool to promote your business and encourage you to outsource the best video developers in the market.

How marketing your product is beneficial for your business.

Video marketing includes all the aspects that conventional marketing does but has ten times more results. It makes it easier for people to understand if the content is developed in a form of video and we have no choice but to show moving images to fulfil the requirements of the target audience. weather if it is a person crashing into a car or a video describing the product.

Video Marketing increases brand awareness of your business.

You need to make sure that you’re outstanding your competitors and to do that you need to create brand awareness of your product or services which going to help viewers discover your business, it’s product and services. Developing videos helps viewers educate about the product with the help of entertainment content as well which is especially going to help young-aged people. 

Promotional videos help corporates increase their online presence. 

The more platforms your videos reach, the better your chances of reach a large amount of audience. Gradually, those viewers will change into your potential customers and then, they will convert into retained customers. Once you have established your presence on social media platforms and websites, you need to keep spreading the word online and sharing it via different platforms so that you could outsmart your competitors and always get noticed online.  


According to search engine journals, YouTube is the second-largest engine in the world. But that is just the tech giant. There are plenty of other video search engine websites out there such as daily motion and Facebook where you can outsource your videos. The most major reason why business marketing fails normally is that business does not outsource their work. So make sure you get up and reach out to the best digital marketing agencies out there. 

Keep your search engine ranking high.

We all are addictive to videos and have so much experience watching different kinds of videos that people will stick around to see how to plays out and pass judgments. Your business needs to make sure that the quality of the content of your video so good that when search engines such as Google and YouTube are evaluating your video and keywords, they’re willing to give priority to your videos instead of others. 

How Google evaluates your videos

Google uses time on site to help determine whether you are providing what viewers and audience are looking for when they search for a particular keyword. Once Google and YouTube start seeing improvement in the quality of your valuable information and the type of content viewers require, they increase your search result ranking. 

Improve the quality of your Mobile Marketing

Every year, Mobile phones are getting cheaper and easily available to buy. As it is a portable device and provides a wireless internet connection, it is the most mainstream technology for research and accessing information. Since the introduction of smartphones, mobile users got the opportunity to view their videos on full screen with High definition quality. They have started to watch videos on mobile phones and tablets instead of personal computers. A business should make sure to outsource its promotional videos to the platforms which give users experience to use it on their cell phones. For example, many websites have developed their mobile application to help users to watch videos on their cell phones.

Provide catchy and concise information 

Internet users do not have all they to research a product. In today’s world, everyone is multi-tasking. They must be having lunch and using their smartphones at the same time to gather information. The details in the video should be conveyed quickly and in an easy-to-process presentation. Usually, internet users are just browsing through social media platforms and do not have a lot of time to stop and look at each and every video that comes across. The thumbnail of the video should so be attractive that we can grab their attention and the user is forced to stop and look at the video.  

Improve the effectiveness of advertisements with your videos.  

Initially, when you start posting your videos, it is going to be very easy for an internet user to ignore a business’s banner or sidebar while browsing. On the other hand, trendy videos grab a user’s attention. Video advertisements normally captivate the viewers to have a short look at the video and you’re able to accomplish your target in a shorter period. This allows to grab more audience and that may lead them to become a potential customer.

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Native Vs Hybrid Mobile Applications – The Ultimate Guide Wed, 05 Feb 2020 09:52:47 +0000 Old news; the number of smartphone users making online searches have exceeded the number of desktop users. New news: Mobile app development industry is set to overrun the website development industry in the next few years… Well, this isn’t a prediction out of thin air, rather we have numbers backing our claims. Just last year, […]

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Old news; the number of smartphone users making online searches have exceeded the number of desktop users.

New news: Mobile app development industry is set to overrun the website development industry in the next few years…

Well, this isn’t a prediction out of thin air, rather we have numbers backing our claims. Just last year, the mobile app development market sores more than 50% – a clear sign of expected future dominance.

Now, the entrée of Chinese smartphone manufacturers in the market has tremendously up-the-ante for the smartphone industry as more and more affordable smartphones have led to a massive increase in smartphone users. This, in turn, has also up-the-ante for mobile app developers who fight off the battle to keep up with the high demand.

The two of the most popular mobile platforms iOS and Android has remained another challenge for developers. While native mobile applications have remained a legacy choice for many developers, today the trend of hybrid apps is challenging that legacy, making it an interesting battle between Native Vs Hybrid app development.

Now, if you are a mobile app geek like us and want to know which app is better than continue to read on as we take you through everything you need to know about Native vs Hybrid app development.

Mobile App development trend and the importance of UI/UX

Ok, before we go into any details about the native or hybrid mobile apps, let’s look at one of the most fundamental and crucial features for all apps – the user interface and user experience (UI/UX).

The reason why UI/UX is the most important aspect for any mobile app is that it’s the face of your app and establish how customers will interact with your app. To put it simply, with hundreds of choices at their disposal, users are most concerned for the user interface experience and how they can interact with the app. least are they concerned about the technical aspects that go behind app development.

And since most of the users (apart from real coding geeks) are only concerned about what they can achieve with their app, the prime focus for all mobile development app process should remain; offering a highly interactive and easy to navigate user interface.

To put this in perspective, nearly 80% of users uninstall the app if they don’t like the interface in the first look. That means irrespective of the functionality offered by the apps of the technology that goes behind app development; users are only concerned with the utility of the app interface and a poor interface will only result in more users uninstalling the app.

If you don’t have the time or patience to read the detailed analysis, here’re some quick highlights for your interest:

Native App

native mobile app

A native app refers to a mobile application which is specifically created for a certain (single) platform that is it’s either made for iOS or Android.

The reason why it’s called a native mobile app is that this app is developed using the native programming of the operating system i-e:

Swift or Objective-C for iOS app development

Java or Kotlin for Android app development

Now, you can easily find detailed tutorials and guidelines for each of these languages online to help you get started with a native app development process.

Hybrid App

hybrid mobile app

A hybrid app refers to a special customized app that can be used on multiple platforms (iOS and Android).

To put it in simple perspective, hybrid mobile apps are the next version of native apps that combines native apps with web apps and since it’s a single product for multiple platforms, more developers are preferring it as a mean to save on development efforts.

While at the front-end hybrid apps feels almost similar to native apps, these are created using HTML 5, CSS & JavaScript and run on the company website.

Native app development Vs Hybrid App development!

OK, now that we are done with the basic differentiation between the two types of apps, let’s dig deep into the developmental procedure, advantages, and disadvantages of the two apps…

Native App Development

Starting with native apps; these are the legacy apps which are developed using native programming languages of platforms, that is, Objective-C or Swift for iOS apps and Java for Android apps.

Scratching below the surface, each programming language for native apps come with its own unique set of frameworks. Native apps started as the companies feel the need to develop interactive apps that can be embedded in the mobile device. Some of the common examples of native apps include the Gallery, Alarm Clock, and Music Player, etc.

Benefits of Native App Development

native app development

– Speed and performance

The fact that native apps are developed using programming languages of the platform means that their performance level is way better as compared to hybrid apps. In fact, the performance level of native apps is even boosted for the reason that during the development phase various aspects of the platform (battery, memory, etc.) are considered beforehand, which seals its performance levels against hybrid apps. Moreover, it’s also easier to integrate various functionalities in native applications like maps and gestures as compared to hybrid apps.

– Data protection

Native apps are inherently secure and better protected with strong connections to mathematics. Again, since these apps are developed using native programming languages, they are less prone to breaches with effective hardware resources.

– Flexibility

Native apps offer higher flexibility in terms of access to all features of a mobile device like camera, contacts, geolocation, etc. Alternatively, since hybrid apps are developed keeping in mind use over multiple platforms, it’s difficult to achieve the same level of access and flexibility from them.

– Customization

With a large variety of Android devices (different screen sizes, varying operating system versions) native apps are the only real choice for developers to create the perfect app that adjusts for all devices of a certain platform.

– Testing convenience

It’s much easier to conduct app testing like checking for memory usage etc. for native apps as compared to hybrid apps.

– App Store Support

Android’s Google Play or Apple App Store favours native apps that are specifically developed for that platform. This is especially true for Apple that likes to set high standards for its devices. If you got a smartphone right now, check out the apps that are listed as “Features Apps” for any of the two platforms. Most probably you won’t find many hybrid apps in that lists (probably you’ll find few gaming apps but that isn’t systematic to start with), which clearly shows that native apps received better support from app stores.

– Technology

Native apps offer better support for technological updates. It’s easy to offer automatic updates for native apps as soon as the newer version of the operating system is released, which means native apps are more prone to offer better interaction and updates to users.

Limitations of Native Apps:

– Higher cost

Since native apps are developed with a lot more focus on each and every aspect of development it required more time and resources which subsequently increase the price of native mobile apps

– Support

Since native apps are only developed for specific platforms, you need twice as many resources to develop, fix and debug native mobile apps for both platforms

Hybrid App Development

Now, the process of development is the main differentiator between native and hybrid apps. As we move towards hybrid apps, here we have a case where the whole development process is completed in a single step, against multiple steps required for native apps. In this case, there’s no need to using platform specific programming languages (Swift or Java), rather the standard development languages like HTML 5 or CSS (also used in web development) is used in this case. This also means that there can be multiple ways to develop a hybrid app and that you can discuss the process with the developer.

Now, let’s see some of the benefits of Hybrid mobile apps:

Benefits of Hybrid App Development

hybrid app development

– Support

One reason why there’s a strong trend for hybrid apps is the fact that its development process is much simpler and straightforward compared to native apps. Moreover, following the standard web development practices, it’s easier to fix bugs or make updates for hybrid apps.

– The faster and cost-efficient development process

Another reason why hybrid apps are trending is because of its cost-efficient and faster development process, which gives smaller businesses the ideal way to start making in-roads into the app industry. This is mainly because the developer won’t have to write separate codes for separate platforms neither the designer would have to redesign graphics again and again.

– Starting Base Operations

OK, another great benefit of hybrid mobile apps is that you’ll already have a starting point for its development, provided you have a mobile-responsive website. That’s because of the similar programming languages used in the development of mobile-responsive websites and hybrid apps; which makes it easier to copy various sections of code for the faster development process.

Limitations of Hybrid App Development:

– Increased cost and development time

No, we haven’t made a repetition mistake here. Now, while the development of the hybrid app is much easier and faster than native apps, statistics show that there is a greater number of bugs and errors related to hybrid apps, which also means that it takes longer time to update and debug the apps over a period of time, subsequently also increasing the development cost.

– User Experience

While it’s much easier to maintain user experience in native mobile apps, unfortunately, same can’t be said for hybrid apps. That’s primarily because the developers are pressed against the necessity to create a responsive interface that can function smoothly on multiple platforms (iOS and Android). Thereby, they need to keep things in a delicate balance; else the app can poorly perform for one platform or the other.

– Decreased productivity

Perfecting the features like animations, clicks, and scrolling for hybrid apps can be a difficult task and may take months for developers to strike the perfect code. That’s one major reason why if you are to ask ten mobile app developers of their opinion about which app is faster to develop (Native Vs Hybrid app), majority of them will respond in favor of native apps. Again, the fundamental reason for this is because the developers have to strike the perfect balance for multiple platforms and that may result in lost efficiency.

– Dependency on native app developers

OK, one of the major drawbacks for hybrid apps is that they would have to rely on native app developers to come up with standard solutions for functional problems, which mean added resources and added development price for the business.

– Compatibility

Unfortunately, it’s now possible for hybrid apps to receive fast updates or have high compatibility with new versions of OS. To be able to update the app, developers would have to wait for the new OS and then only they can update the support and compatibility of the app with new features offered by the new OS.

Summing Up:

Well, there you have it, everything that you would need to know about native or hybrid apps. Remember, mobile app development trends are changing fast and thanks to high user demand, more and more technologies are evolving the industry for the better. With a high growth rate, businesses need to invest in the right mobile app development trend to be able to reap the benefits of this rapidly growing industry.

Now, coming back to our battle between native and hybrid apps; keeping in view the strengths and limitations of both type of mobile applications, it can be safely concluded that native apps are more robust, compatible and better suited to meet UI/UX needs of users. The only time when hybrid apps can compete with native apps is in the domain of gaming applications. That’s because gaming apps don’t require many features and can be adjusted easily for multiple platforms. Other than that, native apps are clear winning in every regard.

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Dubai Expo 2020 – A Detailed Guide to The World’s Greatest Event! Tue, 04 Feb 2020 12:23:48 +0000 Connecting Minds, Creating the Future “In today’s highly interconnected world, a renewed vision of progress and development based on shared purpose and commitment is key. While a married human mind, an individual country, or a specific community is both unique and remarkable, it is by working collaboratively that we truly advance.”; says Sheikh Mohammed bin […]

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Connecting Minds, Creating the Future

“In today’s highly interconnected world, a renewed vision of progress and development based on shared purpose and commitment is key. While a married human mind, an individual country, or a specific community is both unique and remarkable, it is by working collaboratively that we truly advance.”; says Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President of the United Arab Emirates.

The Expo 2020 is one of the most anticipated events being a World Expo to be hosted in the city of Dubai, UAE. Being the largest event and once-in-a-lifetime celebration ever to happen in the Arab world, more than 190 countries vouched to participate, drawing millions of visitors from all across the globe. 

The ruler of Dubai, none other than Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum promised imminent success of the expo and expressed his faith to make it a lasting legacy for the entire Arab World. From innovation and architecture to relentless friendships and future corporate opportunities, the Expo 2020 would cover it all and a lot more, benefitting generations to come.

Key Parameters

Creativity, brilliance, achievement and evolution of humans ever since the dawn of modern technology will be recognised and cherished in the expo. It’ll open new opportunities for people to connect, share ideas, make a lasting impact and experience the best of science and technology, culture and art, geography, invention and innovation, and a lot more than anticipated.

Starting from October 20th, 2020; Dubai Expo 2020 will last for a maximum of six months and is supposed to wind up in April 2021. The total area of the event covers more or less 1083-acres that is 4.38 square kilometres, located in the Dubai South district. The master construction blueprint has been designed by some of the most radical and genius minds at the American organisation HOK.

Origin & Evolution

History has proven that the UAE is fully capable to stun the world with its ultramodern, exceptionally creative and remarkable development projects. Entitled as one of the world’s most futuristic cities having iconic developments, no wonder Dubai is selected to host the biggest global event ever. 


It was on November 27th, 2013 when the announcement was made followed by nationwide celebration and breath-taking fireworks erupted from Burj Khalifa. In fact, the UAE’s government declared it a national holiday for all education institutions. 

Addressing the nation and the world, the Vice President, UAE confidently claimed that Dubai is all set to “Astonish the World”. And now that we’re only a couple of months away from the big moment, all the preparations and outcome of the event are expected to open more than two-million new employment opportunities in the UAE, more or less $50 billion into economy and further boost of visitors from all over the world to nearly a 100-million.

The Best Country Pavilions at Expo 2020 Dubai

The Expo 2020 Dubai pavilions are aligned with key themes of the event i.e. opportunity, mobility and sustainability



Australia’s pavilion reflects mobility and inspiration for the design comes from the cumulus cloud shape; a common sight in Australia. The theme is titled ‘Blue Sky Dreaming’ where visitors will be able to discover more about Australian astronomy highlighting the spirit of hopefulness, novelty and diversity. In addition, the top floor has been created to encourage people to work together for a crisis-free world. The pavilion also boasts smart water-saving technology.


The Azerbaijan pavilion features a ‘green’ design with a unique leaf-shaped roof that echoes its theme that is sustainability. The design is a collection of green technology like solar power, natural ventilation and rainwater harvesting tech. Spread across 1,300 square metres, it has gardens and walkways allowing visitors to reflect on their own impact on the world and how each of their choices for a better Earth can make a difference.



Yet another top Expo 2020 pavilion having its focus on a sustainable Earth! It features a zero-energy rainforest, powered by a self-sustaining ecosystem. The synergy between nature and architecture found at Singapore pavilion demonstrates the essence of innovation when it comes to sustainability. Visitors here can experience immersive 3D that explores the resilience of mankind in the era of disruptive climate change. The pavilion also tells the story of Singapore, through various interactive exhibits, events and culinary.

United Kingdom

The UK pavilion has its theme that reflects opportunity and how humans can innovate for a better future. The pavilion’s exterior features a rhyme that continuously changes and evolve, generated by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the contribution of visitors. Visitors will have a glimpse at several future innovations like AI, commercialisation of space and much more. For more on the UK pavilion, visit the video URL here.

New Zealand


Another of the top Expo 2020 pavilions is from New Zealand pavilion at the Expo 2020 is also designed around sustainability and connects visitors with nature. The pavilion also illustrates waka taonga: the Maori tradition of handcrafted containers used to protect valuable items. Visitors are also introduced to the essential New Zealand values of caring for the world.



Belgium’s pavilion explores mobility and seriously reflects on the theme by actually producing double the energy than it consumes. Recognised as the ‘green ark’, the pavilion shows how Belgium strives to be smarter and greener for the future, fuelled by renewable energy and deployment of smart technology which feeds its 10,000 plants. Here’s more on Belgium pavilion in Expo 2020.

Republic of Korea


The Republic of Korea pavilion has its theme around mobility, featuring a façade or front that changes all through the day which means every visitor will have a different experience depending on their time of visit. Idea reflects to ‘Smart Korea, Moving the World to You’ and visitors will get to enjoy VR and other interactive technologies elements, plus a dynamic installation.


Malaysia contributes to a zero-carbon pavilion allowing visitors to experience the local culture and life at its best. Pavilion’s theme is that of ‘Energising Sustainability’, and illustrates the country’s mission to balance environmental issues with socio-economic progress. It’s expected to pull up around 500 shows during the course of Expo 2020 Dubai. Here’s a video for more detailed experience.

Saudi Arabia

Next is the amazing creation you can expect for a pavilion from Saudi Arabia, which fits perfectly to the theme of Expo 2020 itself that is ‘The Sky is the Limit’. It covers 13,000 square kilometres, conjuring a large window that opens up from the ground and soars towards the sky.

The Saudi Arabia pavilion explores the cultural heritage and natural wonders of the country. It also highlights the energy and creativity of its people, as well as how Saudi Arabia can contribute to a better future.



Turkmenistan pavilion is also based on the theme of mobility, inviting guests for a journey through local culture and its iconic Akhal-Teke horses. A fountain sculpture is erected to welcome visitors, featuring five of the native Akhal-Teke horses; a mark of national pride. Besides all this, there’ll be a 50-metre LED front. 

Titled as ‘The Power of Five’, the pavilion’s theme aimed at creating an immersive experience for every visitor while stimulating all their senses hence the title.  There’ll also be 360-degree projected images of the five horses to surround visitors and reflect their own movement as they explore. Check out the video here.



Switzerland’s pavilion will take visitors to the alpine scenery and hiking adventure through its rugged landscape. The theme circles around opportunity, inspired by Bedouin tents. Country’s contribution to Expo 2020 Dubai showcases local culture, values and how Switzerland intends to fight the future challenges. There’s also a theatre that rises from a foggy surface whereas the end of the hike reward visitors with stunning views of Expo 2020 from the pavilion’s rooftop restaurant.



Oman pavilion carries the theme of ‘Opportunities over Time’ that reflects mobility. It showcases frankincense; Oman’s ‘gift to the world’ while celebrating the valued resin through the pavilion’s exterior. The design itself is of a tree from where frankincense comes.

Visitors will journey through five different zones and discover how Oman and its people progressed over the centuries. Frankincense has helped to shape the country with its many uses from medicine to food and cosmetics. Here’s more on Oman pavilion.


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Russia’s pavilion inspire mobility and ponder into new, innovative ways of solving future challenges. Visitors will enjoy a stunning view of the entire Expo 2020 Dubai site, particularly at night time. Local food will also be the main attraction of the pavilion.


The Philippines pavilion takes its inspiration from nature, which reflects in its design of the coral reef (Bangkóta) to create a welcoming and open space. Visitors will learn about the country’s history and culture through interconnected, multi-level structure, echoing openness and insights into travel, migration and technology. The pavilion carries a message about sustainability and the need for a vibrant vision for the future. Experience it all in detail via the official Expo 2020.

Czech Republic


Carrying the theme of ‘Czech Spring’, the pavilion’s structure falls into sustainability and explore capability of technology to solve issues around climate change. Czech Republic pavilion also look into history and culture through a massive glassmaking installation.


Brazil’s pavilion has the theme of ‘Together for Diversity’ and the structure recreates the Amazon basin where guests can wander through a water feature while learning about the country’s support to diversity that can be seen in its flora and fauna, arts and culture so on. The exhibition also portrays biodiversity and Brazil’s vision of a sustainable future.

The Netherlands

The Netherlands has a pavilion centred on the theme of ‘Uniting Water, Energy and Food’, taking the form of a miniature world with innate climate system. Innovative attraction here is a cone-shaped vertical farm where visitors can witness sustainability in full throttle; harvesting water, energy and food within its naturally-controlled climate. Furthermore, it will use locally-sourced materials which will be recycled after the event.



Finland’s pavilions will remind visitors of its wintery landscapes as the design resembles an Arabic tent erected out of snow. The theme speaks of ‘Sharing Innovative Competences’ featuring a wooden gorge that provides a peaceful spot to dig in the interior surrounding. Furthermore, innovative projects will be on education, sustainable technology and health, all set against the country’s stunning scenery.



Discover innovative environmental ideas and sustainable technology at the Germany’s pavilion. Visitors will need to enrol at the ‘Campus Germany’, featuring themed areas like the Energy Lab, the Future City Lab and the Biodiversity Lab. As enthusiastic guests explore these zones, they’ll also have the option to wear connected devices. Take a tour of Germany’s pavilion here.



France’s pavilion shows rich cultural heritage, commitment to sustainability and the theme of ‘Light, Lights’, exploring light and how it contributes to progress, connection and creativity. It reflects to the Age of Enlightenment; an 18th century crusade influenced by French philosophers at the time. The pavilion features a range of entertainment and exhibitions, including light shows, solar-powered art and an innovation lab.


Peru pavilion explores the history and culture of the country, its influence on the wider world throughout the ages. The displays illustrate Peru’s cultural diversity and ancient wisdom tackling global issues. Furthermore, guests can enjoy a sensory experience that showcases Peru’s incredible biodiversity. The theme is on ‘Timeless, always Peru’.



The theme of Spain pavilion ties the country with the Arabic world, also showcasing the creativity of the Spanish throughout history. There’s much to explore in the pavilion’s town square such as new innovations, traditional entertainment and historical adventures.


Belarus pavilion theme chants of opportunity where guests enjoy a forest experience, telling us how we can learn from nature. The structure’s theme of ‘Forest of Future Technology’ is interactive which also features ‘Tree of Mind’ installation. There’ll be entertaining shows hosted by local Belarusian folk and dance performers. Visitors will learn about collaboration, how nature and technology can team up for a brighter and more unified future.



Thailand’s pavilion is created around mobility and the theme is that of “Mobility for the Future”. Visitors will be left awestruck, seeing a curtain weaved from more than 500 artificial flowers, covering the entire building. There’s more to learn about Thailand, warm hospitality, transportation, connectivity and mobility. Guests will also have the opportunity to produce flower inscriptions in the pavilion garden. When inside, observe an art installation known as “The Miracle of Smiles”.

Tickets for the expo are now on sale which fuels the excitement even further. With expectations touching the sky and innovative experience unlike anything, Dubai Expo 2020 is sure to be once in a lifetime event!

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